Cannibal Cheerleader

by TiffersOk

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Chase is only sixteen, but she can kill a camp counselor with a bow and arrow from a hundred yards. She knows nineteen different ways to prepare hitchhiker. And she can shake a mean pom pom.

Chase is a cannibal, and when she's violently uprooted from her primitive, isolated mountain life and dropped into modern society, three ordinary high school cheerleaders discover her incredible knack for their sport. Taking her under their wing and keeping her past a secret, the cheerleaders enroll Chase in school, knowing her prodigious talents are just what their squad needs, even if her appetite isn't. But they soon find Chase is a tough secret to keep, with a knack for attracting trouble...and danger.

Is there any way Chase can keep her cheer dream alive? Or will she lose her new friends—and her life—just as she gets her first taste of high school?

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Word Count (11)
Group Leader (IV)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Cannibal Cheerleader: Chapter 1 ago
Cannibal Cheerleader: Chapter 2 ago
Cannibal Cheerleader: Chapter 3 ago
Cannibal Cheerleader: Chapter 4 ago
Cannibal Cheerleader: Chapter 5 ago
Cannibal Cheerleader: Chapter 6 ago
Cannibal Cheerleader: Chapter 7 ago
Cannibal Cheerleader: Chapter 8 ago
Cannibal Cheerleader: Chapter 9 ago
Cannibal Cheerleader: Chapter 10 ago
Cannibal Cheerleader: Chapter 11 ago
Cannibal Cheerleader: Chapter 12 ago
Cannibal Cheerleader: Chapter 13 ago
Cannibal Cheerleader: Chapter 14 ago
Cannibal Cheerleader: Chapter 15 ago
Cannibal Cheerleader: Chapter 16 ago
17: Dinner & Dancing - Part 1 ago
18: Dinner & Dancing - Part 2 ago
19: Dinner & Dancing - Part 3 ago
20: Dinner & Dancing - Part 4 ago
21: Dinner & Dancing - Part 5 ago
22: Dinner & Dancing - Part 6 ago
23: Dinner & Dancing - Part 7 ago
24: Dinner & Dancing - Part 8 ago
25: Dinner & Dancing - Part 9 ago
26: Dinner & Dancing - Part 10 ago
27: Dinner & Dancing - Part 11 ago
28: Dinner & Dancing - Part 12 ago
29: Dinner & Dancing - Part 13 ago
30: Dinner & Dancing - Part 14 ago
31: Dinner & Dancing - Part 15 ago
32: Dinner & Dancing - Part 16 ago
33: Dinner & Dancing - Part 17 ago
34: Dinner & Dancing - Part 18 ago
35: Dinner & Dancing - Part 19 ago
36: Dinner & Dancing - Part 20 ago
37: Dinner & Dancing - Part 21 ago
38: Dinner & Dancing - Part 22 ago
39: Dinner & Dancing - Part 23 ago
40: Dinner & Dancing - Part 24 ago
41: Dinner & Dancing - Part 25 ago
42: Dinner & Dancing - Part 26 ago
43: Dinner & Dancing - Part 27 ago
44: Dinner & Dancing - Part 28 ago
45: Dinner & Dancing - Finale ago
46: Dinner & Dancing - Epilogue ago
47: Cookout - Part 1 ago
48: Cookout - Part 2 ago
49: Cookout - Part 3 ago
50: Cookout - Part 4 ago
51: Cookout - Part 5 ago
52: Cookout - Part 6 ago
53: Cookout - Part 7 ago
54: Cookout - Part 8 ago
55: Cookout - Part 9 ago
56: Cookout - Part 10 ago
57: Cookout - Part 11 ago
58: Cookout - Part 12 ago
59: Cookout - Part 13 ago
60: Cookout - Part 14 ago
61: Cookout - End ago
62: Party Platter - Part 1 ago
63: Party Platter - Part 2 ago
64: Party Platter - Part 3 ago
65: Party Platter - Part 4 ago
66: Party Platter - Part 5 ago
67: Party Platter - Part 6 ago
68: Party Platter - Part 7 ago
69: Party Platter - End ago
70: Tourist Trap - Part 1 ago
71: Tourist Trap - Part 2 ago
72: Tourist Trap - Part 3 ago
73: Tourist Trap - Part 4 ago
74: Tourist Trap - Part 5 ago
75: Tourist Trap - Part 6 ago
76: Tourist Trap - Part 7 ago
77: Tourist Trap - Part 8 ago
78: Tourist Trap - Part 9 ago
79: Tourist Trap - End ago
80: Babysitter Bloodbath - Chapter 1 ago
81: Babysitter Bloodbath - Chapter 2 ago

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A sweetly natured swipe at Suburbia's femoral artery.

