Chapter 2


Born as the daughter of a Yonko can vary depending on who. In my didn’t work out so well. Of course, I prefer it to being born under Blackbeard or Kaido but Big Mom has almost killed/sold/betrayed her own children countless times.


She thought of her own children like tools; nothing more nothing less. Some of her tools were simply better and talented than others, like the Sweet Commanders while others, like Lola, were only worth marrying off for a political marriage.


Of course, being the biological mother still meant something to all the children of Big Mom. After all, it’s hard to disregard the very blood flowing through your veins...yet just as all the children had varying degrees of respect for Big Mom, they also feared her wrath. Her wrath and power was what kept the family together, under any circumstance.


Then comes me, an exception. From the moment I saw Big Mom, I smiled in my toddler form. Of course, her form was intimidating but I had two layers of protection which kept me from cowering in fear. First was my calm mind which I had received from ??. The ability to keep my calm no matter what, and if fear was something that hindered my decision, I could simply choose not to feel it.


Second, I knew the nature of her power. Big Mom might be a god in terms of raw power and strength but her mind was more of a baby than me. Her food tantrums show her childish thought process and the entirety of all of Big Mom’s territory just shows a messed up version of Alice in Wonderland, not to mention how she names everything and gives it some sort of food theme.


Mother, who saw my smile, seemed quite pleased with herself as she lifted me out of my crib and held me over her head, examining me.


LinLin: Mamama, quite an interesting one, ehh?


It was just my luck...or perhaps a playful whim of that ?? that I was born under Big Mom. Still, I thought about the things that could have made it much worse.


Born as a commoner in a weak sea (East Blue) or perhaps under the Celestial Dragons as a Slave...things could have been much worse. Yes, living under Big Mom would also count as a Nightmare as failure to complete her orders will result in her wrath...but at least I’ll become strong.


Under the rule of a Yonko, I’ll be able to receive all the help I’ll need to become a dominant figure in this world. Heck, I’ll even be able to meet Katakuri who will literally be my biological brother now.


As the days went by and I didn’t see Big Mom again, inwardly I was quite relieved. In this Totta Land, the best way to grow would be to try and avoid Big Mom as much as possible. Away from the cause of trouble.


Of course...if it was only that easy.


The first few months of my life, nobody demanded anything from me and that was the way I liked it. I often stayed with my twin sis Pudding, who because of her appearance was often shunned even in the family. Of course, not by me though; I made sure she felt loved even with that third eye.


I tried to hobble around the family palace in search of some older brothers and sisters but I was usually always caught and brought right back to my crib and forced to hug Pudding until I fell asleep


Me: *wahhh*


*sigh* I still can’t speak or say anything yet. I guess the body of a child really is stressful. I couldn’t wait until I was actually allowed out of the house. It’s only been a few weeks and it was already beginning to be unbearable. This dull and boring life with nothing to do. At least give me a toy so I can try to keep myself entertained or something!


Time passed and I turned three. By then, it was obvious I was different from the other children. Each and every child had their own quirks, yes, but I was different from them in the power that this world respected.


When Big Mom’s crew measured our potential and learning speed, I crushed the learning tracks and demanded to learn more. I soaked up knowledge about this world like a sponge. Each and every bounty delivered through the news coo, I read. Who knew when I would need to remember who can do what?


My first day sparring with the training instructor ended with me knocking out the teacher. That was how fast I learned and improved. By the age of five, I had long left most of my siblings in the dust and went on compete with the older and the more experienced of the Big Mom crew.


Perhaps it was luck but my care was put into Katakuri’s hands as I showed immense potential. My first impression of the perfect older brother was that he was putting up an act. He obviously did not look comfortable; his eyes always straining and always tense... yet he continued to put up that look.


Despite this, he was a pretty good teacher. He was a man of few words and always left me out whenever he made that little hut for himself to eat his donuts but I understood him. He wasn’t ready to share his secrets yet. Despite the little interactions, we ended up bonding, quite like a father and daughter relationship. This bond with Katakuri extended to Brûlée as well...she was someone with a heart that shouldn’t be in the Big Mom pirates. She was too kind and loving for her own good.


Katakuri: Everyday she learns something and closes the gap between the two of us. She’s only 5 years old and she can already fight on even grounds with most of the crew...of course excluding the older ones of course.


