Pure Yin Body? But I'm a Man!

by Just Another Lurker

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Comedy Male Lead Martial Arts Reincarnation Xianxia
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Song Lin just wanted to enjoy his second life as the son of Immortals, living in ease and luxury, while surrounded by beautiful women. But disaster struck on his tenth birthday, when his talent was tested, and it was discovered he possessed that rare and enticing Pure Yin Body. As a male with this constitution, only by cultivating to the Core Realm can he survive intimacy with a woman, ruining any chances of enjoying the harem he so desired. But Song Lin refuses to give up, and is determined to indulge in his fantasies, even if it kills him! And it just might, as he is forced to live in a sea of beauties, but unable to touch, like a man dying of thirst in the middle of the ocean. Can he survive the temptation? And to what levels will the greedy and horny stoop, should they discover his secret constitution?

Warning: Satire features heavily in this story, as well as strong sexual themes, and not always straight, if you get my drift. One does not simply live the trap life in a Xianxia, without someone eventually going for the bait. Young trap seeks to become the legendary Strong Male Lead, but many hurdles stand in his way, including his own hunger for love.

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Just Another Lurker

Just Another Lurker

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Chapter 18: Traps; Traps Everywhere ago
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Chapter 20: An MC walks into a restaurant ago
Chapter 21: Double Bluff ago
Chapter 22: The Big Reveal ago
Chapter 23: Dreaded Info Dump or Incredible Revelations? ago
Chapter 24: Not So Subtle ago
Chapter 25: A New Harem Member Arrives! ago
Chapter 26: Hot and Cold, Uncontrolled ago
Chapter 27: The Stunning Conclusion! ago
Chapter 28: Arc 2, Electric Boogaloo ago
Chapter 29: One Last Peaceful Day ago
Chapter 30: Love Is A Dangerous Thing ago
Chapter 31: Secret Realms ago
Chapter 32: Entering the Realm ago
Chapter 33: Ignorance is Bliss ago
Chapter 34: A New Foe Has Appeared! ago
Chapter 35: Even A Stone Can Bleed ago
Chapter 36: Sweet And Sour, A Spicy Combination ago
Chapter 37: True Desire ago
Chapter 38: The Difference Between Dream And Nightmare Is Thinner Than A Hair's Breadth ago
Chapter 39: Escalation ago
Chapter 40: The Great Escape ago
Chapter 41: Lurking Desire ago
Chapter 42: At Last, Release ago
Chapter 43: The Devil In The Details ago
Chapter 44: Love And Lust, Two Sides Of The Same Coin ago
Chapter 45: New Shinies ago
Chapter 46: Adventure~! ago
Chapter 47: Shadow of the Colossus ago
Chapter 48: Drowned Suns and Kindled Embers ago
Chapter 49: Courting Death ago
Chapter 50: Dancing in the Shadows ago
Chapter 51: Arise, Mighty Sword! ago
Chapter 52: A New Blade ago
Chapter 53: Saber Rattling ago
Chapter 54: The First Wave ago
Chapter 55: Round Two, Fight! ago
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Chapter 56: Warm Welcome ago

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Often too cute for its own good

Reviewed at: Chapter 10: The MC-ening

Cute in that, "oh did I do that?" kind of way. Pure Yin body is frequently too meta or breaks the fourth wall in ways that are supposed to be funny, but ultimately just draw attention to particularly weak parts of the narration.

The author also appears to have made a deliberate decision to emulate the writing style and quirks of translated cultivation web novels. That means a lot of passive voice, repeating things we already know, and switching between limited omniscient and full omniscient narration complete with winking narrator. The serial also makes use of phrases like, "spit blood" that are cliches in translated novels. Perhaps this won't bother people that enjoy webserials translated from Chinese, but for me, these are the literary equivalent of nails on a chalkboard.

Style aside, I also found the humour missed the mark for me frequently. This was decidedly not for me. Reading other reviews it is clear others are not so bothered by the quirks of this story, so I'd suggest reading a few chapters to see whether you find it funny or annoying and then go with your gut.



Reviewed at: Chapter 11


No comments on the style.


There's just something i find deeply hilarious reading about a staight man being a trap. While there's nothing like that yet, 'pure yin body' is very telling of what would come next. Another thing of note is the worldbuilding, while it's not exactly unique, it's a step-up from your typical Xianxia template.


There are no grammatical errors that i've noticed so far, the story is easy to read and flows nicely.


This is by far the best part of the story. The MC is an arrogant prick and the author made sure to do him in whenever he got too overconfident. I love it when the MC's actions have consequenses, be it good or bad. Though the side characters don't have much personalities yet, but it's understandable since it has only been 11 chapters. Bonus point for having a shark girl. Shaaaaaaark!

True Gorgon

Way too meta for me. The main character goes on and on about side characters, harem members and the keeps on repeating that he is the MC close to every paragraph to the point one could say most of this character is only meta related. It just destroys intrest for me.

To be fair the author can write some small pieces well like when he figured out the snow thing but those moments get ruined by off beat comedy and meta coments. I actualy enjoy the segments where Song Lin isnt the PoV character as that takes out the meta aspect.

Plus the author seems to be copying the story style that forms by translating chinise WN. That also lowers enjoyment of the work.

Explosive Rift

The pacing is good, though the tournament was a little short. Combat scenes are mediocre, but short enough to not be obnoxious unlike similar novels. The MC is a tad too meta, at least for me. Grammar is near perfect, and flows well by RRs standards. My main issues are the MC not asking obvious questions, and twists being far to obvious, the butterfly being an example of both.

4/5 by RR standards, 3/5 by published standards.


I'm a real sucker for parody wuxias and ever since I read the first chapter I've been checking often to see if the story has been updated. The writing is great and I like the main character. How the plants and rocks ascend is also interesting. Keep up the good work author. :)


Xianxia is a tough genre to do right and this story is on of the few on here that I think manages to do it justice. That alone is worth 5 Stars in my book. The story it self is just truly getting started so I can't say much about. The characters on the other hand I do have stuff to say. All of them so far have had solid personalities, Song Lin, Cao Cao, and Shui especially have some well fleshed out personalities.


It's me!  Your friendly neighborhood commentator!  I'm usually not one to give a review but this thing has got my goat; in a good way of course.

I love the goofy and even sometimes exaggerated style the author uses.  It's fitting for a setting as ridiculous as xianxia to be the subject of satire.  Superb.

The story hasn't progressed far but I find it both amusing and sufficiently plausible for me to approve.

The grammar is fine and does not detract from the story.  Not something overly impressive but with no major flaws.

The characters feel fairly human and aren't caricatures.  They all have a certain flavor to them that stops them from becoming unlikable or overly forgettable.

I want to apologise for my inflated review but I'll justify it with this being webnovel, me really liking it, and the slackness of webnovel standards.  

Thanks for reading.  Warning: filler for the word quota.  It isn't often that I give a review but this one I enjoy enough to be bothered doing so when it's just starting off.  I can imagine the distinct style might turn away some men lacking in culture but for us long-time gentlemen this should be just to our taste.  Truly an MC all high level weebs can empathize with.


Good worldbuilding destroyed by character.

Reviewed at: Chapter 7





The  fourth wall breaking is not use correctly. Character are ignorant for a fan of xianxia. Grammar are okay. Imo, the character interaction are cringe.

And also same as True Gordon review, way too meta. It just destroy the interest for me. And the humor just off the mark. 

Good story and plot idea, if the naration and the character personality are replaced.