Reviewed at: Cannibal Cheerleader: Chapter 5

A thus far enjoyable bit of nonsense that starts off with a clever swipe at the 'final girl' trope intrinsic to so many classic slasher movies and quickly moves to a scathing rebuke of materialism, toxic positivity, and forced inclusiveness.  One night, a cheerful (See what I did there?) trio of young friends find themselves in a bit of trouble when they accidentally strike a young girl with their car after a night of parting, drinking, and horny hijinks.  Upon realizing the next day that their new friend is no mere country doe, but also the deranged sole-survivor of a clan of inbred mountain cannibals, they quickly set about reforming her character by indoctrinating her into late capitalism and the soul soothing sensations of a nice haircut and a pedicure. 

But the girls quickly learn that introducing vapid materialism to a literal man-eater won't necessarily change a Wendigo into a Wendy; it'll just pretty her up a bit while introducing her to a lot of soft targets!

I enjoyed the light-hearted tone of the story, told with a deft touch, as well as the refreshingly unjudgemental main characters, who aren't the typical mean girl power posse that fiction loves to turn cheerleaders into.  The story is told from a perspective of heightened reality, where the characters always seem about three steps away from realizing they're characters in a comedic fiction, but they seem perfectly okay with it, random acts of murder notwithstanding.

Give it a read if you're looking for something silly with a bit of teeth to it.  Recommended for people who enjoy shows like the Santa Clararita Diet, Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, or The Final Girls.


Reading Cannibal Cheerleader is like watching a teen show but with a twist. The first and second arc (or up until the cyborg arc) are longer and more serious, but now that we're in the "mid-season" we're having smaller, wind-down arcs where barbarian-like women challenge our character to mortal kombat over a feud that they probably didn't even know is true or not, psychotic killer meets cannibal and gets barbecued for her efforts, and now mind control brain chips that seem to be hinting at something in real life but I can't figure out what as of now. Anyway, the point is this story is way better than I expected thanks to the author's masterful usage of stereotypical characters and the interactions between them. Chase's friends make Chase look like the most normal person in the world, and that's before mentioning the psychopathic police chief, rogue agent, mind-broken cyborg, barbarian women and more. Caitlin and Victoria are lacking a bit of screentime, but I'm sure they'll show up eventually. Technically Lindsay fits the bill too but she's such a comedic character that you never feel like she needs the spotlight, she automatically generates it just by existing and being herself.

Anyway, great story, somewhat unique premise, and very creative interpretation of certain norms and tropes. The only problem I encountered was that a large majority of the chapters have fixed text format that forced me to zoom by 150% at least to make the font bigger. Also, I would HATE to buy this as a book - at least for the 4th, 5th and 6th arc - because I would feel scammed by how thin the book is, but as a web novel it's absolutely fine the way it is. 


Like the title said. I wanted to like the book, and it would be an easy 4 stars for me, except for one thing. 

By chapter 5, Chase had killed 2 people and the cheerleaders have helped her hide 2 bodies. At no point, did they try to explain that Chase doesn't need to and shouldn't kill people. She may not have listened, but they didn't even try. I just couldn't look past that they excepted that without comment.



Puns aside, this story broke me.

The sheer outlandishness of it, the audacity of taking classic tropes and pushing them beyond enter a whole new realm.

My suspension of disbelief was run over by a truck, it was pushed into oblivion.

This gets five stars across the board because it's so daring. Its tropes on steroids (somehow) made into a coherent story.

The characters are what really makes this story. Every person fits their description. The cheerleaders only care about cheering and the Harvest Dance. The nerd is rejected for being a nerd and vows his revenge. The goths are kinda mean. The stuck up cheerleader is a total witch out to get everyone.

But even as they check off the boxes, the author has the characters acknowledge it, which makes the whole thing semi breaking the fourth wall and absolutely hilarious.

And also, random gore scenes. That are really, really, horrific. The Cannibal in the title is not a joke.

This would make a TV series that would have it's audience rolling on the floor. It would be a total cult classic.

Basically, if you want to read a ridiculously crazy, soap opera-y, all the American high school tropes, plus secret government nefarious plans and high tech super tech stuff mashed into one glorious mess...

The Cannibal Cheerleader was, like, totally made for you!


I wish more people gave this story a try. This is a fast-paced horror comedy with great characters you'd expect in the genre. Alicia, Lindsey, and Caitlin are a great trio from the beginning, with Chase coming in to provide the action. If you've ever watched a horror movie for the laughs, this story is for you. 


Utterly insane. A mish mash of cliche overplayed for humor and ridiculous implausibility that brings a smile to my face. It shouldn't work, but it does. And I love this story for it, it's probably not to the tastes of most people. But nothing is, and I found it enjoyable! So here's a 4 1/2 stars! 🎉