Friendship Overload

by DanielC

Original ONGOING Action Comedy Drama Fantasy Female Lead High Fantasy Magic Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Reincarnation Strong Lead Wuxia Xianxia
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

A capricious master of the past is saved by an unsuspecting girl. When told to pick her reward, she merely asks for his friendship.

“If so, then I will be your friend. The best damn friend there ever was!”

As such begins the journey of a kind hearted girl and her capricious friend. However, the more they learn about the world, the crueler it seems.

Will the girl’s light lift it out of chaos, or will her friend’s hidden darkness bury it completely? What is light and what is darkness anyway? In the end, strength conquers all.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Ch. 1 Be my Friend ago
Ch. 2 Welcome Home ago
Ch. 3 Making a Living ago
Ch. 4 Hunting Time ago
Ch. 5 Consent ago
Ch. 6 Lessons ago
Ch. 7 Opening Ceremony ago
Ch. 8 Fighter and Scholar ago
Ch. 9 First Day at School ago
Ch. 10 Making Friends ago
Ch. 11 Making Foes ago
Ch. 12 Force of Will ago
Ch. 13 Peaceful Conversation ago
Ch. 14 Out of Options ago
Ch. 15 The End ago
Ch. 16 Dealing with the Aftermath ago
Ch. 17 Give and Take ago
Ch. 18 Forest Adventures ago
Ch. 19 Hunter vs. Prey ago
Ch. 20 A Stalker's Diary ago
Ch. 21 The Right Moment to Strike ago
Ch. 22 Law of the Jungle ago
Ch. 23 Top of the Food Chain ago
Ch. 24 Exploration ago
Ch. 25 War of the Races ago
Ch. 26 Journey Home ago
Ch. 27 Ten Steps Ahead ago
Ch. 28 Countdown ago
Ch. 29 Negotiation with the Devil ago
Ch. 30 Stolen Goods ago
Ch. 31 Three Teens Under the Sun ago
Ch. 32 Pay the Price ago
Ch. 33 What Money Can Buy Part 1 ago
Ch. 34 What Money Can Buy Part 2 ago
Ch. 35 Prying Open Pandora's Box ago
Ch. 36 Scarcity ago
Ch. 37 Engage ago
Ch. 38 Hacking Operation ago
Ch. 39 Pursuit ago
Ch. 40 Cornered ago
Ch. 41 A Killer's Treasure ago
Ch. 42 Evil Overload ago
Ch. 43 Twins ago
Ch. 44 Pills and Scrolls ago
Ch. 45 Plans and Revelations ago
Ch. 46 Dinner with Crazies ago
Ch. 47 The Wrong Way to Restore Trust ago
Ch. 48 Digging up Dirt ago
Ch. 49 Not Funny ago
Ch. 50 The Difference in Values ago
Ch. 51 Stress and Paranoia ago
Ch. 52 Morbid Studies ago
Ch. 53 Reckless Exploration ago
Ch. 54 Overkill ago
Ch. 55 The Bomb is Ticking ago
Ch. 56 Just Peachy ago
Ch. 57 Departure ago
Ch. 58 Guilt and Loneliness ago
Ch. 59 Forced Independence ago
Ch. 60 Creepy Predator ago
Ch. 61 Mole vs. Worms ago
Ch. 62 The Difference in Leadership ago
Ch. 63 The Difference in Leadership Part 2 ago
Ch. 64 The Difference in Leadership Part 3 ago
Ch. 65 Newfound Strength ago
Ch. 66 End of Seclusion ago
Ch. 67 Yearly Slaughter ago
Ch. 68 Naked Body Count ago
Ch. 69 Everybody Picks on Arthur ago
Ch. 70 One Man Killing Machine ago
Ch. 71 The Most Feared Teen in Heaven ago
Ch. 72 For Family! Part 1 ago
Ch. 73 For Family! Part 2 ago
Ch. 74 Tournament of Sand and Snakes ago
Ch. 75 Tempting the Devil ago

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First of all this story is generally fun. The grammar is excellent with only a few errors and the prose flows well and is easy to read.

It's an interesting take on the wuxia/xianxia cliche of the MC getting a cheat item or ability and then rising to power. In this case the cheat item is a reincarnated mage and we get to read the story mostly centred around him.

The main flaw is the length of the chapters. It's probably a good idea to read this only after a few chapters have accumulated or you might feel short changed.


More fun with every chapter!

Reviewed at: Ch. 2 Welcome Home

Love it! It starts a bit slow and throws a curveball on chapter 10, but it makes sense later and it keeps getting better.

The story is wuxia style and the first 40 or so chapters is more focused on the male mc.

The girl MC gets more involved afterwards and the story gets better and better!

The chapters are short but releases are daily. In conclusion, if you like wuxia stories with 2 leads, a medieval distopian society and world war on the horizon, I highly recommend it!

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I know who Secccat is...and he is a wuxia/cultivation hating bastard...also he is my brother so I can call him that. 

Overall this story isn't bad. It flows nicely and only has a few parts early on where I had to skim due to the story lulling a bit. The plot isn't bad and the character develop is pretty good. Overall I would recommend this book. Not the best Wuxia/Cultivation book but definetly readable and enjoyable. The author may not call this wuxia/cultivation but it 100% is. 


As the title says, it's a reincarnation story.

A simple power fantasy, good grammar, good sentence structure.

The story follows an old mage who reincarnated, but made a booboo and was rescued by a girl, who he swore to be the bestest of besties with. Shennanigans proceed.

I reccomend this as a light read, and the updates seem to be on time as well.


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