Leaves of Terranthir

by Rhaegar

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy GameLit LitRPG Magic Male Lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Slice of Life
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Leaves of Terranthir is a gamelit blend of ARPG, action, fantasy, and slice of life.

It's inspired in part by some of my favourite games, borrowing in themes, sense of exploration, and aesthetics from the Soulsborne and soulslike genre, mixed heavily with arpg itemization from Diablo/PoE style games.

While many may remember their Soulslike experiences as nothing more than suffering, I personally loved the sense of progression, to prevail over challenges and monsters that seemed impossible to defeat at first.

If any of that seems interesting to you, do check out the first chapter and let me know what you think.

Cheers, and thanks for reading.

*Cover is in the works.

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As you may have noticed, this has the "Slice of Life" tag. Unlike other novels of this genre, "Leaves of Terranthir" is filled with action. Which begs the question, WTF??

I think this is what I like the most about this novel. It's a gamelit, fantasy, adventure, so just for this it would be a win for me, but it combines all of that in the everyday live of a normal person. Someone that is not used to fighting, but that gritting his teeth, through blood and tears, rises in front of the adversity.

After all of that, what I like even more, is that the grammar is perfect, meaning that to my untrained eyes is perfectly readable.

PS: I have talked about the GameLit tag, but not the LitRPG tag. Let's see the difference between the two.

LitRPG is a subgenre which describes the hero’s adventures within an online computer game. "Vaudevillain" is an example of a LitRPG. Someone that has a normal live, in which he/she plays a game.

GameLit is an all-encompassing term that includes any literary prose that incorporates game-like mechanics into the story OR the story itself takes place within a game world. "Leaves of Terranthir" is an example of a GameLit. Someone whose life has become like a game.

I suspect the author knows the difference between the two, because normally authors only put the LitRPG tag, and I suspect that is because readers don't know the difference between them. So PS for your information.

Toby Ziegler

Come for the Author, Stay for the Story

Reviewed at: Chapter 12 Cleaning up

@Rhaegar is an accomplished and immensely popular author on Royal Road. Reading his announcement of a new story brought me here. So many people know his Azarinth work, yet few remember Ilea started alone and afraid in her pajamas also...

An author's past work or reputation cannot substitute for a good story, however.

This is the kind of story you'll find yourself yelling at the character on the screen. Like watching a horror movie and telling the group not to split up, I found myself shouting suggestions, then "NO!!!" as life and death and discovery happened in the pages before me.

Such is the style of the story, drawing you in, to experience with Adrian his self-doubt; his learning; his growth; his life. When you imagine yourself in Adrian's bare feet, you realize the story is progressing close to what it would be if your chair-bound, paunchy body were there instead. Real-world slouches, such as many of us are, don’t just start out slaying mythical beasts like Conan the Barbarian immediately. We have to build up to it. And survive.

Adrian is a well-thought-out character, only getting deeper and more complex as the story progresses. Coupled with good grammar, this makes for a great read: If you're willing to let the story grow as it should.