A World of Monsters

by Ankur_93

Original ONGOING Fantasy Horror Psychological Tragedy Grimdark LitRPG Multiple Lead Characters Non-Human lead Villainous Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Traumatising content

In a world where death dances naked, a soul is reborn. Its original world stands annihilated by the Nagas and the Yakshas, for a crime the inhabitants didn’t know was unforgivable. 

The soul that was once a meagre Sorceress is reincarnated by the forces even greater, the Eternals. However, what was once the past is no longer the future and what was once a human is now a monster- vermin and nothing more. With its negligible lifespan, it struggles against its fate.

Meanwhile, Kiran leaves his home to defy fate. Named after the hope he represents, he seeks a [Class] so austere that hundreds fail in their search. Even those that do succeed remain haunted by failure at every step on this path before which even the Gods bow their heads in respect. 

Updates on Fridays and Mondays. Bonuses on Wednesdays.

A world of Monsters follows a monster and humans in a system word with a Buddhist/Hindu philosophy. The System is especially influenced by this philosophy. 

Things I can promise, in the story:
1. No human form seeking 
2. Monsters will behave like monsters while humans will behave like humans. 
3. Evolutions.
4. No harem.
5. Grimdark
6. No OPness.

If any of these things catch your attention give this story a chance. I would recommend that you read the story up to chapter 8, which is ideal, but reading up to chapter 6 would give you a clear idea as well.


Not for trauma survivors.
The human part of the story is a commentary on human nature.
You have been warned.

Can't forget to thank ArDeeBurger for the help with the blurb.

Cover found on google. If the original artist wants it removed, just message me. 

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Inflated reviews and a xianxia feel

Reviewed at: Chapter 27

There are a disproportionate amount of reviews for this just hitting trending. A LOT of them have "review swap" on them so I'm assuming that's playing a factor. But this story is not nearly as good as these reviews make it seem.

Before I get into the biggest problem, let's focus on the feel of the story. In spite of the "litrpg" tag, it has the distinctive feel of xianxia. Which is a genre I tend to loathe. It has the typical phrases like, "boundless heavens!", overly flowery and needlessly convoluted wording, concepts of Dharma/reincarnation, etc. So technically a litrpg, but reads like a xianxia fiction.

Now the big issue. The prose. It is just.. awful. The very first chapter, the prolgue? It is painful to try to read through. There are consistently 40 words used when 4 would do, in the most obtuse and clunky way possible. This gets a little better in later chapters, but the style of needlessly convoluted wording remains the same. I managed to power through a lot of chapters out of sheer stubbonness, but eventually I was groaning and skimming whole chapters. It's intolerable. And if the characters go, "tch!" one more time, I'm going to scream. And they will, because they do it 5 times a chapter.

If you somehow enjoy the painful prologue? You might actually like this. But for everyone else? Hard pass.


bland like cardboard

Reviewed at: Chapter 7

It's not bad, ok. It's just a sort of slice of life with a smattering of philosophy and religion, but no real plot and the barest of descriptions of anything. Things happen in a way that lean towards it being a real world, but it acts more like a video game. Why do insects take injurious fall damage? Why can a snail, despite being slow, bite and tackle? Why can a caterpiller furrow it's brows, dilate its pupils and and have heart palpitations? Uh... they just can because that's how the universe works.

It's the sort of story where things happen, but the reader needs to fill in all the blanks, events, objects, places (and everything else, really) because nothing is described, and if it doesn't really make sense? Eh, hand wave it away. It happens because the narrator said it did.

Author even created a character whose purpose is to beg for a review at the end of every chapter, too, which might explain why there are so many reviews gushing about the story. Begging seen here:


Within a desolate desert, inside a dilapidated shop, on a simple chair, a youth seemingly slept.


Like it?

Hate it?

Just review and let me know!

Go Review!


Cringed a little every time I saw it. Just... why? I suspect people might disagree with this assessment. They'd be wrong, but they are free to disagree. At least I'm not being mean about it, but you asked for it.


In my honest opinion, this novel has a great start to it.


At the beginning (Prologue) we are given a bit of the history behind the reincarnated soul that would be introduced next chapter. I always loved Monster stories in general but since I began reading (and writing) novels, I didn't encounter any story which had this solid of foundations set from the beginning. The Main Character began in a critical position and a very disadvantageous form of a Caterpillar, and even though it was born in that vessel, with a disadvantage of her life ending either by the natural death of age or by some predator, it prevailed with success. 


The Second Main story is interesting too, and although I am very interested in talking about various terminology related to Buddism that is used and many other things I may have noticed, I believe I will leave this section of the story for a future update when the story and it's the second main character is more set and we get more insight upon that part.


Anyway, I personally really like the novel, a great start. I hope for even more as I check regularly for an update.


Have a good day.

