The Weirkey Chronicles

The Weirkey Chronicles

by SarahLin

Betrayed. Murdered. Reborn. One last chance, to make it right. Theo's adventure ended with his mentor's hands around his neck. The betrayal cost him his friends, allies and everything he had built... but not his life. Though broken and powerless, Theo has one last chance to enter the Nine Worlds, wielding the knowledge and expertise of his first life. This time, he needs more than just power, he needs to unravel the deception that killed him once... and is coming for him again.

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Unique magic system, great characters

Reviewed at: Soulhome: Chapter 15

One of the most unique magic systems I have had the pleasure of reading. The cultivation style progression mixed with the architectural style of literal foundation building is a novel way to tackle the progression in the storyworld.

Add to this the twist on the typical rebirth isekai and we have ourselves the recipe for a really interesting take on Cultivation, and a breath of fresh air for those that read many serials on RR.

Highly recommended.


Small caveat, I'm a fan of SarahLin's other story Street Cultivation and therefore may be a bit biased, however, I will say that if this story follows the same pattern as her other, it will post regularly and they will be quality posts with actual meat and no fluff.  On to the review.

This is probably one of the most interesting takes on cultivation that I have read...ever.  In fact I find the magic/cultivation system so intrigueing that I sometimes get annoyed when the moments of cultivation stop and the plot continues.  With that being said the plot is interesting and engaging, I just love a good magic system.  

As far as characters go, each of the characters are unique (they have their own voices/motivations) and I can believe that the support characters are in fact different from the protagonist.  Although I would still classify this as Isekei/portal fantasy it is a refreshing enough take on it that I didn't find myself rolling my eyes at all the normal cliches of the genre.

I have a hard time giving out 5 star reviews simply because I believe everything could use improvement but this is pretty close to the mark.  I would recommend this book to anyone who is tired of reading the same cultivation story over and over again as well as those completely unfamiliar with the genre.


Imaginative and Exciting

Reviewed at: Book IV: Epilogue

The Weirkey Chronicles is truly and excellent piece of progression fantasy. It is at turns imaginative, hilarious, and exciting. The characters are different enough from each other to keep you interested. Despite the rather dark tone of the protagonist in the first book, rest assured that the series isn't grimdark. It's about creativity, exploration, and introspection; not just vengeance.


Awesome magic system, more positive than it looks, i like grimdark but I've read Street Cultivation by the same author so I'm not surprised by the seemingly dark opening shifting into cheer.

Characters are good and the worldbuilding is promising, the magic system is one of a kind. I'm truly awed. Would advise anyone to give it a try.


Over all the story is okay. The intro is really cool, the wordlbuilding is nice and the magic system is something completely new. Something very interesting. However it's pretty slow going. Maybe becauae it's not updated  often or because of the long pauses between the books or maybe just because of the authors writing style. 

I have been reading this story since it appeared which was about 2 years ago, I think? I'm not quite sure when it started but not too much has happened in the story since the beginning. At least it doesn't feel like much.

The most interesting aspect of the story, the advancement in this magic system, isn't that much represented. 

Grammar and style are good as far as I can say. Characters are so so. The protagonist is okay for my taste but the other characters aren't really that interesting. They are more filler than anything. They have character, but not of the sort that is really interesting to me. The little anime girl thing is annoying. There was a twist in the end of the last book but that thing is still annoying. 

Over all good story for RR. But I wouldn't buy the book in a store. 

Ed Leeper

I have enjoyed your story, emensely.  I was disappointed at your ending it as abruptly as you have.  There seems to be quite a lot of room for expansion and I hope to be able to read it when you get to it.  Thank you for an enjoyable read.

Ed L


I was concerned until I realized this story like Tatian culture is sharper than a shallow reading reveals. I like it. There far too many blunt object stories out there it is a pleasure to find one with subtle depth and complexity.

A note to the author. You don't need to end chapters with those teaser sentences the story is better without them.


Great book with a great and unique magic system!!

Reviewed at: Book IV: Chapter 24

I dont remember how I stumbled onto this story but am very happy I did. The writing, grammar, and everything is much better than most stories on this sight. The magic system is great and unique with so much potential. Read no 1 and 3 on royal road and book to on kindle unlimited. Keep up the great work. (I binged this so I "demand" the author either releases all the chapters already so I can continue my binge or upload book 3 on Amazon so I can finish it. JK but I binged this till like 2 in the morning two night in a row :/)


The story started off great! The first book had me hooked and I binged the whole thing in a few hours. The main issue that made me drop the story was introduced in the seventh or eighth chapter of book two. 


Her inclusion was both jarring and completely unnecessary. She took away from the seriousness of every scene she was in. It got to the point I was dreading clicking 'next chapter'.

If you do decide to read this, stop after the first book.


Very interesting book so far. Really hoping it is going to be keep on updating. In the beginng I expected ist to be somewhat similar to the Classic Concept of a character being betrayed and the taking revenge with his superior knowlegde of the world. Normally they get reincarnated with on apparent reason. But in this case I think has done an interesting thing with taking this concept but instead going a different direction with it. Really excited for his future powers and if he is going to be at least somewhat op.