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[Author’s Note:If you don’t care about learning every single individual skill Emmanuel has available, or every different stat formula and what each stat does, you can skip this.]


Name: Emmanuel Burroughs

Race: Human

Level: One (0/100EXP)

Health: 350/350 (HP=((BDY*10)+10x [X=Level])

Health Regen: 0.19HP/sec (HP Regen=[(BDY*0.001)*(HP)]/60)

Mana: 750/750 (MP=((MND*10)+ 500x [X=Level]) Note: Value has been modified by His Majesty

Mana Regen: 15MP/Sec (MP Regen=15x/sec [X=Level]) Note: Value has been modified by His Majesty

Primary Statistics

Every Blessed individual possesses nine primary statistics. The first six are always the same. Strength and Constitution, which together make the Body stat. Then, Intelligence and Wisdom, which together make the Mind stat. The last three stats are more unique, and serve as a representation of the most potent aspects of the user’s Blessing. Common examples include; Dexterity, Charm, Courage, Faith, Perception, Fortitude, and Endurance.

Strength (STR): 18. Your strength stat is the representation of your physical might, and the level of effective force that you may exert on the environment. A high strength score allows you to hit with an exponentially greater weight than normal physics should allow.

Constitution (CON): 16. Constitution represents the toughness of your body. As constitution increases, skin gets tougher, bones thicken, muscle fibers grow denser. A high constitution will cause knives and swords to bounce off your skin. A higher constitution can allow you to even withstand the most extreme environments with ease.

Body (BDY=STR+CON): 34. The body stat represents the maximum life force (HP) that your body can hold. With enough body, you will have the HP to survive anything up to (And possibly even including) getting shot in the face.

Intelligence (INT): 12. You are not the brightest, but you are not stupid. This stat should be self-explanatory, but in case it is not, here you go. Intelligence governs, obviously, your intelligence. This is mental acuity, thought processing speed, how quickly you acquire new knowledge, and how much knowledge you can store in your cranial archives.

Wisdom (WIS): 13. Wisdom is the statistic of making good choices. It is the gut feeling you get when something is about to go wrong. The wisdom stat is not the knowledge you have, but what you do with it. With a high wisdom stat, intuitive leaps of logic may simply come to you out of the blue

Mind (MND=INT+WIS):25. Mind is the body stat for magic. The more mind you have, the more mana your body can safely handle, allowing you to use your Blessing’s abilities to their maximum. Of course, ‘safety’ was not His Majesty’s main concern with your Blessing, so He just forced the System to give you a lot of extra MP.

Agility (AGI):21 (*1.1)=23. The agility stat determines your easy of motion, control of body (Such as hand-eye coordination and balance), flexibility, and other non-strength physical feats.

React (RCT): 21 (*1.1)=23. The react stat controls your reaction speed (Surprise) as well as the effectiveness of your fast-twitch muscles. You could have the highest agility in the world, but with a react of one, good luck trying to dodge any arrows.

Speed (SPD=AGI+RCT): 46(*1.1)=51. The speed stat is a quantification of how fast you can go. Like strength, a high enough speed stat will overrule physics. Who cares if it should be literally impossible to move that fast? The speed stat does not, and neither should you.

Secondary Statistics

Secondary Statistics are whatever stats the System deems important enough to count, but not enough to be a primary stats. They have a lessened effect on the user, but with time and effort, you can accumulate many of them.

Will (WIL) :15. The measure of your sense of self. The strength of your convictions. The will stat is a direct representation of your never ending desire to move forward. Influences many things.

Charisma (CHA): 17. Charisma is your force of personality. Not just your looks and attractiveness—though that does help—it is also the feeling you give off. It effects how much people like you, and how easy it is to influence them.


Name: Link-spark

Tier: One

Grade: S++

Type: (Elemental:Lightning, Enhancement:Speed, Creation:Will-Based)

Description: The first link in a chain forged from a will as strong as steel. Contains a spark of indignation that burns for justice. Provides great power at a great cost. Automatically draws in and processes ambient environmental mana. Produces and stores lightning elemental mana, distributing it throughout the body in order to supplement power. Allows special concentration of mana in order to produce metal chains from the user’s hands.

Level-Up Bonuses: +4 STR, +3 CON, +1 BDY, +2 INT, +2 WIS, +0 MND, +4 AGI, +4RCT, +1 SPD, +2 WIL, No allocatable Stat points

Active Abilities:

[Abilities level up as they are used. Upon reaching certain levels, abilities may evolve or gain new effects.]

Lightning in a Bottle Lvl 1: Spend 100 MP to gain a one times base stat multiplier to STR, AGI, and RCT. Stacks twice. Each stack inflicts a -5 HP per second debuff on self. No Cooldown. Can be activated and deactivated at will.

Godking Samuel left several notes on some of these skills. “Ace, meet hole. Use it often, use it wisely. Have fun.”

