Rise Of The Greatest Magus

by Jay Hazard

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

A magical school. A talented boy. Things should've gone perfectly, a talented magus should've been created within the walls of this school. Yet it is now, now that he is here that all these horribly dangerous events transpire.

Traitors of the continent are hidden within the school. Mage supremacists are making their move. Schools will fall and cities collapse when the events begin unfolding.

So what will become of this boy, wanted by both groups? Will he perish under their manipulative hands or will he rise and bring magic society to a new high? 

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Jay Hazard

Jay Hazard

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: How Unlucky Can One Get ago
Chapter 2: A New Body, A Sad Beginning ago
Chapter 3: Long Live Books! ago
Chapter 4: Weighing Possibilities ago
Chapter 5: Practicing enchantments! ago
Chapter 6: The Magic Academy ago
Chapter 7: Attaining Magic! ago
Chapter 8: Awakening the ‘web’ ago
Chapter 9: Introduction To The Classes ago
Chapter 10: Visiting The Library ago
Chapter 11: A Certain Magical Sport ago
Chapter 12: Awakening Magic Nodes! ago
Chapter 13: Casting His First Spell ago
Chapter 14: Training In Cut And Crease ago
Chapter 15: Using A Wand ago
Chapter 16: Fixing An Enchantment ago
Chapter 17: Fighting Pierson ago
Chapter 18: Getting A New Spell Blueprint! ago
Chapter 19: Fighting A Noble! ago
Chapter 20: A Sudden Windfall ago
Chapter 21: Surprise Attack ago
Chapter 22: Troublesome Spell Effect ago
Chapter 23: Spell Adjustment ago
Chapter 24: Enchanting Class ago
Chapter 25: A Traitor? ago
Chapter 26: A Premonition ago
Chapter 27: A Dream ago
Chapter 28: A Skeleton-Like Man ago
Chapter 29: The Marketplace ago
Chapter 30: A Derivatory Spell ago
Chapter 31: An Unexpected group ago
Chapter 32: Three More Spells ago
Chapter 33: Passage Of Time ago
Chapter 34: A Serious Fight ago
Chapter 35: A Glove ago
Chapter 36: The First Gene Solution ago
Chapter 37: A Gene Solution ago
Chapter 38: Nodes Are Bae? ago
Chapter 39: An Important Question ago
Chapter 40: A Few Useful Spells ago
Chapter 41: The Second Dream ago
Chapter 42: The Colosseum ago
Chapter 43: Magus Versus Beast ago
Chapter 44: The Hidden Threat ago
Chapter 45: Long Time No See! ago
Chapter 46: The Reveal ago
Chapter 47: Scored ago
Chapter 48: The Other Categories ago
Chapter 49: Well-Deserved Rewards ago
Chapter 50: The Decision ago
Chapter 51: Prelude to a Calamity ago
Chapter 52: A Terrifying Attack ago
Chapter 53: Two Versus Six ago
Chapter 54: Hopeless Situation ago
Chapter 55: Black Smoke ago
Chapter 56: Richard’s Assistance ago
Chapter 57: A Reflection ago
Chapter 58: Treasure Room ago
Chapter 59: The Shack ago
Chapter 60: The Deal ago
Chapter 61: Not A Coincidence? ago
Chapter 62: Technology in a Nutshell ago
Chapter 63: Escaping Their Bindings ago
Chapter 64: Surprise Attack ago
Chapter 65: Abandoning Amelia ago
Chapter 66: So Stupid It Might Just Work ago
Chapter 67: A Wonderful Machine ago
Chapter 68: A New Ally ago
Chapter 69: The True Enemy? ago
Chapter 70: At Last Safe ago
Chapter 71: A Hellish Task ago
Chapter 72: An Unfamiliar Face ago
Chapter 73: Treasures ago
Chapter 74: A Technique Like No Other ago
Chapter 75: The Enlightenment ago
Chapter 76: A Month Passes ago
Chapter 77: Time To Go ago
Chapter 78: The Coliseum ago
Chapter 79: The Magicae Tournament ago
Chapter 80: Viewing A Tournament (1) ago
Chapter 81: Viewing A Tournament (2) ago
Chapter 82: Explanation Behind The Attack ago
Chapter 83: Back In The Academy ago
Chapter 84: Second Grade Rules ago
Chapter 85: Guilds ago
Chapter 86: The Black Swans ago
Chapter 87: A Confrontation ago
Chapter 88: A Number Of Spells ago
Chapter 89: The First Evening ago
Chapter 90: The Third Dream ago
Chapter 91: Damsel In Distress ago
Chapter 92: The First Classes ago
Chapter 93: An Odd Reunion ago
Chapter 94: The White Tower ago
Chapter 95: A Runemaster ago
Chapter 96: The Papers ago
Chapter 97: Love Spells ago
Chapter 98: A Not-So-Sudden Windfall ago
Chapter 99: Athena’s Forge ago
Chapter 100: A Guild Tower ago
Chapter 101: Time To Go ago
Chapter 102: Finishing The Robes ago
