Esoteric Skeleton Dungeon Master

by Meunster

Original HIATUS Adventure Comedy Fantasy Satire Anti-Hero Lead Dungeon High Fantasy Male Lead Non-Human lead Strategy Villainous Lead

The afterlife is supposed to be peaceful, but not for Anon! After being resurrected by a Goth loli necromancer and put to work as dungeon fodder Anon grabs his fate by the reigns and overthrows the evil necromancer! He becomes the new master of the dungeon. Using his quick wit and his otherworldly knowledge he must repeel aspiring adventurers and heroes from destroying the dungeon core! 








Of course, I had to make the name and description generic. Otherwise, people wouldn't click on it. (⌐□_□) I hate\love isekai.

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YOU GOTTA TRY this Isekai Satire Masterpiece

Reviewed at: Chapter 23

Tired of Basic bitch japanese  teens [heros] who skinny dip in bitches the second they get yeeted into a fantasy realm?

Ever get sick of big titty side hoes who do nothing but throw their tit weight around and hope the mc saves the day?

Ever wonder what its like to read an Isekai done right with out yawning at the same old cliche "Revenge of the lvl 999 Maxed out Hero who has Light powers Who Fucks Over the Demon King and His Bitches And Saves the Universe And This Whole Title May or May Not Spoil The Entire Novel" kinda stories?

Well wait no more.


Accurate synopsis:

Anon is the Mc we all needed. His words speak nothing but the truth. With just raising a small pinki bone and throwing random ass nukes at casual filth lvl 99999 demon lords he can achieve the world peace. The same peace that  all the simpy limp cock isekai protagonists have been searching for. He is Gandhis role model. My role model. And im better than gandhi.

10/10 would rec

 dead pan humor, and absolutely hilarious, Every ch has something that has me smiling. makes my days less shittier. nothing like watching anon assrape tf outta isekai genre . This novel makes me not look at the ceiling fan contemplating suicide anymore


Some Actual IRL Reviews Below

"essentially mc is a skeleton who owns a dungeon and its him vs the world + maybe a cliche also very bored Isekai protag and so far its been a land scale win"- Hillary Clinton after she lost the presidency race

"Chiina"- Trump

"owo"- Biden

"the whole thing is this epic fucking satire"- New York Times


I don't know what I expected from this. Ok, that's a lie, I expected a cookie cutter dungeon builder with light isekai, but this... The summary doesn't do it justice. 

Only possible complaint is that the mc is a bit scatterbrained, but it comes with the death method. 

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