Create Chain Lvl 1: Forge a metal chain out of pure willpower. Maximum number of chains is one. Maximum chain length is equal to (WIL/3)ft=5ft. Cost of chain is 10MP/ft. Chain production speed is 0.5ft/sec. Current chain durability is Iron Level; HP=(5)(2x) [X=length of chain] When chain is used as a weapon, Atk= 1+(1.5)(x)

Godking’s Note: “I’m gonna be honest and tell you, half—No, more like seventy five percent— of the reason I even put the chains in is because I just like the aesthetic.”

Maximum Overcharge Lvl 1: When using other active abilities, spend an additional 100% MP to add a 1.0x damage multiplier. Stacks twice.

“Well, gotta take advantage of all that MP somehow.”

Spark Jab Lvl 1: Coat your right fist in a layer of electricity and clock the opponent good. Deals 1.10x base physical damage, plus 15% total lightning damage. Take 5% recoil damage. Costs 30MP. Cooldown of one second.


[Major skills stack with their subsidiary minor skills. Higher skill levels may unlock new skills, skill evolutions, or new traits. Skills level as they are used. Major skills also gain experience when their subsidiary minor skills level up.]

Major Skill: Mana Manipulation Lvl 1: Represents your overall ability to control and process unaligned mana. You got this first level for signing me. As the level of this skill increases, you will be able to do more and more with mana. Provides a 1% additive bonus to Total MP, MP Regen, and all Mana related checks. Also provides a .5% decrease in all Mana costs (Rounded Up.)

Major Skill: Elemental Mana (Basic) Lvl 1: Represents your overall ability to control and manipulate the basic elemental mana types. These are [Fire, Water, Ice, Earth, Wind, Lightning]. As this skill level increases, you will gain proficiency in all basic elemental types, not just the one you specialize in, Lightning-Boy. Of course, any other element will be much harder for you to learn and use. Provides a 1% additive bonus to all basic elemental mana checks, abilities, and skills. Also provides a .5% decrease to all basic elemental mana costs.

-Lightning Elemental Mana Lvl 1: No prizes for guessing what this one is. I expect this one to go up pretty quickly. Provides a 1% additive bonus to all lightning based checks, abilities, and skills.

Major Skill: Athletics Lvl 1: A representation of overall athleticism. Provides a 0.5% additive bonus to all Athletics based checks, skills, and abilities per level.

-Walking Lvl 1: Yes, there is in fact a skill for walking. Provides a 1% additive bonus to maximum walking speed. Current Maximum walking speed is [(51/11)+1.5%]=4.68 MPH

-Sprinting Lvl 1: Shows how good you are at running. No one is surprised you have this skill. Provides a 1% additive bonus to maximum running speed and 1% decrease to running fatigue per level. Current Maximum running speed is [(51/2.5)+1.5%]=20.7 MPH

-Jump Lvl 1: Shows your expertise with the most under-used of physical abilities. I mean really, when was the last time you even jumped? Oh well. Provides a 1% additive bonus maximum jump height/distance per level. Current jump height is [(23/5)+1%]=4.6 ft. Current jump distance is [(23/3)+1.5%]=7.78ft.

-Warm-Up Lvl 1: Good on you for taking your warm up routine seriously. So many people forget to do that, and then pull something. You do not want to pull something while a rabid Plains Wolf is attacking your face. Provides a 1% additive bonus to the effects of all warm-up routines.

Major Skill: Combat Lvl 1: A representation of overall combat effectiveness. Each level provides a 0.5% additive bonus to all Combat based checks, skills, and abilities per level.

-Hand to Hand Lvl 1: Melee range still is not close enough for you. No sir, you take things into your own hands, literally. Provides a 1% additive bonus to all Hand to Hand attacks and abilities per level.

-Boxing Lvl 1: A more specialized version of Hand to Hand combat. You do not just throw punches, you throw punches with ~style~. Provides a 1% additive bonus to all attacks and abilities when fighting in a boxing style per level.

-Dodge Lvl 1: Ah, the humble dodge. As old and illustrious as time itself. For truly, the oldest question in all the Verse is ‘Is it better to be able to take the hit, or not get hit at all?’ You can answer that one yourself, Chosen Emmanuel. Provides a 1% additive bonus to dodging per level. Dodge is also affected by SPD stat.

-Improvised Lvl 1: A bomb on a rope is not a traditional weapon, but if it works, it works. Provides a 1% additive bonus to all improvised weaponry per level. Includes bomb on a rope, random wooden boards, etc.

Major Skill: Conversation Lvl 1: A representation of overall oratory competence and linguistic comprehension. Provides a 0.5% additive bonus to all Conversation based checks, skills, and abilities per level.

-Persuasion Lvl 1: Smooth words, cool guy. Provides a 1% additive bonus to all persuasive maneuvers per level. How does the System calculate a 1% better persuasion? It is very complicated. Please do not ask.

-Barter Lvl 1: The art of the deal. Provides a 1% additive bonus to all bartering attempts per level.

-Intimidate Lvl 1: Alright tough guy, let us do it your way then. Provides a 1% additive bonus to all intimidation attempts per level.

Major Skill: Survival Lvl 1: A skill that everyone should have. It is the main objective of living after all. Provides a 0.5% additive bonus to all survival checks, skills, and abilities.

