Enigma's Multiverse (Rewritten, link in description)

Enigma's Multiverse (Rewritten, link in description)

by Daoist Enigma

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Daoist Enigma

Daoist Enigma


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Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1- Karens and flash grenades V2 ago
Chapter 2- The Choice V2 ago
Chapter 3- Rational Analysis V2 ago
Chapter 4- Matters of the Heart V2 ago
Chapter 5 - Indranath ago
Chapter 6- Earth’s Vengeance ago
Chapter 7- I refuse ago
Chapter 8 - Adrenaline ago
Chapter 9- Feels good ago
Chapter 10- Disdain ago
Chapter 11- Rebirth ago
Chapter 12- Buffoonery of the highest order ago
Chapter 13- James Quill ago
Chapter 14- Denial ago
Chapter 15- Ghosts of the Past ago
Chapter 16- Elite V2 ago
Chapter 17- Predator ago
Chapter 18- The first phase. ago
Chapter 19- Not even a pawn. ago
Chapter 20- Till death do us part ago
Chapter 21- Panthera Leo ago
Chapters 22- Fox Demon's Robes ago
Chapter 23- Daoist Indranath’s Grand Emporium ago
Chapter 24- Truly unfortunate ago
Chapter 25- Intimidation ago
Chapter 26- Myriad Truth Recovery Pill ago
Chapter 27- Immunity ago
Chapter 28- Rest ago
Chapter 29- Elusive Truth ago
Chapter 30- James’ resolve ago
Chapter 31- The humble farmer ago
Chapter 32- Disappointment ago
Chapter 33- Tribulation? ago
Chapter 34- Father and Son ago
Chapter 35- That which you are not ago
Chapter 36- Trust ago
Chapter 37- Class Selection ago
Chapter 38- Unique or Rare? ago
Chapter 39- Invader ago
Chapter 40- Transient Lily ago
Chapter 41- Fifth form ago
Chapter 42- Negotiation ago
Chapter 43- Fear ago
Chapter 44- Asshole ago
Chapter 45- Bluff ago
Announcement (No chapter) ago
Chapter 46- Kursiska ago
Enigma's Multiverse Rewrite submitted for approval ago
Hype! Rewrite first chapter is out ago

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Cocop (Cale Plamann)

Despite some stylistic liberties from the author, this is very much a fun and fast read.

This is the novel's weakest point.  The fighting is great and the character develoment is great, but it isn't uncommon to run into a tonal shift or a narrative shift. as well as the occasional 4th wall break.  I think this novel could do with a proofreading draft, but outside of some of these worldbuilding/musing moments, the stroy reads very smoothly.

I noticed one or two issues, but not much more than that.  It's really not a problem, but I did notice infrequent issues with phrasing etc.

The story is half cliche and half new.  System Apocolypses are incredibly common, and the character's life is fairly standard fantasy fair, but the addition of cultivation/daos shakes things up.  That said, the pacing IS a good grip faster than I'd like, but beyond that the story was fun, albb

Characterization of the main character and his family are probably the best parts in this story.  It can get a little exposition heavy at time, but we have a back story, and the characters react naturally to it.  The story introduces some trauma for the MC early on and as he develops we learn a little about his own role in perpetuating his own suffering.  Overall, very good.


Nothing new, but I have hope it might be.

Reviewed at: Chapter 32- Disappointment

This story starts out similar to most stories where system arrival to earth stories and has managed to combine Litrpg and cultivation pretty well, which is a win in my book. The protagonist is your typical depressed mc, from his girlfriend and love of his life dying tragically, and a classic inability to move on. However, that is where it gets good. It is made clear from the very beginning that the dead cannot be resurrected and so our protagonist seemingly finally seems to realize that it is time to move on. The Author has clarified that a theme of the story is going to relate to how our protagonist will cope with and deal with the loss of his soul-mate. That's enough for me to give it a chance.

Overall, I think this story has potential, and the release rate is pretty fast, so we'll know sooner, rather than later if I am wrong or not.


Classic system-integration Light novel, bringing MC to face countless challenges and dangers.

Review at 20th chapter, maybe I will update the latte, that would be interesting...

Its strong suit is:

1) MC I can somewhat relate to. I would say that summarize the character's background and motivation in a few sentences is surprisingly this novel the strongest suit, making you care for the characters even after a few lines.
2) Fast-paced novel, a lot of fight scenes, and they are quite clear. 
3) Story and background OK so far, making me want to know, what comes next. Two kinds of possible antagonists right from the start, making this whole leveling/getting stronger aspect justified. 

