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December 23rd 2019 Shin Gaming Corporation released an advertisement and Randell Hall, The Protagonist of this Story, was miraculously picked over many applicants that tried to be a [Beta-Tester] of the upcoming VRMMORPG game [Arkandia]. He then creates the character named [Ryo Shikigami""] incorporating his features and for some reason have given him a body of a fourteen year old and enters the game nonetheless. After entering the game the admins announced the advancement quest to proceed into the main game though only after a month has passed. He roamed through the area searching for the quest dungeon only to end in failure until he encounters an old man, an NPC, who was working at an old mine shaft and tells him a location where he ventured during his adventuring days. Meeting strangers who after a while have become friends finished the advancement quest and are certified to participate into the [Original Beta Testers]. However, after all his friends logs out something happened and thus the question was asked ""What would you do if the ""game"" turned into ""reality""?" Follow Ryo's Adventures as Nikki reads through all Ryo's(?)Adventure Logs --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On another note: Log 3 had been scrapped and regular posts will be back in three weeks! -------------------------------- I'm writing this on my free time, also I'm gonna update the website as well so it matches the chapter here... Everyone who is reading this story thank you very much and hope that you guys will still read in the near future

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Word Count (VIII)
4th Anniversary
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Nikki, The Log Keeper ago
[Log 1]Prologue : Start of a New Day ago
[Log 1]Chapter 1: Character Creation ago
[Log 1]Chapter 2 : Worst Race and The New System ago
[Log 1]Chapter 3 : Strengthening Stats, Acquiring Skill and The Labyrinth Dungeon ago
[Log 1]Chapter 4: Cruel Heart's Labyrinth (1) ago
[Log 1]Chapter 5: Cruel Heart's Labyrinth (2) ago
[Log 1]Chapter 6: Reality ago
[Log 1]Chapter 7: Cruel Heart's Labyrinth (3) ago
[Log 1]Chapter 8: Cruel Heart's Labyrinth (4) ago
[Log 1]Chapter 9: Collection and Other Things ago
[Log 1]Chapter 10: Testing ago
[Log 1]Chapter 11: Alone Once Again - Cruel Heart's Labyrinth (5) ago
[Log 1]Chapter 12 : Back to Town and The Kobold King (1) ago
[Log 1]Chapter 13 : Back to Town and The Kobold King (2) ago
[Log 1]Chapter 14: Aurum The Labyrinth's Keeper and The Trial ago
[Log 1]Chapter 15: Quest Complete and Time of Leisure ago
[Log 1]Chapter 16: End of the Night ago
[Log 1]Chapter 17: I should've logged out + Nikki's Log Record ago
[Log 2]Chapter 18: The New World and A Family ago
[Log 2]Chapter 19: Training and Secrets ago
[Log 2]Chapter 20: Troublemaker and The Crowned Prince ago
[Log 2]Chapter 21: Intentions and Objectives ago
[Log 2]Chapter 22: 3 Months Later... ago
[Log 2]Chapter 23: The Explorer's Guild ago
[Log 2]Chapter 24: Herb Picking ago
[Log 2]Chapter 25: Easy Money ago
[Log 2]Chapter 26: Goblin Attack ago
[Log 2]Chapter 27: Meeting with a God ago
[Log 2]Chapter 28: Spirits ago
[Log 2]Chapter 29: Ylka? & Contract ago
[Log 2]Chapter 30: After... ago
[Log 2]Chapter 31: Prologue to a Journey ago
[Log 2]Ex Chapter: Shim's Befriend Newcomer Plan! ago
Umm... So... Hiatus.. [Update!!!] ago
Log 000: The [ ] History ago
Log 0XX: Trial ago

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  • Overall Score

Why build something to chuck it out half-way through? (Personal opinion on the 2 volumes)

Now before I begin I want to point out there are no grammatical or spelling issues in this fiction (unlike in this review) that detract from the reading experience..



I rly enjoyed it, the author built this awesome game world and touched on the psychological affect a class, like the one of the Mc, could have on a person. I also enjoyed the Mc himself he is dynamic and interesting, and reading his interactions with his party was always nice.



Now here is where I have a problem with the story, and it why I rated 3 stars. You know that cool game world, and the party the Mc is with..

Well forget all that cuz its gone, now we have a “transported to fantasy world” story, but thats fine, but why does it become a different story in this volume? The Mc no longer has his class, the psychological effects vanish, also sudden gender bender, the Mc’s personality is different…



I find it rather sad, mainly cuz I was enjoying the 1st volume so much, but the authors world is what he makes it, ultimately I’m just a leech preaching my opinion. But I felt I had to mention it.

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So I’m not really a good rating person but I still enjoy the story even though there might be some mistakes here and there. Overall the story seems pretty good though it may be just me....




  • Overall Score

... I really enjoyed the first volume even though the interaction and character development feels a little rushed. The emotions are there, the colour and the dept of story, we can feel how much of the effort you gave in there. Heck, the back-up is even ever so magnifico(I just help say it). You know, after I finished volume 1 and read few chapters of the second volume. I stopped.




I grieved not because the story suddenly turned from VR > transportation/isekai, nor the MC became a GenBen(Heck, I love GenBen). I was grieving on how the volume 1 became a standalone one, half-assed, and sorry excuse of a introduction.


I'm saddened that the volume so good was thrown away like a piece of scrap. 


Lastly, the final bullet that caused me grief is seeing the story being made a whole new one. The MC's personality suddenly changed(not a speck of "her" old persona, not even explained why), the development is quite forced, fast paced(in bad way). Why the heck did even put so much effort on the VR part of the story so you could just measely chuck it away.


You could've summarized volume 1 by a huge chunk and put the vol1 "epilogue" and write it off as prologue. Then, made vol2 to vol1.


If I had to choose between vol1 and vol2? I'd pick volume 1, no questions asked.


I still don't know why you picked the rock even though the gold is in front of you.


I will wait till volume 4 is finished before writing a more "proper" review. Since this is just kid's prattle on how you missed a big one.

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The story itself is okay, but main character is awful.

As title says, the story itself is okay. A little slow and slightly long beginning, but you can power through it. 

But the main character ? It's very likely the most annoying character I've read of in recent time. The setting for the race and the gender bender part makes very little sense.

  • Overall Score

Decent but advancing a little too fastfrist two volumes

The story starts with a great flurry of activity focusing around a mc that is the target of discrimination.  Character development is slow but seems to pick up is chapter three as  reflections and skill development take place.


The story could be improved by adding a bit more world lore something to help understand the extreme rasism against half-elf compared to all other xenophobia