Ancient Mana Dungeon Core.



Chapter 5: The two week wait, (a short chapter for a change).


A note from Denied

this is the last chapter that i had already prewritten for this particular book.

hope it clears a few things up.

Time passes slowly as it always has, as the clock ticked down, events foretold by ancient sages finally after far-gone ages of the world. Ancient beings not awakened in millennia start to stir, sensing the changing present. Now, let’s look at the game pieces involved shall we?

(Drowsy Dungeon POV)

‘Time is running out for me, where are you Donovan?’ i mentally muttered, once more i pondered on the words of the old sage god,

"This place is not for you, seek out for Donovan's successor for he is the one to take the place you were trying to take for yourself."

When I asked him who Donovan's successor was, what the old man replied confused me even more; “Donovan’s successor is Donovan himself, you shall understand when the time comes.”

So during all these years i pondered while the curse of the dead deities somehow shortened my life span and made me “age” and my life force to weaken; my indomitable strength, thankfully, remaining intact throughout these long, and somehow painful, years, and came to a conclusion, it would be the fact my, to use a term I heard used from the civilization core of humanity, frenemy; had his soul survive at least in part, thankfully due to my past i remembered his aura and instructed the others well as to what it both looked and felt like. And instructed them to bring them to me. Done with my pondering I went back to sleep.


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