Master of divine blood

by Alexey Fedorov

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Mystery Magic Male Lead Reincarnation Secret Identity

The hero finds himself in an empty white space. He does not remember himself and does not understand what is happening. The sweet voice of a girl with maternal care tells him about rebirth. Everyone who fulfilled their Great Dream on Earth gets here to choose abilities and become stronger.

Superior beings act in a special space, but can also return to Earth. They are waiting for the conquest of 9 worlds of the dragon necklace.

The hero receives only 12 points for choosing the ability, but the weakest costs 15. A sweet voice helps him cope with this problem. Having no memory of himself, the MC retained the principles of personality, so he joyfully plunges into a new world for him. But a series of strange coincidences shows that he fell into a certain conspiracy ...
If you are a lover of novels and have been reborn in such a magical way, is it not natural to think of the world as a fairy tale? Yes? Then you do not know how terrible the tales are in the original version. Embark on a journey with the hero to find out the hidden "Truth about the world"

PS: The world of history is strictly thought out and obeys its laws. It has a history and development. Some readers may find it difficult at the beginning due to many terms. I know that many are tired of super-lucky heroes. As soon as they need something, they immediately receive it. This story is different. Everything has a reason.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
World of white reflection ago
A new name, the beginning of the path ago
Auction ago
Library ago
Crazy Glam ago
CH 0006 Zero world ago
CH 0007 Out of the frying pan into the fire ago
0008 Kinra ago
0009 Wolves and Sheep ago
CH 0010 The Perfect Disguise ago
CH 0011 Visiting a Mage ago
CH 0012 Desires of the People ago
CH 0013 Arena ago
CH 0014 Promising Newcomers ago
CH 0015 First Fights ago
CH 0016 The Awakening of the Blood ago
CH 0017 Internal Energy Test ago
CH 0018 Fencing Sickles ago
CH 0019 Merging ago
CH 0020 Dzintu ago
CH 0021 Divine Blood ago
CH 0022 The Grain ago
CH 0023 In the Cage ago
CH 0024 The Small World ago
CH 0025 Memories ago
CH 0026 Contract with the Demon ago
CH 0027 Dragon Ball ago
CH 0028 Return ago
CH 0029 Blood of God ago
CH 0030 Cleanliness ago
CH 0031 The Truth About World ago
CH 0032 Treasure in the grimoire ago
CH 0033 The Energy Being ago
CH 0034 The Hunt ago
CH 0035 Aborigines ago
CH 0036 Trade Union ago
CH 0037 Shared Dream ago
CH 0038 Binding Thread ago
CH 0039 Carl de Montier ago
CH 0040 The Call ago
CH 0041 Legacy of the Zero World ago
CH 0042 Conspiracy of Despair ago
CH 0043 A Priceless Treasure ago
CH 0044 Bonus (Extra Chapter) Good deeds ... punishable? ago

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Luca De Rosa

There are issues with this story, but also some great points!

The great points are many, and they shine from the very first chapter. The main character seems like an interesting person to get to know, the power system is promising, and the world building hints at great things to come.

The bad is basically two things. The grammar and spelling mistakes, and the weird dialogue punctuation. Fix them, author, and your story will be awesome!