Chapter 15


Me: The group that controls Fishman Island controls the entrance to the New World. If we position permanent guards there, we can weaken the influence of potential threats while bring those we deem worthy into our family or form an alliance.




Me: Mama, do you want Fishman in your crew?


Mama: Of course!


Me: How about we hit Fishman Island and force the Sun Pirates to join or form an alliance with us? Our reward is not destroying their home in return.


LinLin: Mamamamama!!! Now that’s a good idea. But how do you plan on taking the island? Fishman Island is under Whitebeard’s protection.


Me: There is news...that Whitebeard will pass Fishman Island and into Paradise and fight the Marines head on in their headquarters. They will evacuate their forces on all their other territories to fight this war.


LinLin: Hmm~


Me: Once we take over Fishman Island, we’ll let the retreating or victorious forces of the Whitebeard Pirates back into the New World peacefully in return for Fishman Island.


It took a while to convince Mama but then...when was it ever easily to manipulate her into thinking or doing something? Sometimes she acted like a child and went with whatever she wanted while other times she was so fixated on one thing that she would entirely disregard another. This was one of her stubborn days and only my experience of dealing with stupid noobie chefs allowed to me get the idea into her thick head.


As I headed out, quite satisfied with my part, I was confronted by big brother Katakuri.


Katakuri: You did this for him...didn’t you?


Me: ...yes


It was two years since I was onboard the Moby Dick and fought against the Whitebeard Pirates; or should I say it was two years since I’ve met Ace. Actually, that was a lie, I’ve met with him a couple of times throughout my ingredient collecting journey across the New World and each time we ended up bonding more and more.


On my most recent trip, I found out from a NewsCoo that Ace was defeated by Blackbeard and was scheduled for execution, and while I knew this was a pivotal point in the storyline...I just couldn’t let that be. After all the nagging and explaining big sis, bro, had done for me...I came to accept my feeling for him.


I think I loved him. Of course, as something who never had a proper relationship in the past, this was my own speculation but I wanted to believe that this was it. It only confirmed it once I heard the news and my heart pretty much stopped. I knew it was coming but I needed to do something to prevent it...and the name of Big Mom was surely more than enough to deter the Marines from continuing the war like how Shanks has done (though if Mama isn’t coming herself to MarineFord, then we might have to fight for it and turn to tide towards the Pirates).


Katakuri: It’s risky, even for you.


Me: I know


Katakuri: You might die. This isn’t like gathering ingredients. This is a World Stage dear little sister. It’s a war between a Yonko and the full force of the Marines themselves.


Me: I know


Katakuri: ...I don’t want to see my little sister die.


Me: Brother...please. You need to help me convince Mama to do this.


Katakuri: You know it’s treasonous to manipulate Mama into doing something for your own gain?


Me: What we gain as the Big Mom pirates outweighs what I get.


Katakuri: ...this is why I hate arguing with you with reason. You always seem to have a comeback.


Me: Brother, sometimes a smart brain can outdo overwhelming strength...ok, maybe not Mama’s but you probably.


Katakuri: And how would you do that?


Me: Imagine I was average New World Captain’s strength. Bounty of around 100~200 Million right?


Katakuri: yes


He listened, suddenly interested in what I had to say.


Me: I beat up Sis Brûlée and make you chase me into the mirror dimension where I escape and leave you trapped. Once I trap sis Brûlée on the outside or disable her ability in some way, you will eventually starve to death as you can’t be sustained on Mochi alone for long. Boom!


Katakuri: That’s not likely


Me: You do realize that sis Brûlée is quite easy to catch right? She has almost no fighting capabilities on her own. I bet it’s going to happen one day. Someone’s going to trap you in the mirror world.


Katakuri: You’re the only little sister or brother I’m afraid of, in more aspects than one.


Me: A testament to my strength


Katakuri: A testament to your cruel ploys, seriously, giving a scenario of starving your older brother to death? I’m hurt


To make it sound ridiculous, the massive 5 meter tall man grabbed where his heart should be and slouched.


Me: It’s almost time for Tea Time. Let’s hurry back, I’m rather hungry today. By the way, what did you order?


Katakuri: For me, I always get donuts of all flavors. Your order was a bit complicated. Nobody knows what Sweet and Sour Pork is so instead they brought you all the ingredients you requested. you’ll have it make it yourself.


Me: *sigh* and they call themselves chefs of the Big Mom Pirates?


Katakuri: They’re chefs specialized in making sweets, like all Big Mom Chefs. You’re the only member of the crew who doesn’t like Sweets. Weird little sis.


Me: I’m not the one who can eat donuts in three bites


Katakuri: Just one if I try hard enough actually.


Me: Anyway know why I have to do this. I want—need to save Ace. He matters. Almost as much as how much you mean to me. Sure him and I aren’t family or connected by blood but I’m sure there’s something there.


Katakuri: ...I’m coming with you. I’m not letting my little sis jump into danger like that. Besides, your destination isn’t Fishman Island, ain’t it?


Me: No...


Katakuri: Exactly, you’ll need someone to come to Marineford with you. Smoothie and Cracker can do their job on Fishman Island while we bring the negotiation table to Whitebeard. Sounds like a plan, doesn’t it?


Me: Sounds enough like a plan...*sigh* Sometimes I wish I had a Devil Fruit that allows flight.


Katakuri: Why so?


Me: So I can just fly over there, grab Ace, and be done with all of this.


Katakuri: Don’t tell me you’re going to invade Impel Down.


Me: Not worth the trouble. There’s a higher chance to wait at MarineFord and deal with things there...tell Mama that I’m going out to scout the area.


Katakuri: You’re going already?


Me: I don’t want to be there last minute. Having a couple of days in advance will give me enough time to prepare! Anyway, see you at Marineford.


Katakuri: !!!


He tried to stop me but it was too late. As we were blindly walking, I had already arrived at the harbor and jumped onto my ship and teleported it out of his reach.


Me: No worries big brother! World Stage or not, I’ll be safe!

A note from randomuser855

Man! University begins tomorrow (crying face). So here I am in my hotel room in a foregin country where nearly I can't understand anyone getting ready for school! 

Hmmm...really nervous, excited, scared, and all of those synonyms.


For a fact, I know that I will be completely busy for the next three weeks so I'll try to post during the little breaks I have though I'm not sure if I'll have time to write. Still, I love this story too much to drop it. Good thing I've beta-ed the story to nearly the end so no worries there.


Hope you continue to enjoy the story and have fun!

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