The S.T.U.D.Y. -Sucks To Ultimately Die Young-

by neilu

Original ONGOING Adventure Fantasy Psychological Sci-fi Grimdark LitRPG Magic Male Lead Slice of Life Strategy
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

[participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]

Dear reader,

This story starts in 2035, on a planet Earth that was turned into a well managed utopia by the Knowledgeable, Marc Russel decided to accept The Offer. A unique chance to discover strange and wonderful worlds.

This is Marc’s tale of what he lived in the S.T.U.D.Y., of how he faced it and how it changed him.

A glimpse in the head of a man who wasn’t quite ready to be thrown in at the deep end.

But we're getting ahead of ourselves, let’s just... get comfortable, settle in an armchair, pick up a cup of tea or something, and see things as they come, shall we?


I’m Marc.

The sun is rising, the date is February twelfth, of 2035, and today, I’m entering the Study.




********* Author's note *********

I solemnly swear I will make sure to give this story an ending and not drop it into an indefinite hiatus.

For now, going for short (1000-2000 words) bi-daily chapters.

I'm very open to any feedback, I will take it into account so let me know what you think !

I do read every single comment even if I don't always answer, it's super satisfying to see readers engaged in the story.

Most importantly of all, enjoy !

(Cover credit : Kellepics for the image (no attribution required but I still wanna do it) and myself for the text. Not sure why it's slightly blurry, I think it's a RR thing.)

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue 1 - New management ago
Prologue 2 - The Offer ago
Prologue 3 - Evaluation ago
1 - Coming to terms ago
2 - Checking the conditions ago
3 - Status! ago
4 - A pleasant morning ago
5 - Meet the new boss ago
6 - Home Sweet Home ago
7 - Magic is hard ago
Bonus 1 - Choice ago
8 - Morning news ago
9 - Sunscreen and existencial dread ago
10 - Hunt ago
11 - Foodstuff ago
12 - Rewind ago
13 - Pheyis ago
14 - Walking the distance ago
15 - Ambivalence ago
16 - Wathamber ago
Interlude : A bloody anomaly ago
21 - See the sights ago
22 - Parley ago
23 - Home sweet home [again] ago
24 - Ruminations ago
25 - Dawn ago
26 - The training experience ago
27 - Introvert problems ago
28 - A quiet afternoon ago
29 - A silent wish ago
30 - Stargazing ago
31 - The next level ago
32 - Pick a weapon ago
33 - insinuations ago
34 - playing with mana ago
35 - Disturbance ago
36 - Healing ago
37 - Cleanup crew ago
Bonus 2 - Last chance to change your mind ago
Announcement [not a chapter] ago
38 - trouble brewing ago
39 - Friendliness ago
40 – The bigger picture. ago
41 - Farewells ago
Interlude 2 – Megalomania ago
The great Editting of Arc 1. ago
42 - to boldly go ago
43 - Guard Duty ago
44 - Absolutely barbaric ago
45 - achieved and titled ago
46 - Looking for dragons ago
47 - Going underground ago
announcement [not a chapter] ago
48 - Overwhelming ago

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Bob le Poisson Rouge


A good one there, first-person narration is done brilliantly. The blue boxes could be improved, but they are hard to do already, so good job there.
The only bad point here is the author’s tendency to go back to previous chapters and edit them. It’s good to correct errors and streamline the story, but doing it that much means it’s better to wait a few days to read a chapter after its release. My advice is to wait for the end of a story arc to read it fully.


Still rather early in the story, but progressing nicely. A very promising mix of sci-fi and fantasy and a way to start an isekai I had never seen yet.
The way the author had some world-building and foreshadowing in chapters between narrative arcs is also well-done.


Nice job there with the 'Siacnar'. For those who may not have picked it yet, Siacnar is based on French. Reverse the word, remove a letter or two and translate it, you'll get what the Gilfeith (Tiefling) are saying.


Overall they're nicely done and believable in their reactions. I'm just kind of disappointed in Bob, what's the matter with that name?
We’re still lacking one of the MC’s foreshadowed friends, I hope her arrival will improve the interactions between all the characters. The arrival of the first one sure shook things there.


Story Score - I felt overall the story was made sense, although as of where I read to, I felt as though the character's background info, felt at times like a minor info dump and took away from the urgency of the narrative. Although this was very minor, so I wouldn't take too much away from this. 

Grammar Score - Sentences were clear and the prose was varied. While reading this story only one slight misspelling stood out to me, but I found no grammatical errors in the writing that took away from the writing and the structure was quite nice. It was very enjoyable and easy to read. 

Style Score - As for style, it seemed like a well-done sci-fi story. His worldbuilding was great. I'm not a very big fan of stats in stories, but there are many people who do prefer those stories, so there is nothing wrong there. The stats are well -organized and aren't used so often that it feels like reading a spreadsheet rather than reading a story. 

Character Score - I felt this was the strongest category. I background information only helped make me like the main character more. The main character is very likable and is someone to root for. He has a distinct personality that feels realistic and anything but bland. 

Overall, this is an enjoyable read that I would recommend to anyone.