Mr. Fiction

Episode One: Excellent Foundation, needs work

Reviewed at: Chapter 9

Mr Fiction: Hello everyone and good evening, and welcome to tonight's review session. On this episode we've got the RoyalRoad fiction A World of Monsters. Sounds interesting, right? Well, let's ask our guests.

Mr. Critic: Hmm. Where to start in this story?

Mr. Casual: I liked it, personally. 

Mr. Honest: It was a compelling read, if nothing else.

M.Cr: A curious tale, albeit with certain grammatical errors. At several points I was in fact bored, skipping large sections of dialogue and most specifically those dull child moments.

M.Ca: I mean... I kind of have to agree. The main character is a bit dark and brooding, with a lot of emotional swings, but for the sake of remaining unbiased-

M.H: And here's where I come in. When reading a story called 'World of Monsters', most people drawn in by the title aren't looking for a tale about these Buddhist-style persons. The scenes and religion were well-fleshed out, don't get me wrong, but going from fighting for one's life to hearing about disciplinary action isn't a smooth transition. 

M.Ca: Speaking of transitions, going from chapter to chapter did feel very smooth - kind of like moving from scene to scene, with only a few well-placed timeskips.

M.Cr: You make a good point, Casual, but I must insist on removing at least a star in the Grammar section regarding the stale prose and frequent errors, and while I do dislike to beat a dead horse, the interruptions from the primary storyline were in fact abysmally done, and while the concept of a person truly abandoning their humanity in favor of true survival instinct is both well executed and clearly done, it becomes difficult to relate to the main character over the next few chapters.

M.H: I don't know about a full star for the grammar...

M.Ca: Yeah, I think half a star is plenty.

M.Cr: But we are in agreement on the reduced star for story?

M.H/M.Ca: Yes.

M.Cr: Good. Now, as for the character score. I believe that the primary character is quite interesting to read from the perspective of, but the filler chapters remain just that; filler.

M.Ca: Yeah, but I'm really curious about that one mysterious boy at the end of some of the chapters - I want to keep reading just to see what that's all about! 

M.H: I couldn't agree more. With that out of the way, what about the style score?

M.Cr: Five out of five.

M.Ca: Really? I thought you would have given it something lower, based on everything else you've been saying. Not that I'm complaining or anything, I totally agree - I'm just curious.

M.Cr: My logic is simple; the story is written with a distinct sense that the author poured work into it. Genuine work, hard attempts and late-night rewrites. It shows in the style, and I would happily revoke my title as critic if I dismissed that passion. 

M.H: Well said.

M.Ca: So, five stars overall, five in style, four and a half in grammar, four in style, and four and a half in character?

M.Cr, surprised: How on earth did you keep track of all of that?

M.Ca: I have arithmania. Numbers are my thing.

M.H: I think we're getting off track here...

M.Cr: Yes, indeed. I believe we should end the episode here.

Mr. Fiction: And there you have it folks, a good foundation with some rocky paths to work through, but a good main character and comelling style draw in the reader and keep them hooked despite the sadly frequent filler chapters. Who knows, a deeper mystery may be revealed in time - who am I but a mediator between three amateur critics?

M.Cr, angrily: Amateur!?

Mr. Fiction, hastily: Good night everyone, and happy reading!


Mysteries and survival for a non-empathic MC

Reviewed at: Chapter 14

Before anything, this was done as a review swap and, no, the 5 stars rating isn't done to pump the numbers up. I rarely give 5 stars but this story deserves it, however I disliked it. And yes, I dislike it, but it's not because I dislike it that it isn't an extremely good story. My tastes don't have anything to do with the quality of the novel.

Enjoy the review ^^

- Style:

The prologue is heavier than a black hole but once you make it past, the rest of the novel as an interesting style. In particular, the blend of narration and thoughts is a great success


- Grammar:

Errors are few and far between. Nothing to say.

- Story:

The opening prologue is a mad storm of term and concept unknown to us, but I didn’t find it bad, quite the opposite, since I think a cryptic prologue that set big things in motions is a totally valid means to start a story. After that, a nice alternating between survival and mystic training keeps the whole plot relatively fresh.

- Characters:

The mc is an interesting little thing torn between two of its side, but I felt like it lost part of its interest as the novel progressed. However, the mastery over the writing of the character is there and good, and if you like the monster style of mc, you’ll love this.


- Overall:

Brutal, be it in its descriptions, its theme or characters, this story emanates a savagery I’ve rarely seen in any work I’ve read before. However, the overwhelming despair this novel creates or depict could not be to the taste of everyone. I personally found myself torn between the urge of letting everything go, as I’m not someone that likes reading stories about fights that are already lost, and a mix of hope that this despair wasn’t really grounded plus curiosity about what would happen. The story is good and seemingly grounded into a deep lore, but will not be for everyone.


- Stray thoughts :

So much hate, so much anger, I want to vomit just reading it. A long time I didn’t feel something so strong about a book.