I don't see any weak point right now. For me, maybe the chapters are a little bit too short, which little disturbs the story flow, but the RR rewards it so...
The big challenge will be how the author integrates new characters, plot twists, and hard decisions in the future and how characters develop in the future.

Also making 1ch/day although a little bit short is a BIG commitment, I hope you will maintain it. I wish I would have your drive.

Keep the good work! Gained a new follower.


The Story is about a broken boy that tries to get over his Lost Love, by fighting.

Just to have it said, that's a typical reaction, but not a solution. (Since the MC has alread practiced talking and thinking for over Two years -kk)

The world is set in a somewhat fast-paced basic Litrpg style:

System claimed world -> tutorial -> earth upgrade -> invaders&Monsters 

Variant is the included cultivation flair. Which is seemingly fully automated by the system. With each person having levels (and class probably) and cultivation.

The MC has some kind of superpower allowing him to instantly usehis weapons quite skillfull. (Not mentioned yet, but stay tuned!)

And as every good isekaied MC the loot is never good enough. Btw. By killing the third mob we are already at GOLD coins. 

Hmm I think the grammar is quite normal. A couple typos here and there, but nothing which would break the immersion.

Things I hope could change: 

I really want to see the polls. I mostly vote to see what the other readers voted, so it's a real letdown.

(Sure I understand not showing them, still.)

The seemingly infinite source of the system needs a fix. (Otherwise it could just stuff cultivators till they ascend)

The PoV's need a better break between.

Did I mention the Votes?

So while this review sounds bad, I got to say it got potential, the tragedy for motivation and the evil invaders waiting to be killed. There are some minor (infinite)logical magic Things, that destroy the Base you're building. 


strand VV

This is a classic litrpg story with the author adding on his own take of the multiverse, cultivation, and power systems, history, organizations, etc. (You know the drill) 


The fighting scenes were great, detailing every move so you could clearly imagine what the author was writing.

This is a classic genre however the author was able to expand on the world without feeling it was cliche since  it appears he has a good control on the flow and the description, which speaks for how good the style is. The only drawback for me is the somewhat short chapters, but then again the author said he is releasing chapters daily, so it is balanced. 


The story is very gripping although fast-paced but it does come with antagonist coming early in the story. The plot was somewhat revealed earlier on with a short goal for the MC and the major world being shown and described.


I had no problem with the grammar, so nothing from me here. 


The characters honestly were excellent. The MC was very realistic with his background, the motivation and the emotions were all shown clearly to the readers. I like how the MC was given even more depth by showing his strengths and weaknesses, how he admits them and tries to work on them. 


Was an oakayish story read upto chapter 22 then the author decided that the protagonist will be the one because there can be ony one. How is it that out of all the special forces and other gym freaks, martial artist , atheletes and people who keep in shape in one form or other around the world this (pretty much) loser passed. Now this is a fantasy story.


It's good to see that the sheer scale of the world is made apparent from the beginning. The main character is a flawed person who is realizng his short comings and wrongdoings. And we don't always see internal conflict in LitRPG as much. The fight scenes are detailed and awesome. Every step Tim takes is not only making him a stronger person but also a better person.

Since it is the author's first fiction, it has a lot of potential for growth and places to grow. Keep it up!


I'll be honest right off the bat. Your story is my very first foray into the LitRPG genre. Having never read one before, I'm not sure of the tropes of the genre or anything like that.

The story is well written, particuarly the action scenes. They're very detailed, which I'm a huge fan of. You get a good sense of exactly how a fight scene is playing out. I also think that your protagonist's choice of weapon is uniqure. It's not very often that you see that weapon used in fantasy settings by the protagonist, at least I certainly haven't seen it used often.

The protagonist seems intresting, with a fairly well developed backstory, and I like how there's a real sense of adventure in the story, and enjoy the bits of worldbuilding. I'm inetrested to see how it develops!

Zodiac K9

I don't usually give reviews but from what I read it seems to be a fledging story with potential. 


I'm enjoying this so far! The main character's perspective on things is interesting, and I like the hints at worldbuilding we've been getting in regards to the wider multiverse. The effort put into things like the main character's stat screens is nice to see, too. There's a few issues in terms of punctuation I've noticed, but nothing that really gets in the way of the story for me.

I hope going forward we get to see the different ways people on Earth react to these sudden changes - Tim takes it pretty much in stride, but I can imagine not everyone would feel the same.