Lonely Light (Complete)

by unice5656

Original COMPLETED Fantasy Romance Short Story Female Lead Magic Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters

Arael is an otherworldly being from the upper plane, a place similar to Heaven, full of Light. He now dwells on Earth, touched by Darkness, unable to return. When he rescues Sariel, an innocent angel from the clutches of Dark mages, he is no longer alone for the first time in centuries, but knows that he must return her home before she is also stranded on Earth.

The question is, does she wish to go?

(Pure fantasy romance)



- Cover art credit goes to Cassandra DenHartog (www.cassandradenhartog.com)

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I\'m really liking it so far, your grammars great and the story is easy to follow. I like the genre, a pure fantasy romance is always nice to read. It\'s easier on my heart then some other stories with a huge tragedy

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I loved it so much. It's been a long time since I read stories like this.

The story is magical and just absolutely perfect reading while snuggling with a loved one.


Any chance of this turning into a full length novel? Or a movie, perhaps? <3

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Short story, but definitly worth it. The grammar was easy to read and expressed the emotion that the author wanted to express, which was beautiful! So heartwarming that my inner darkness became pink, hahaha!!! xD

Although there were grammatical error, it rarely happened that I almost did not notice and it didn't really disrupt the story.

I must say, for a love story, it really was a good one. I'm sorry for not giving a more informative review since I rarely do one and hopefully dorgive my bad grammars. I just want to say to the people who have not read this yet, that this definitly is worth reading. I thank you very much Author-san for letting me read this story of yours.




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Beautiful, Simply Beautiful

i was feeling down, and found this by accident.  thank you unice5656, i really needed this story.  i love it.

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Hands Down Best romance on RoyalRoadL-No Contest

I read this when it came out two years ago. It's still instilled into my subconsious. The most beautiful and inspiring romance that made me laugh in happiness... and I'm a guy. I never experienced this with any other story EVER. 'Nuff said.

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how come short stories are the ones with the most feels ?

absolutely beautiful , not sure why it wasn't into the top rankings before , but it needs to be higher so everyone can give it a try. 

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Tl;dr: a bit short but nice, kinda heartwarming and interesting (read on for more)

I read this one about 9 months ago (and only created an account now) so I don't remember very well about the specifics concerning the rated categories. I'd give it a 5 though, I remember really liking it. 

First off and what I find most interesting about this novel is its core concept of darkness and light. I'm really into philosophy/psychology and how humans work, and I didn't expect that kind of interesting ( + new to me) idea of darkness being motion/the will to change things and light being stasis/acceptance of things, those two existing in each human to varying degrees. Lolol now onto what actually happens in the novel xD 

Seriously I wish it was longer p~q whenever I'm in my *escaping reality* mode due to various reasons (xD), I most often turn to romance stories to fill that emptiness inside (or sometimes shounen power growth face slapping hero stuff - but let's be honest, romances are just better for that xD). And one-on-one no harem romances at that, with co-dependency/reliance where the two leads (preferably both strong, maybe in different fields) are important af to each other, maybe healing each other's emotional wounds, protecting and accepting each other. Seriously why isn't it longer TAT XD no, jokes aside, .... why am I writing a review this long for a 5 chapter long novel ._. :'D

Anyway I really liked it and you may too so just read it, it'll take 1-2 hours at max so you won't lose much even if you don't like it... well you'd have lost the chance to have your emptiness inside filled during that time but stories won't do that for you anytime in the long run ;D if only they could orz XDD

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Heartwarming and Beautiful Tale

An interesting and unique short story, in the style of Fantasy/Romance. The concept of Light and Darkness and how they interact within the beings of the story is portrayed excellently, and the emotions and characters are simply extraordinary. The writing really flows well, and is easy to understand and be drawn into this very heartwarming tale!

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Enjoyable and nice to read.

Good that it didn\'t try to last longer: female MC lacks (for story reasons) enough personality & initiative to sustain a longer work.

Chaos Rabbit
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I loved this story! It was short but full of emotion. Thank You