I, The Lightning

by SC Requiem

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy GameLit High Fantasy LitRPG Magic Male Lead Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

When it comes to destiny, you should be careful what you wish for. 

Emmanuel Burroughs is fed up with being a Mundane. Fed up with being powerless. Fed up with watching his friends and family get pushed around, beaten up, and taken advantage of. And he knows exactly what to do about it. 

Godking Samuel Lionheart, the most powerful god in Foronea and ruler of Terralane, gives every citizen a chance to take the Trial of Blessing, a deadly challenge of strength, wits, and overall competence. Win, and the Godking will grant a Blessing, a special power that manifests a unique form for every individual. 

The better you do, the stronger a Blessing you receive. 

Emmanuel’s plan? Become the strongest ever, and teach those who abused their powers a lesson.

But before that, he’ll have to come face to face with his greatest enemy; his own Blessing; a power so strong that it threatens to rip him limb from limb everytime he uses it.


Hello! Author here!

Updates Every Friday! Chapters are anywhere between 2k and 8k words long. 

This story does contain what some people may consider 'excessive swearing'. Sorry about that, but I like my spicy words. 

The main character, Emmanuel, is excessively Overpowered. One of the main conceits of the story is the consequences of being so overpowered. I'm trying to play out the OP trope in a different way, but I know some people just don't like OP at all, so Im just warning you. 

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SC Requiem

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Poor attempt at humor and the MC likes to hear himself talk

Reviewed at: I'll Miss Home, But I Won't Miss This Dump

Not gonna lie, this is rather rough. The world building is non existent at this point and the author tries his very best to write grandios speeches and interactions. The MC is an absolute moron, but gets OP powers by a twist of plot armor and now we already know how the rest of the story will go.

OP protagonist who is too stupid to live but he still survives every encounter thanks to being broken OP and plot armor all the was.

He never did anything to deserve his powers, never worked for it in the story. All we get is some attempt at a heart wrenching backstory that is supposed to replace 100 chapters of character building, gradual progression and a proper introduction to the fantasy world. 

Instead we get some half-assed self insert wannabe super hero story with a humor level of highschool freshman, a frequent use of new age cool kids talk like bro or bod AND it could just as well be the start of an asian cultivation story because the novelty level is at 0.

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Of the first six chapters I won't say it was bad just boring. The time frame skips around a lot which makes it harder to get into the story. I also don't like the trope of kid with no potential becomes the greatest. It's overused and usually focuses the story on gaining more power, which isn't interesting by itself. The characters are decently written, things just skipped around so much that I didn't grow to care about what happened to ary of the characters. Additionaly, there was no real plot hook to keep me engaged in anyone's story. It was just random things happening to random people.