-Scrounge Lvl 1: The System does not judge someone for digging through garbage. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure after all. Provides a 1% additive bonus to scrounge checks and results.

-Salvage Lvl 1: It it is not broken, do not fix it. If it is broken, do fix it. If it cannot be fixed, tear it apart and see if you can fix something else with it! Provides a 1%additive bonus to salvage checks and results.

-First Aid Lvl 1: Honestly, if a Blessed does not know first aid, they are simply asking for disaster. Provides a 1% additive bonus to all first aid checks and results.

Major Skill: Knowledge Lvl 1: You were supposed to be the dumb one, right? What, you like reading? Huh. I would not have guessed. Provides a 0.5% additive bonus to all knowledge based checks and skills per level.

-Cartography Lvl 1:Provides a 1% additive bonus to reading/creating maps per level. How did you even get this skill?

-Dungeoneering Lvl 1: Oh, now this one will be useful. Provides a 1% additive bonus to all dungeoneering checks, and 1% additional EXP gained while in a dungeon per level.

Major Skill: Equipment Lvl 1: Is equipment really a skill? The System says that is is, with consideration to how experienced you are with wearing certain types of equipment. Weapon types go under the combat skill. Provides a 0.5% additive to all equipment type defensive values.

-Light Armor Lvl 1: Is it just more comfortable, or are you not strong enough to wear heavy armor? Ha-ha. Provides a 1% additive bonus to all light armor defensive values.

Major Skill: Sleep Lvl 1: This is such a low priority skill. Could be useful though? Provides a 1% additive bonus to the effects of sleeping per level.

Major Skill: Inner Will Lvl 1: A representation of your experience in flexing your willpower. Provides a 1% additive bonus to all willpower checks, skills, and abilities. Also provides +1 WIL stat per level, per level of this skill.

Major Skill: Eating Lvl 1: Eat food, get buffs. Provides a 1% additive bonus to food gains.


[Traits level up through a variety of methods, each one depending on the specific trait.]

Chosen of the Golden Lion Lvl 1: You are the Chosen of the glorious Godking Samuel Lionheart, most powerful and noble of the four Foronean gods. Besides the ridiculously powerful Blessing, being the Chosen of His Majesty carriers its own unique benefits. [This Trait will be hidden from all Examination by the power of His Majesty, no matter the user’s power level.]

-Skills for the Bills: +50% Skill acquisition rate, +5% Skill EXP gain.

-Experience Bonanza: +10% Level EXP from all sources.

-Lion’s Own Luck: Godking Samuel is known as one of the luckiest entities in the entire Verse, and being His Chosen shares some of that legendary luck with you. Re-balances loot tables in your favor. Nullifies the chance of receiving ‘Generic’ quality items. Slightly reduces the odds of ‘Common’ items in favor of ‘Uncommon’ items.

-Number One Charmer: Godking Samuel has it all. Looks, personality, and a beautiful voice. He even smells good. Your image needs to sharpen up to match Him. +2 CHA per level

Lightning Blood Lvl 1: The power of lightning runs through your veins, literally.

-Resist 25% of all lightning elemental damage.

-When struck with lightning element, you gain a 2.5% multiplicative damage bonus. Stacks up to five times, duration of twenty seconds. Duration refreshes when a new stack is applied.

-All lightning related skills and abilities will level up 10% faster.

-Receive a 1.1 multiplicative bonus to all Agility, Reaction, and Speed stat values.

Will Unbreaking Lvl 1: You have a will so strong you can weaponize it. There has to be some benefit there.

-For every five points of WIL, gain one additive point of base defense.

-All chain related abilities and skills will level up 10% faster.

Current Equipment:

Body Slot: Adventurer’s Leather Coat
-Armor Class: Light
-Rarity: Generic
-Quality: Basic
-DEF: 3

Legs Slot: Adventurer’s Leather Pants
-Armor Class: Light
-Rarity: Generic
-Quality: Basic
-DEF: 2

Arms/Weapon Slot: Jagged Knuckles
-Weapon Type: Gauntlets
-Armor Class: Light
-Rarity: Uncommon
-Quality: Fine (+10%)
-Def: 5
-Atk: 6
-Durability: 40/40
-Added Effect: Cause 2 points of Bleed damage on hit. Bleed duration is seven seconds. Duration refreshes on hit. Damage does not stack.
-Description: Well made gauntlets with rough, nasty edges on the knuckles.

Feet Slot: Adventurer’s Leather Boots
-Armor Class: Light
-Rarity: Generic
-Quality: Basic
-DEF: 2

Base ATK= (STR/2)+(EQP ATK)= 15 ATK Total ATK= 15
Base DEF= (CON/4)+(EQP DEF)= 15 DEF Total DEF= 18

End of Character Sheet.

A note from SC Requiem

The first Character sheet in the game! These are going to be very uncommon, like, before big fights only. Oh gosh, the party members too? Fuck those are going to have to be their own chapter too. Uuuugh, why do I like it so crunchy!??!

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