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The Illusion let a Soul emerge.

The Forgotten guided its path.

The Formless let it touch the flesh.

The Endless let it last.


The Mutated, the last of them all,

The Mutated let it devour the Bridges

Thus, a Creature was reborn.


A Being that was [Not One, But Innumerable] witnessed the fruit of its blasphemous pursuit.

Defying the Eternals, it had lured a soul to a foreign Reality. However, the unnamed horrors had annihilated Creations for less.

Ceaselessly devoured as the Being was, it cared not for the consequences. If it had to End, it would. Gladly even.

But it would be devoured no more.

The blasphemous criminal had, thus, stolen a soul from its chosen Dharma, its chosen path.

A soul whose past, present and future reeked of its Dharma, stagnant through the aeons, despite the parasitism it havocked.

Crushed by punishing emotions, the Being had desired another soul. Any other soul.

However, the Being didn't have the luxury of choice.

Time was the parasite's tool, endlessly chipping away at the Being's existence, leaving behind less and less and less.

With the will of Eternals blasphemed, there was nothing left that the Being didn't hesitate to defy.

Brazenly, it desecrated the rules of Tilism, the Realities and the Creations.

It changed the stolen soul's Dharma.

Thus, no longer would the soul be a parasite, surviving through the collective power of its kind. Instead, the soul would now have to thrive, seeking power to call its own.

The Being that was [Not One, But Innumerable] shuddered as the silent gazes of the Eternals grazed past its ethereal existence. The Being's very core quivered in unfathomable terror.

Yet, it refused to submit.

It refused to feed the parasites.

Thus, a Dharmic soul was now but a pawn against the very Keepers of the Tilism, the myriad Creations and the endless Realities within.

As was intended, from a puny Mortal to a mighty Immortal.


Somewhere within the layered Realities, parallel Creations and warped Tilism, an ethereal book flipped its pages.


A note from Ankur_93

If you made it until the end of the prologue, do read the first chapter. 

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Bio: I have been writing since 2016, however, this is my first original work which I have been planning for more than half a decade. In the riddle of who came first, chicken or the egg, it the was the World that birthed the protagonist and not the other way around. Thus, quite a few concepts in A World of Monsters have been in works for a long time. Concepts such as Eternals, Yakshas, Nagas, Wills and the Youth-That-Sleeps, they egged my soul to give them birth and I complied. However, they still await their true reveal.

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Maverick26 ago

This is a really cryptic prologue. It's intriguing to try to decipher it and I'm looking forward to what exactly all of it means.

Garrdor ago

lured the soul whose [Vessel] had been of a [Race] that the [Existence] despised. It was a [Race] known for its savagery, cruelty, vengeance, vanity, hate and plethora of other emotions that its various [Species] were overwhelmed by.

The soul whose [Vessel] had been destined once again for that hateful [Race] was lured off its path.

The [Existence] had granted the soul a [Vessel] not belonging to the [Race] that survived not by its power but by the power of others of its kind. It would no longer be reincarnated into the [Race] so pathetically weak, so humiliatingly frail, that its weakness was its strength.

so Races and Species are different? And the Race the soul was gonna get reincarnated into was savage and cruel, but also pathetically weak and frail?

    Ankur_93 ago

    Yes, you are correct. The concept of race in the novel is very different from what we understand. As you will see in the next chapter.

    Also, the description of the soul's previous race is from the POV of the one who reincarnated it. It is its personal opinion.  :)

The Dolphin ago

"1. No human form seeking"

I damn near creamed myself reading that, count me in. Only worry is that number 6 brings the looming danger of corny dialouge and quirky characters. But it's a risk I'm willing to take

    Ankur_93 ago

    If the dialogues turn corny, then feel free to reach through my computer and slap me awake while yelling, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! THIS CORNY SHOT IS NAUSEATING!"

msng ago

Thanks for the... interesting read. Wonder if it also doubles as an innovative filter to stop people other than the intended audience from reading further! 😜

FantasyBliss30 ago

I have just followed this fiction and I will start reading it! Very excited. Will leave a review after finishing. 😀

Blob6997 ago

Edit suggestions:

Making it fall, from a puny Mortal to a mighty Immortal. -> making it rise? or is the immortal existence somehow beneath the mortal one?

Nas ago

Well this peaked my interest. Thanks for the Chapter.

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