Tale of the legendary Magus

by Jay Hazard

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Tragedy Anti-Hero Lead Grimdark High Fantasy Magic Martial Arts Reader interactive Reincarnation Ruling Class Strong Lead Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
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A magical school. A talented boy. Things should've gone perfectly, a talented magus should've been created within the walls of this school. Yet it is now, now that he is here that all these horribly dangerous events transpire.

Traitors of the continent are hidden within the school. Mage supremacists are making their move. Schools will fall and cities collapse when the events begin unfolding.

So what will become of this boy, wanted by both groups? Will he perish under their manipulative hands or will he rise and bring magic society to a new high? 

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Jay Hazard

Jay Hazard

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: How Unlucky Can One Get ago
Chapter 2: A New Body, A Sad Beginning ago
Chapter 3: Long Live Books! ago
Chapter 4: Weighing Possibilities ago
Chapter 5: Practicing enchantments! ago
Chapter 6: The Magic Academy ago
Chapter 7: Attaining Magic! ago
Chapter 8: Awakening the ‘web’ ago
Chapter 9: Introduction To The Classes ago
Chapter 10: Visiting The Library ago
Chapter 11: A Certain Magical Sport ago
Chapter 12: Awakening Magic Nodes! ago
Chapter 13: Casting His First Spell ago
Chapter 14: Training In Cut And Crease ago
Chapter 15: Using A Wand ago
Chapter 16: Fixing An Enchantment ago
Chapter 17: Fighting Pierson ago
Chapter 18: Getting A New Spell Blueprint! ago
Chapter 19: Fighting A Noble! ago
Chapter 20: A Sudden Windfall ago
Chapter 21: Surprise Attack ago
Chapter 22: Troublesome Spell Effect ago
Chapter 23: Spell Adjustment ago
Chapter 24: Enchanting Class ago
Chapter 25: A Traitor? ago
Chapter 26: A Premonition ago
Chapter 27: A Dream ago
Chapter 28: A Skeleton-Like Man ago
Chapter 29: The Marketplace ago
Chapter 30: A Derivatory Spell ago
Chapter 31: An Unexpected group ago
Chapter 32: Three More Spells ago
Chapter 33: Passage Of Time ago
Chapter 34: A Serious Fight ago
Chapter 35: A Glove ago
Chapter 36: The First Gene Solution ago
Chapter 37: A Gene Solution ago
Chapter 38: Nodes Are Bae? ago
Chapter 39: An Important Question ago
Chapter 40: A Few Useful Spells ago
Chapter 41: The Second Dream ago
Chapter 42: The Colosseum ago
Chapter 43: Magus Versus Beast ago
Chapter 44: The Hidden Threat ago
Chapter 45: Long Time No See! ago
Chapter 46: The Reveal ago
Chapter 47: Scored ago
Chapter 48: The Other Categories ago
Chapter 49: Well-Deserved Rewards ago
Chapter 50: The Decision ago
Chapter 51: Prelude to a Calamity ago
Chapter 52: A Terrifying Attack ago
Chapter 53: Two Versus Six ago
Chapter 54: Hopeless Situation ago
Chapter 55: Black Smoke ago
Chapter 56: Richard’s Assistance ago
Chapter 57: A Reflection ago
Chapter 58: Treasure Room ago
Chapter 59: The Shack ago
Chapter 60: The Deal ago
Chapter 61: Not A Coincidence? ago
Chapter 62: Technology in a Nutshell ago
Chapter 63: Escaping Their Bindings ago
Chapter 64: Surprise Attack ago
Chapter 65: Abandoning Amelia ago
Chapter 66: So Stupid It Might Just Work ago
Chapter 67: A Wonderful Machine ago
Chapter 68: A New Ally ago
Chapter 69: The True Enemy? ago
Chapter 70: At Last Safe ago
Chapter 71: A Hellish Task ago
Chapter 72: An Unfamiliar Face ago
Chapter 73: Treasures ago
Chapter 74: A Technique Like No Other ago
Chapter 75: The Enlightenment ago
Chapter 76: A Month Passes ago
Chapter 77: Time To Go ago
Chapter 78: The Coliseum ago
Chapter 79: The Magicae Tournament ago

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The setting bears surface level resemblence to Harry Potter, however the story progression and character morals have the feeling of a cultivation novel. The magic system seems, at least on the surface level, to be quite strict and complex spells and mechanics are built on top of more fundemental and simpler rules and mechanisms. 

There seems to be some plots being set up, so there is hope for story progression beyond just "MC got stronger again".

A lot of the power progression seems to involve mastery rather than just sitting in a cave for a couple thousand years. This also allows more room for conflict to be resolved in various ways, since the result isn't preset due to 100x power differences. Compared to many similar novels on RR this is unfortunately a significant improvement!



Nothing here is ground breaking, but it is a fun read.

Story wise I like the concept for the magic system; it's well thought out and strikes the right balance of detailed and open ended. I also appreciated how the MC was given an advantage without it being obnoxious, his perk is baisically just being super talented.

Character wise the MC is not the most interesting character. But it's still early and I feel that, since he has memories of his past life and the his new life has magic, the reality of this being his life and not some character he is playing has not yet set in. So far we haven't gotten a ton of background on other characters, but so far it seems like there is a diverse set of backgrounds and motivations to find out more about in the future. 

I haven't noticed any egregious issues with grammar, though I have noticed some typos. 

Style wise the author favors direct language and description over dialogue, though part that omay be because the MC is a bit of a loner.

Overall book knows what it is and does it well, and I would recommend it to others. 


Something familiar, something new.

Reviewed at: Chapter 7: Attaining Magic!

If you like isekai, you'll be right at home - the story knows what it is, and plays to that strength pretty nicely with a thorough introduction of its magic systems and setting. Though it seems similar to a certain other book series about a secret society of wizards, it very quickly becomes obvious that the similarities are skin-deep.

I haven't yet read the entirety of the story as it is now, but it's been a pretty comfy ride so far. The MC does begin with some perks, but the usual pitfall of an OP protag is handily averted - the MC's perks don't really give him advantages any bigger than the average player character has over NPCs.

There's a whole lot of setup happening as is to be expected, and I expect that it will unfold into a sprawling tapestry of a hundred plotlines soon enough.