The Most Overpowered Floofer

by Angry Spider

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

Petey, a Golden Retriever from Earth with a heart equally golden, was euthanized in a pound after over twelve years of love to everyone he met.

Thankfully, a few very powerful people seem to agree that it seemed unfair, and gave him a chance to live life to the fullest in another world.

Oh, and they gave him just a few perks...

Okay, maybe a lot of perks.

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This is the story of a dog that knew not but the light of love, despite a dark life. 

Reborn as a paragon and for a first in history blesssed by all three gods, he is... Dramatically overpowered. 

And still a good boy. 

This is not a serious work of fiction. This is... Lighthearted fluff, a palate cleanser, a bowl of ice cream. 

Your favorite flavor of ice cream. 

Sleepy Red


Petey is a OP floofer that's a goooooooooood boooooooooy.


Uhm, sad things happen to our good boy, then he meets the hero!


No issues at all!


Petey is a good boy who wants to fufill his owners' desires.


An EXTRA Gooooood Booooy

*Thumbs up!*


The doggo seems like a very good boy

Also there doesn't seem to be any obvious grammatical errors and the only problem one could possibly have is obviously op protagonist but as long as you don't take this seriously and look at it for fun it will probably be fine I say at chapter 2

Lance Wheeler

Don't know where the author is going with this story, but looks like we are going to have a good time going there.  It is kind of like a slice of life story where the the main character is a brought-to-life teddy bear of goodness.

Waiting for some main purpose or protagonist but not needed to improve the story, just is what may happen in this casually adventurous super hero story.  



Pure happy 


An original story filled with wonder and joy touched with a touch of sad as you follow the adventures of a good boy as he enjoys his after life in a world where the only thing he has to fear is failing his friends.


All angles should be dogs


He really is the Bestest Goodest Boy

Reviewed at: Chapter Thirteen: Panic in the Sky

Be warned, if you get triggered by animal neglect and abuse there are some parts especially in the first chapter that may be really tough, but it is worth it. As of chapter 13 I have laughed and cried multiple times and must say that Petey is a Very Good Boy and this story is a very happy counterpoint(mostly) to authors wonderfully bloody Doom Guy story.


just a good ole feel good read. if u dont get enogh mufumufu this has alot to make up for ur missing fluff. op character done just for feels and story fluff. the intro  just caught at heart strings and the the world building through the the actions of the fluffrdy one is just adorible 


Who's a Good Story! You are!

Reviewed at: Chapter Eight: Lots of Legs

Ok, it's not meant to be taken seriously. But Petey's Story is THE BEST STORY EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

And Royal Road thinks this needs more words to be an accurate review. So here. More Words Better! Even More Words Betterer!

Ok, look. Royal Road doesn't have many fun, BrightNoble stories. And there are quite a few GrimDark, Everyone With A Spark Of Power Will Inevitably Abuse It stories. That makes this a breath of fresh air.


Gave a review saying i like the book and recommended people to read the book. The review wasn't a advanced review just a quick thought on the book. Got that thrown back in my face. Still suggest people read this book and make your own choice. Wish author posted the story more consistantly


I normally write my reviews directed to your readership or potential readership, but I'd like to begin by addressing the author.  This is a marvelously, feel-good fluff story.  Like candy though, it really is something that can only be had in moderation.  Which is to say, I hope you have a plan on how the rest of this works out and that it won't go past 50 chapters or so. 

To the audience: Yeah, it's a marvelous, feel-good fluff story.  Very difficult to binge.  But a satisfying and cathartic experience every once in a while.