One Septendecillion Brass Doorknobs

by bootstrap_paradox

The cogs and circuits of the great machine of inter-connectedness are once again in motion. A Thing is missing. In fact, several things are missing, and they have to be returned to their rightful owners. After a whole month of peace and quiet, Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency has two whole new cases to solve. And what a fine pair of cases they are.

The journey will start close to home and venture beyond the Earth, far into the cosmos. It will connect an old professor (and his young friend), a paranoid billionaire, world’s worst mercenary and a band of mysterious twenty-somethings in a cool van.

Yes, the Rowdy Three are also there. Yes, there is more than one cool van in this book.

(You can’t go wrong with a cool van)

Read on to discover more of Dirk’s past and Amanda’s future, of the successes and errors of Black Wing supervisor Adams, of unspoken feelings and disappearing music boxes and meanings lost in translation.

Oh, and could there be someone watching this all from behind the reality curtains?..

[This is my version of DGHDA Season 3, written not as an imitation but as a tribute to Douglas Adams’s Dirk Gently novels. Yes, it is full novel length. You have been warned…]

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Just Like The Series!

Reviewed at: chapter one

What a fun and delightful read! It reminds me so much of both the book and television series (BBC Season 3 Please!!!) in the voice and character. The prose is witty and clever, and the characters have fun quirks just like in its home series. Plus, the mystery being set up looks like it'll be interesting, with twists and turns expected from the genre.

The grammar is great! Very readable, with only the minor errors expected from having no editor. I look forward to reading more! Thanks for writing.