Night Creeper

Reviewing as of chapter 8:

It's overall alright. This is a new take on the classic otherworld with system archetype, it also goes for a different way in which the MC gets to the new world. The story itself is not that much yet but it will definetely change in the future, the grammar is a bit rough sometimes but it's agreeable and finally there isn't really any other characters apart from the MC which he himself isn't quite complex and/or interesting. I'd say to just try it since it's pretty short, took me around half an hour to read all the way to chapter 8 and everyone has their own subjective views so you may or may not agree with what I said.

Stone o'Mountain

A more serious LitRPG character that narrates his tale of survival, with flashbacks and hints at a deeper ominous reality.

He suffers, a lot, definitely not overpowered hero material here....

I haven't found painful errors in spelling and syntax and haven't noticed any continuity errors, there are blue screens and a straightforward progression method.



A very slow explosion of awesomeness.

Reviewed at: 25 - Dawn

- Style:

Extremely lively. The narrator is also the MC, and this fact is used brilliantly by the author to bring the story to life. One of the best style I’ve seen on RR so far.

- Grammar:

Nothing to say.

- Story:

The actual plot takes time to start appearing, but this is balanced by well-done exposition, character development and good style. Overall it moves quite slowly, which isn’t a bad thing per se.

- Characters:

Good characterisation through style gives the MC a good structure, as if the character was whole and coherent. The MC is built with simple element that, when interacting together, make a likeable and believable human being.

- Overall:

A pretty solid story with good narration and character building/interaction. Due to its slow pace I think we’ll need at least thirty more chapter for it to start having a real impact, but what is already there is more than good, be it worldbuilding, lore or foreshadowing.

- Stray thoughts :

The prologues are genius, perfectly balanced between worldbuilding, lore, MC exposition and this tiny feeling of urgency or uneasiness that keep you at the edge of your seat.


The author uses an elegant way to have character interaction even with a lone character. (Make me think of kumo desu ga, nani ka, which is a good thing.)

The system is efficient yet interesting. Taking notes.

Done as part of a review swap ^-^


S.T.U.D.Y. I would say is best described as a sci-fi mystery hidden within a fantasy comedy. There are seemingly two narratives unfolding before you at all times giving every action and idea a double meaning, a different context depending on the lens you look at it through.

Its a really interesting way to engage the reader and makes you feel like everything has a purpose in the world even the filler scenes. Personally I'm more invested in the sci-fi mystery aspect of the story but I don't feel like I'm wasting time as the fantasy comedy still pushes the mystery forward.

Regardless of for which aspect of the story you are there for it will always be present and affect the narrative. I've never seen this type of 'double story's before and I love it.

Also as is customary for a review: the grammar and writing is well done,I failed to find any mistake and the author has a strong character voice which is always good.


Overall it is an intriguing read that wants me getting more.


Alein overlords take over the Earth and make it a paradise. They then create virtual worlds to populate bored humans with in order to study there behavior. There is obviously something more going on here which makes for an interesting plot hook, unfortunately, as soon as the main character enters the STUDY everything that was interesting about the story grinds to a halt. It turns into a story about a guy talking to himself and tring to survive in the wilderness.  Wilderness survival stories can be good, but this one isn't. Exposition is very heavy through out the story and as it is in first person, is basicaly a stream of consciousness. Perhaps the story will get better, but I think I've read enough.  


Delight. If we've read one Isekai / LitRPG we've read them all. So when the author takes time to add their own unique touches. It really shows.

Well writen from MC point of view.

The story is good in that the MC just wants an adventure. He doesn't have a crazy backstory or insane impossible mission. Just enjoys the journey with the necessary bumps along the way.

Writing is good, any errors don't break the story. Author is doing this as Writing Challenge so many edits are taking place to tighten / fix story.

Characters are great and believable. You can see or meet them on the street anytime. You probably have friends like them. Even the side characters, with only a few lines of text / dialogue are given more life than most stories. While they might remain as "The Smith", its a smith that you could pick out of the crowd. 

Also of note: NO HAREM (at least not this far thank god). No questionable morality issues with older characters being put into younger bodies and romantic intrests developing etc. We've all read those ones...

There be BLUE BOXES :), but not too many. Its reasonable. Author is keeping a daily track of his improvements in the subsection so growth is tracked and believable.



Although the first 4 chapters after the prologue gave me a really bad impression due to the heavy use of internal monologuing in the writing, it started to get better from there as 'internal monologue' was changed to 'talking to a second personality, internally', and isn't as overdone.

I initially gave this a bad review for these initial chapters and almost dropped it then and there at chapter 4, but other good reviews swayed me to give it a second chance, and I read the rest of it.

The writing quality is average, the story is dragged down by a ridiculously slow pacing (even by webnovel standards) which made me deduce a full star from it's score, and the other star is of course because of the slips into internal monologue writing style, which is just not something I like to see in any story.

The grammar is fine, you probably won't have problems with it unless you're picky. If you've been reading webnovels for a while, you'll have seen much worse.

As for the story, it seems like it's not very thoroughly planned out and the worldbuilding is nothing special. But the overall plot so far has been enjoyable if very limited (because of aforementioned pacing issues)

The characters are definitely above average, better than in most webnovels, but so far none of them particularly stand out to me, there hasn't really been any character I've felt particularly invested in (in fact, I hardly feel invested in the protagonist, who is definitely the blandest character of the story).

And yeah that's about it. It's an ok read if you've got time to kill, and the potential for beocming something greater is there, but whether or not the author will tap into that potential properly is hard to say.