Chapter 103: The Gathering ago
Chapter 104: A Familiar Man ago
Chapter 105: High School Elders ago
Chapter 106: A Runemaster’s Weakness ago
Chapter 107: The Competition ago
Chapter 108: It Hurt ago
Chapter 109: Sabotaging Others ago
Chapter 110: Close Match ago
Chapter 111: Fighting Competition ago
Chapter 112: The Islands ago
Chapter 113: In Pursuit ago
Chapter 114: Foood ago
Chapter 115: A Squirming Boy ago
Chapter 116: The Cauldron ago
Chapter 117: The Cave System ago
Chapter 118: Conspiracy ago
Chapter 119: A Fight Between The Strong ago
Chapter 120: Resistance ago
Chapter 121: A Deadly Fight ago
Chapter 122: A Creature Of Darkness ago
Chapter 123: The Calm (Before) After The Storm ago
Chapter 124: Rewards ago
Chapter 125: Causing Rumors ago
Chapter 126: A Week ago
Chapter 127: Athena’s Forge Opens ago
Chapter 128: A Successful Day ago
Chapter 129: Aftermath ago
Chapter 130: A Certain Connection ago
Chapter 131: Book of Dreams ago
Chapter 132: Learning Wards ago
Chapter 133: Plan For The Future ago
Chapter 134: Preparing For The Attack ago
Chapter 135: Arriving At Decorus ago
Chapter 136: Endless Emptiness ago
Chapter 137: A Slaughter ago
Chapter 138: The Chase ago
Chapter 139: The Traitor ago
Chapter 140: A Mental Attack ago
Chapter 141: The Clash ago
Chapter 142: Death ago
Chapter 143: Almost Alone ago
Chapter 144: A Prisoner’s Life ago
Chapter 145: Experimentation ago
Chapter 146: The First Plan ago
Chapter 147: Time In Terror ago
Chapter 148: The Death of a Prisoner ago
Chapter 149: The True Experiment ago
Chapter 150: The Transplant ago
Chapter 151: Final Preparation ago
Chapter 152: The Escape ago
Chapter 153: Angry Beasts ago
Chapter 154: The Ogres ago
Chapter 155: Healing ago
Chapter 156: Living ago
Chapter 157: Mental Situation ago
Chapter 158: Doctor’s Judgement ago
Chapter 159: Preparation ago
Chapter 160: The Five Tests ago
Chapter 161: An Important Meeting ago
Chapter 162: The Headmaster ago
Chapter 163: Villin’s Story ago
Chapter 164: What Changed? ago
Chapter 165: Fear ago
Chapter 166: The Glass Ball ago
TRG: Chapter 1: The End of Time ago
Chapter 167: Feelings ago
Chapter 168: A Wounded Fighter ago
Chapter 169: A Gun ago
Chapter 170: Back To The Academy ago
Chapter 171: The Fourth Grade ago
Chapter 172: The Rumor Mill ago
Chapter 173: The Reunion ago
Chapter 174: The Situation Of Athena’s Forge ago
Chapter 175: The Hunters In The Forest ago
Chapter 176: Leaving The Opponents Behind ago
Chapter 177: The Nest ago
Chapter 178: The Ants’ Strength ago
Chapter 179: Requirements for a Core Member ago
Chapter 180: The Speech ago
Chapter 181: The Heist ago
Chapter 182: Rewards ago
Chapter 183: Surprising Developments ago
Chapter 184: Going On A Mission ago
Chapter 185: Arriving In Atlantis ago
Chapter 186: The Underwater City ago
Chapter 187: Atlantian History ago
Chapter 188: Atlantian Technology ago
Chapter 189: A Magical Art ago
Chapter 190: The Enchanted Speargun ago
Chapter 191: The Enchanting Force ago
Chapter 192: A Problematic Individual ago
Chapter 193: Less Human ago
Chapter 194: Overcoming The Mind ago
Chapter 195: Changing One’s Beliefs ago
Chapter 196: No Time To Leave ago
Chapter 197: Making A Deal ago
Chapter 198: Battle Of Atlantis Part 1 ago
Chapter 199: Battle Of Atlantis: Part 2 ago
Chapter 200: Battle Of Atlantis Part 3 ago
Chapter 201: Battle Of Atlantis Part 4 ago
Chapter 202: Battle Of Atlantis: Aftermath ago
Chapter 203: Back To The Academy ago
Chapter 204: Collaboration ago
Chapter 205: Von Hauser ago
Chapter 206: Max’s Plan ago
Chapter 207: An Auction To Come ago
Chapter 208: Resolving a Conflict The Right Way ago
Chapter 209: The Most Intimidating Force ago
Chapter 210: Two Weeks Later ago
Chapter 211: The Teacher’s Secret ago
Chapter 212: The Truth Behind The Teacher ago
Chapter 213: The Guild’s Interests ago
Chapter 214: An Unsafe Auction ago
Chapter 215: ‘Viney’ ago
Chapter 216: The Guards' Rules ago
Chapter 217: The Hidden Test ago
Chapter 218: Competition ago
Chapter 219: The Game ago
Chapter 220: The Hardest Riddle ago
Chapter 221: Capturing A ‘Special Beast’ ago
Chapter 222: Solving A Clue ago
Chapter 223: An Annoying Trio ago
Chapter 224: Golmi’s Instinct ago
Chapter 225: The Book ago
Chapter 226: A Conversation ago

