Perspective is Ki (Saiyan, Young Justice, OC)

by Elbowsnapper

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Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Aiden Neve, a CEO of a construction company wakes up inside an Attack Ball that is headed on a course straight back to earth, and it only gets stranger from there. Updates every Friday.

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The title pretty much sums it up. The MC is the worst part of this story, which is sad because its a well written story. The MC is a jerk to everyone he meets and thinks he's smarter than them as well. He decides to protect villains for money and then thinks he's outsmarted the Justice League because he wore a mask while he did it. And when he talks to Black Canary, a licensed therapist and trained to control her emotions, he somehow gets the better of her just by being a jerk and throwing badly veiled insults at her. Something that pretty much every therapist on the planet has to deal with. He built a company from the ground up in his world and acts like it just happened and complains about how annoying it was to run a multimillion dollar company.

In conclusion he is an arrogant douche who can't imagine that other people matter just as much as he does.


lots of fun not the usual dc fanfiction the author does a good job of settign it up to be a unique character not just another wannabe superhero joining the team, personally i would enjoy a little bit more of the heros perspective every once and a while to mix things up the auther has done this once so far but it was very brief. use of non main stream characters has been effective and allows for more unique personalitys i believe and that is something that should be continued to be leaned into in order to sepperate the story from the usual keep the power level as a slow proggression too quick will make him op too fast due to the nature of DBZ characters


New favorite found! 👌.   B.                                                                                          NBC



this is quite possibly the Only good dragonball fanfic i have ever read up to this point. yes it seems a little fast on the power side but thats only becaese he starts out at a weak level in reality its actually fairly standard for an average or elite saiyan. the story is good great even, the syle is well it fits with lore of both worlds and meshes well, grammar wise im bad at grammar so no comment, as for the characters i personally love them Aiden actually acts like someone turned into a saiyan for the most part, i adore snowman, and i loved the superboy scene. so is this a good fanfic? NO ITS A GREAT FANFIC


Excellent DBZ/DC Comics Fanfic

Reviewed at: Chapter 16

Love the story so far as of chapter 18 (paid 6 bucks to keep reading a bit further on Patreon). The progression is great and the humor is spot on if you like a crass and carefree attitude.

i particularly appreciate the power scaling as the MC comes in at about Kid Goku levels of strength and begins a steady progression from there rather than immediately becoming a powerhouse.

Good start, I hope you keep it coming!


Basic saiyan dropped in (placeholder) dimension, been done before. Pretty well done so far regardless of originality. No real complaints, I like where things are going and you're doing a good job. Enjoyed reading it and hope you keep up this cool fic. Don't know what else to say, don't really have anything to say but I need 50 words to post this so I'm rambling on. That should be enough.


Why aren’t there more chapters??

Reviewed at: Chapter 1

It's a very interesting concept but there's a lot of places it could go wrong. Grammar is good. Last but not least, my main concern is when can I read more of this because so far I love it. So please senpai, drop some more.


I have read a number of fan-fics. The most frequent reason why I stopped reading them was romance, which evolved into ecchi, which evolved into harem. I hope this, won't be one of them. 

Until now it is a pretty good ff, but the power gain is much more different and intangible than in other ffs. A lot of time has also passed, with nearly no big changes.

While the MC said, that his ki is 1000+ times that of a normal human, that isn't really easy to translate into a know power standard that we know. Is he stronger than Raditz because his ki is much higher, or stronger than even Vegeta(when he landed on earth)? 

The 'time skips' on the other hand, make time go by too fast. While some ffs make the MC into a half-god and millionaire in a matter of months this one is slightly strong and not poor, but not rich either.

All in all, definitely readable and enjoyable, the humor is also appreciated. But if the MC doesn't get involved in matters soon, it will most likely become boring. I doubt that is going to happen though, I think these first 14 chapters have been the preparing phase. Now we are going to get more action and fighting.


Fun reading for adult Men

Reviewed at: Chapter 14

Porn? No. The opposite actually.

Just meant that I have become tired of all the teen fiction where it is a teenager that gets OP and has a LOOOOOOT of sexual intercourse and plot armor as thick as the main female lead's bosum.

This is very enjoyable to read and it has a good logical flow, even supernatural happenings at least follow the logic of the world they are portrayed in.

Story centers around a vegeta-like MC thrust into justice league-like universe. The stoy name kinda gives it away.

I thoroughly enjoy this story and hope for a consistant update schedule. Reminds me of having to wait to watch DBZ once a week on saturday mornings.

Well done Elbowsnapper.

PS. Please spend some time to write a proper synopsis.