Welcome to the Charlotte Family: A One Piece Fanfic

by randomuser855

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I just wanted a nice and exciting afterlife and I almost got what I wanted.

With god granting me all my wishes and sending me to my dream world with some abilities to guarantee a solid life but why did I forget to mention where I want to be born??!


Opening my eyes for the first time I saw my twin sister Charlotte Pudding...and my mother Charlotte Linlin, better known as Big Mom.

Big Mom: Welcome to the Charlotte Family


This is a relatively (well balanced) Overpowered Protagonist (female OC) making her way through the One Piece world as a daughter of an Emperor of the Sea. Growing out of her heritage and into a wonderful girl of her own rights beyond the shadows her mother casts on her.

Watch as Charlotte Syrup Sails the seas and causes trouble, the 36th daughter and 77th child of Big Mom. 



Disclaimer: It is to my great displeasure that I do not own One Piece . Seriously...that's just sad. 

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Funny Read

Each chapter's pretty short except for the last three.

Style's different but it's nice once you get used to it. I honestly think it could be better if the author adds in more details but it's not like there's big parts missing from the story. The author still gives us the clear setting as well as the character descriptions. She follows the charactristics that were shown from canon so there's no problem with that.

Story's pretty interesting with no wasting time. Straight into action each time so thats nice. I'm just wishing the story could be longer as the author's already writing the final arc of the story. So please make an epiloogue or another adventure for Syrup after this story or arc please.

Grammar could use some improvement but its easily readable.  As long as you're not too picky about minor mistakes here and there I see no problem.

Characters' my type of OC so that's fun. Cruel in a way, selfish but in other ways caring. A simple concept for a characer but the setting around her influences her decisions and all. Personally I really love this.


Mostly typical OP character doing different stuff in One Piece world, different from canon. If that's your cup of tea, go ahead. So far I'm liking it as well

Eager Reader

Up until Dressrosa Madness Part 3. Love it all so far!


I think this one is the best story she wrote so far. To begin with there are no heavy themes that weigh down my heart while reading this like always so it's a light read for anyone.


The Style is like her usual where she uses dialogue like a play would. After a couple stories I got used to it and actually it would be weirder if it wasn't a play like script now. Like always, little to no drag on the story. Fast pace and quickly moving on from one to the other. Actually, it might even be too fast in some cases but its infinitely better than chapter after chapter of fillers in my opinion. This leads to sometimes not having a vivid fight scene or some important parts (in my opinion) but we get most of the meat.


Storywise, I think this is the best one so far. Definately a refreshing read from all the ASL or Whitebeard or other standards. As a daughter of Big Mom (and like always quite OP), it takes a different perspective on the One Piece world and I love it!


Grammar is pretty good I guess. Definitely room for improvement as I can find one or two mistakes per chapter but most of them are minor typos or syntax. Still, I haven't had an issue with reading so there's not much to complain but could be better though.


Character. Probably my favorite part of the story is the anti-hero, slightly sadistic, logical, cute and confident OC. Not a wimp, not a jerk, but rather someone of confidence and not afraid to use it. Definitely a change from all the soft hearted pirates out there.


If you like slightly Overpowered Protagonists, this is your thing. She's not balance breaking as she's not the strongest in the One Piece World but she's still crazy strong enough to contend with anyone.


If not or if you hate fanfic or overpowered protagonists...well this author differs from most of them anyway by breaking many norms. I suggest you give it a try anyway.

Enjoy and thanks for reading



Chris Lee

The opinion of a One Piece Fan

Reviewed at: Dressrosa Madness Part 2

written 10/18/20, relevant up to Dressrosa Madness Part 2.

I have caught up to the current chapters, and so far I've enjoyed the novel very much. With an OP MC and combination of a cruel and cute personailty, it's a very refreshing read. The MC makes logical choices and doesn't hold much regret about fighting/killing, and with abilities like Calm Mind and infinite growth/potential, unlimited Devil Fruits, the story has many places to go.

I just wish that the author went deeper and was more descriptive about the training arc. We didn't get to see too much into what sort of missions Syrup did, and specifically how she trained. It would have been nice to see the development from a child to a decent fighter.


Style - I like the style of writing, but I took off .5 stars because the author tends to skip some details that I personally would like to see, especially more imagery during fights. However, there is enough detail for me to appreciate the novel.


Grammar - a whole star off because there are many glaringly obvious mistakes and spelling errors that need to be fixed. Please give your novel a read-over! To fellow readers, it isn't bad enough that you can't read it. It's just some sentences you have to read twice to understand, maybe once or twice per chapter. It's definitely readable.


Story - I've liked the development. The small details about the characters, setting, and events make the novel so much better. The progression is not slow at all, maybe even too fast. It's the opposite of One Piece, having little to no filler chapters. I don't want to spoil anything, but I like how the author decided to develop the story with the MC in the mix. It follows the One Piece time-line, but got to the Whole Cake Island arc in less than 30 chapters, which means it's lacking a lot of content that the anime/manga had. Because it's in the perspective of the Syrup, daughter of Big Mom, don't expect too much content about Luffy in the beginning chapters.


Character - I love that the personailty of the MC isn't weak, and she has confidence that makes me want to keep reading and she what she does next. I do notice that there was a lack of failures from the MC, which might be reasonable considering she's a prodigy, but maybe a couple failed missions could teach her some lessons. She doesn't pussy out of killing, and even enjoys fights because of her strength and ability to learn from them.


Overall, if you're here for OP MC, you've definitely got a lot. The MC's also definitely an anti-hero lead, but also has some good personality traits that make her reasonable. Give it a try, but be warned there are definitely a few grammar/spelling mistakes.