Chapter 20


It took both brother and I to face off against Aokiji (who was fighting seriously) to a standstill. Seriously, fighting an admiral is no joke.


Aokiji: Ice Dome


As I felt Ice creeping up the borders of the my room, I dispelled it as soon as it began. I didn’t want to know what would happen if we were trapped in the dome. Whatever it would be, I was sure it would be bad for us.


Me: Hey Admiral, let us go please?


It was ironic since I was saying that right after I blasted myself off to separate his head from his neck.




Aokiji: My my...looks like my time with dealing with Paradise Pirates have really dulled my reflexes.


Well...not enough obviously. His Ice Saber was on a different level from what was shown in the Anime. Whatever the Ice sword was made out of, it was on equal level with my Seastone in that they both didn’t break.


Katakuri: Heat Mochi...Fire!


Aokiji: No you don’t


Just before Aokiji’s Ice Spears and brother Katakuri’s fist met...I managed to pull it off.


Me: Shambles


It was hard to maneuver around Aokiji’s observation. While he did not possess the future sight like brother and I did...his coverage with Ice was no joke. As if it was an extension of himself.


I needed to melt the ice around me to even have a chance at creating a blind spot, and multiple times he expected me to do so. But this worked. After minutes of continuously melting down whatever he made, I had teleported brother Katakuri behind Aokiji, right into the place he did not have any defense set up.


*sizzle* *sizzle*


Aokiji’s face twisted in pain as the glowing red mochi began to melt it’s way through his back, but I wasn’t done either. I couldn’t let an opportunity like this pass.


Teleporting directly in front of brother Katakuri, I stabbed my Seastone knife directly into his right thigh...being made of seastone and Aokiji in no shape to focus his haki in that area, the knife cut through and drew blood.


Aokiji: *groan*


Just then, my observation began flying the red flag as Aokiji’s aura changed once more. I looked at brother who nodded as well. This wasn’t good.


In Aokiji’s eyes, I saw pain, grief...and suicidal emotions.


Me: Crap! He’s going to do it!!! Let’s go!!!


Brother didn’t need to be told twice. He immediately took his hand out of Aokiji and made a run for it back towards the Whitebeard Pirates where they were waiting for us.


I took off teleporting directly towards the edge of my cube before making a run for it as well. Just in time for...


Aokiji: Absolute Zero...ICE AGE!!!


The first thing I felt was a spine chilling cold before I vaguely began to notice the frost on my back. I saw brother Katakuri behind me with his movements getting stiffer as his mochi body began to freeze bit by bit. But this was only the beginning as his attack had no regard for who it was hitting.


Marines and Pirates alike began to look like frost statues while others with more resistance tried to keep themselves from becoming popsicles as well.


Newgate: I’m not an expert in this but...


In front of me, I saw the massive old man raise his hand, probably attempting something to say his sons from becoming ice as well.


Newgate: High Vibrations


As his tremor tremor fruit name suggests, heat radiated throughout the battlefield as those who were not entirely frozen found strength to run near Whitebeard. Away from the shrill whiteness near Aokiji.


Me: My god...and I thought we won that fight.


Newgate: You pushed him into using that attack. It’s been a while since I’ve seen an Awakened Logia user...humph, that little brat.


As I saw Shanks’ and his Red Haired Pirates arriving on the Red Force in the distance, I knew that this war too was nearing its end.


I wasn’t too proud of what I had done. Perhaps it was because Haki at the time when the manga was released did not get to see the glory or explanation so I ended up underestimating the Admirals...but in truth I felt as if I would be able to stand up to one and fight on equal grounds.


Me: Maybe not now...but soon.


Luffy had managed to become unbelievably strong in just 2 years. Getting the mastery of basic armament and observation haki as well as fine tuning his conquerors’. If he can grow that much in two years...than so can I.


I was going to surpass brother, the old man...even Mama by the time the Straw Hats would arrive at my home.

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