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The setting bears surface level resemblence to Harry Potter, however the story progression and character morals have the feeling of a cultivation novel. The magic system seems, at least on the surface level, to be quite strict and complex spells and mechanics are built on top of more fundemental and simpler rules and mechanisms. 

There seems to be some plots being set up, so there is hope for story progression beyond just "MC got stronger again".

A lot of the power progression seems to involve mastery rather than just sitting in a cave for a couple thousand years. This also allows more room for conflict to be resolved in various ways, since the result isn't preset due to 100x power differences. Compared to many similar novels on RR this is unfortunately a significant improvement!


The important take-away: The xianxia themes are deepening but the presentation is still engaging.

Basically "school" means "xianxia immortal sect" in all the ways that matter: Students are fighting potential and first years are like outer sect trash can die left and right without anybody batting an eye. Sect elde.. *caugh* teachers *caugh* play favorites and will punish junior desci... *caugh* students *caugh* with outright torture at the slightest disagreements and nobody gives a $417. "Schools" openly massacare each others students and steal each others treasures and this is considered normal.

As is usual with xianxia all of this gratuitous violence, torture, murder, cruelty is presented as "it's necessary" or "well i benefit so i dont care i almost died", or "she should have known better that she wasnt submissive enough, she deserves torture". Honestly just because somebody can form a grammatically correct sentence and stick a "because" in the right place does not mean these shallow hand-wavings hold even the tiniest bit of water, and it's really hard not to care when this just keeps repeating.

On the positive side some more time and effort is going into fleshing out characters, and there are now numerous repeat apperances that are unique and familiar to the reader with established personalities and motivations.

Rabid Fan

This book has some good plot points and should keep harder core fantasy fans happy.

The spell models descriptions are nicely done and well explained,  one of the few good things. 

However you will often need to suspend belief.

It gets dark yet is also very light, so it will drop apeal from both factions as it has the worst of both ends.

Charectors are better the less important they are which is odd .. I find the MC to be template "NOOB" with all its implications of annoying. which lets face it is standard isekai fare.

The plot is decent enough .. however this could do with a bunch of fixing to make charectors better. Things like going to war are better done in books like warlock of the magus world.. this book fails hard in this regard treating it like any other day of the week really.

If the authour needs better help in this regards perhaps my recommendation to checkout conscription repots from various wars can clue into how to approch the topic while keeping your plot and making a better less made for the plot progression charecters.

Continuity suffers alot in this book multiple times you will find inconsistant things occur like a leg injury that suddenly isnt there or random other book chapters in the middle of the story.

It has some of the better aspects of worldbuilding where you really want to applaud the efforts done however its generally ushered along badly.

Inconsistant pacing make it harder to read but it does have good grammar and punctuations.

I like that the author tries to point out how insane most of the magus world people are.