Actually the first novel on RR since an eternity ago that made me use an online translator to be sure about the things I was reading. I’m impressed, well done author ^-^

I, personally, have difficulties with non-empathic mc, so if you’ve the same difficulties as I have, I don’t think this story is for you.


Quickly Developing into Greatness!

Reviewed at: Chapter 11

I see a lot of stories here where our MC gets reincarnated as some big, badass monster or maybe a complete genius who can push past everything with ease. 

Not here, though. Our dude's a caterpillar. 

This is a great starting point in showing the MC struggling to survive while trying to adjust and figure out his new life. The shifting perspectives give this world a lot of flavor and make it feel truly alive. The characters are easily my favorite part about all this. 

The author's native language isn't English, so I give him credit for how well this is written. Still, I found some typos that could be fixed with a grammar checker. 

Other than that, I'd highly suggest you all check this one out! 

Reigsta Di Raizel

It is a really intresting story for sure that I can tell you. To be reborn as a super weak bug that everyone consider as a thing that you don't need to worry about. That weakness will the main protoganist use to his advantage to trick his enemy's in it's traps so it could kill them. It uses it's brain and don't go around to seek it's dead in stupid ways. I really enjoy this story so try it if you want or not your choice to make. But to say that you could miss a amazing story is a shame so just try it and you see if you enjoy it or not . be sure to write a review if you want to let this story be seen from multiple views of readers but don't say I forced you to read it you yourself choice to read it or not. . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . .  .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . ..  . .


A tale of mortals and immortals

Reviewed at: Chapter 13

Reviewed as of chapter 11 (~100 pages in) as part of a review swap.

overall : 4/5

A World of Monsters is a story with some very real potential. It is focused on the slow progress of a monster that starts really small, however the world has some very unique mysteries and greater picture stuff that I really liked.

style 4/5 :
Style-wise, the author has a good handle on description and good character interactions (in the human centered chapters)

However, the story comes with some heavy mystical lore that I'm personally not a big fan of.

Also the pacing of the early chapters is really slow. With the few options available to the MC given its unique reincarnation, the author made the choice of still showing all its progress. Which took a while of much of the same.

story 3.5/5 :

The world-building (well, multiverse building, really) is really cool, there are some mysteries that really have me wondereing where this is all going.
However, the mc seriously lack a goal besides , the character motivations aren't very clear.
I also took some points off because there are some situations that feel inconsistent with the worldbuilding. While it is cool to see the mc overcome his problem (short life expectancy) through cunning, the mc form is not unique, so, how are the normal individuals of the specie living and evolving? The experience shown by mc indicates that they simply don't have the time to grow into adults before dying in infancy of old age.
Finally, I liked the system, as it is more an obstacle than the main focus but it works well nonetheless. It strikes a nice spot where it feels fair, giving some perks but also refusing to let the mc be overpowered.

grammar 5/5 :
very few mistakes, there are a couple typos but they are quite far in between. The english is about as clean as it gets by RR standards.
Extra kudos for making the mystical munbo jumbo heavy yet readable.

characters 4/5 :
So i'm giving this a tentative 4, but that's really because the characters on the human storyline are definitely 5s and the character on the monster storyline is more like a 3...

Sadly, it's the mc. The thing is, it makes sense, this mc is a human soul whose ego is being eroded by living as an "immortal". It has little possibilities, starting as a very weak being almost at the bottom of the foodchain. But yeah, basically, it's not a very likeable or relatable character, and it physically can't do really cool things.

It's still a 3 cause that situation is objectively well crafted. But I'm certainly not reading this story for its MC...





So overall the story is pretty damned amazing and for your style of writing is great too! The descriptions you do and the clear pictures you evoke is very very good. It gets etheral at tines and spooky or earthy in others. Its in the top ten i have ever read! Seiosly your story keeps me wanting to learn more and to keep coming back even though its 4 am here. The skill leveling and such is so cool! Your blending of india pratices with thier religion and reincarnation and castes and mana etc. is wonderful. It has lit a fire in me to research india and all these things in their culture now. So thank you for that.


Now for your grammer it has only a few simple mistakes and is easily ignored. Like for example you said ranches in one chapter and the next line or two you spelled branches with the b like you left off the first time. I of course knew what you meant so no big deal. I just know some people are pretty anal about that stuff.

now for your characters they actually feel like real flesh and blood beings and are very very good too. Anyways i feel privileged to have been able to have read this. Thank you


Started from the bottm, now we're here

Reviewed at: Chapter 15

An interesting story with lots of room to 'evolve', this is the first underdog story that I've ever read which our MC reincarnating as a catapillar after single-handedly causing the downfall of god-like entities.

Our MC begins their new life as a humble catapillar after gaining a new lease on life, but their so-called immortal lifespan isn't quite what you'd expect being given only 90 days to live.

With the clock ticking our MC is determined not to experience death a second time. Our MC sets out to evolve and claim the immortality that it's been promised.