He picked me up and put me on his shoulder where I put my arms around his neck and tried to hold on.


Me: hehe, it’s so high up here!


Perhaps it was from my years of living as a child but it looked like my mental age was like that of a child as well. Despite this, I knew exactly what I must never do. I always tried to keep to myself except to a few select people, like Katakuri.


The bloodline of the New World mixed together with a Yonko was not something to look down on. As a result, I awakened my first observation haki at the tender age of 7. Much to Katakuri’s surprise...though the training got so much worse as a result to that.

The training sessions were painful. It mostly involved me trying not to get hit by big bro but ever since I awakened Observation, he upped his game and began using future sight on me. Of course, I didn’t complain as the more I was exposed to what he was doing, the faster I can awaken it as well.


Martial arts on martial arts. I searched around all the islands of Big Mom looking for a teacher to teach me how to fight. Various forms of punching, kicking, swordsmanship and more. This was also the one and only time I ever went to ask Mama for something.


Me: Mama. May I torture the captured Marine Vice Admiral?


LinLin: little Syrup wants to do torture a Marine?


Me: No Mama. I do not want to torture him, but rather I must learn from him.


LinLin: And what might that mean, hmmm?


Despite my calm mind, the wide teeth and the dripping saliva along with her eyes which seemed to pierce my soul was scary. Anyone other than me or an experienced veteran would have probably fainted.


Me: I have heard the higher ups in the Marines use a Martial Art called the 6 Styles which allow for a variety of things. I wish to get the information out of him on how each of these so called 6 styles work.


LinLin: You don’t need him to teach you?


Me: Mama, I have learned many arts on my own without a teacher. I have found that learning the foundations and improving it on my own is better for my own growth.


LinLin: expected of my favorite daughter! Do as you wish!


After a couple months, that was the first time I had ever killed someone. The Vice Admiral had begged me to end his life. But during those few months, I had squeezed out all the information I could out of him.


The basics of all 6 forms, the secret 7th in which was a combination of all the rest. The Marine Swordsmanship and gunmanship. His own original way of fighting and I made him throw up all he knew about his superiors and important figures in the storyline. His connections, bank account number (which I took advantage of later on) and his devil fruit once I killed him. (I didn’t eat it. I just stored it in my Inventory)


As his body began to cool under me, I felt nothing. I expected to feel nothing so if this was any indication at all, it meant ??’s gift was working. A sane mind would not be able to live in this part of the world.


Timeskip, 9 years old

It’s a strange feeling watching a city burn. It wasn’t a new sight for me as I’ve followed brother Katakuri on many of his trips to gather the ingredients for Mama’s Tea Parties but this was the first time I did one alone.


Brother Cracker lent me about a dozen of his cracker soldiers to make with me...though it was mostly for carrying the Purple apples back home.


The process was quite simple. They knew we were coming, after all they had failed to meet their quota of sending Sweets to Big Mom and so I was here to clean up everything they had left. I personally thought doing something like this was counterproductive to the production of sweets but at least it sent a message to the other islands who were producing sweets for mama.


I usually fought with my collection of knives. Many knives actually, I had all of them. The Chef’s knife, the Utility Knife, The Santoku Knife, The boning Knife, the Bread Knife, the Cleaver, the Paring, the Steak, the Nakiri Bocho, and finally my favorite-the fillet knife.


I kept them all strapped to a part of my body as I fought. Almost nobody except for the Royal Guards lasted for more than 10 seconds in front of me, the monstrous 9 year old girl with pinkish white hair. I turned them all into some form of processed meat as I continued on to where their prized apples were kept.

As I wiped out the last of their Royal Family and their guards, I ordered Cracker’s soldiers to take everything. The apples, the trees and even the soil. I was sure Mama would one day have a craving for these apples again and if we had no way to get them...


I shuddered


Then even I would be powerless to stop her. Any type of sweet can be made in Totta Land but nothing could be done if we simply did not have the ingredients. Just like how it is nigh impossible to make Scrambled eggs without eggs (though it is possible cause vegan science).


Burning down the entire island behind me, leaving close to no military survivors (for the island), I got my first bounty as I made myself known to the world...but that wasn’t important. I didn’t even check what nickname or amount they gave me. Whatever amount they put on would not matter was the strength that would be needed to back up that amount that was important.


I still needed to train.

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