But even totally bat shh crazy people are not  without some forms of scruples.

which means yes you can have child soldiers ect but you should also have some better ways of showing how they come to think of it as normal.


I must say it does get better as you progress into the book though it suffers issues of repetiveness pretty early on.

Still its okay for a quick read give it a try maybe you'll like it better then I did.

Mr. A

It has a somewhat interesting plot, the style is the mc constantly getting into life threatening situations. No one values a potential magus in this world and they are all sent to die on sacrificial mission. Especialy newly integrated disciples are treated like tools to be thrown away at a whim. When they get into life and death situation because of the incompetence of the people on top they get X money as renumeration.


The mc is never angry, barely sad. It's more like "Robot in the magus world". He has no feelings or at least extremely muted ones. He gets almost killed multiple times because of his academy and he doesn't care as long as he gets some money and resources. He is always eager to go into fights and never refused an assignment that could lead to his death.

Anyway, I'm extremely disappointed because I though he might change but he never did for 180 chapters.


Nothing here is ground breaking, but it is a fun read.

Story wise I like the concept for the magic system; it's well thought out and strikes the right balance of detailed and open ended. I also appreciated how the MC was given an advantage without it being obnoxious; his perk is being talented.

Character wise the MC is not interesting. However, it's still early and I feel that, since he has memories of his past life and the his new life has magic, the reality of this being his life and not some character he is playing has not yet set in. So far we haven't gotten much background on other characters, but it seems like there are a diverse set of backgrounds and motivations to discover in the future. 

I haven't noticed any egregious issues with grammar, though I have noticed some typos. 

Style wise the author favors direct language and description over dialogue, though that may be because the MC is a bit of a loner.

The author has frequent releases and so far has not compromised quality for quantity.

Overall this book knows what it is and does it well, and I would recommend it to others. 


Something familiar, something new.

Reviewed at: Chapter 7: Attaining Magic!

If you like isekai, you'll be right at home - the story knows what it is, and plays to that strength pretty nicely with a thorough introduction of its magic systems and setting. Though it seems similar to a certain other book series about a secret society of wizards, it very quickly becomes obvious that the similarities are skin-deep.

I haven't yet read the entirety of the story as it is now, but it's been a pretty comfy ride so far. The MC does begin with some perks, but the usual pitfall of an OP protag is handily averted - the MC's perks don't really give him advantages any bigger than the average player character has over NPCs.

There's a whole lot of setup happening as is to be expected, and I expect that it will unfold into a sprawling tapestry of a hundred plotlines soon enough.


I like this story, feels like the old 'magic school' trope is executed nicely. Of course like most magic schools ridicuous things happen, but I found it quite fun to read. There seems to be a bigger underlying plot beside the schools and classes, which gets unraveled bit by bit.

I like the magic system, on the hard side, some how magic works is explained without excessively detailed number crunching, and still preserves a sense of wonder.  As the setting is a school, a good deal of exploring is done in how magic works, but it isn't a complete science, and things are kept interesting. It doesn't fall into the trap of becoming 'who has more mana, who is a higher level of mana cultivation', and this results in interesting fight scenes. I think it's a good balance.

The characters could be a bit more developed/ dynamic though. We only get to explore MC and the side characters aren't too amazing.  The story can get a bit gory at times, but i don't really mind that.

The best thing about this story is that it lets my imagination take off; what would it be like to attend the Academy? I find myself daydreaming about life as a magus in the story. 

Sly Rhyder

Jay comes right out of the gate letting readers know this will be similar to the Harry Potter Universe.  A lot of themes within the book are inspired by that series.  Grammar was good, character growth has been quite fun.  Action is good.  There seems to be quite a bit of foreshadowing and a considerable amount of mystery within the story.  There are a few chapters that flow a bit weirdly.  I wish I say how exactly but it was more of a "what just happened?" feeling.  Overall I've really enjoyed the story and congratulate Jay on making it interesting and enjoyable.  


If you like isekai, this will be a disappointment, but otherwise a decent story.


The MC could and should have been a talented native of his world because being from a different planet doesn't seem to have any bearing on the story whatsoever.

I would be interested in knowing the tech level of the mortal world, what with guns being the great equalizer, and the rather obvious mage supremacy subplot taking shape.


The Legendary Mage is a medium-pace magic story set in a unique magical world which works differently than any that I have read in the past. It has a good amount of action, while retaining some fascinating magical crafting episodes.

The way the author explores the intricate workings of "the web" is quite interesting. And the explanations do not get bogged down in irrelevant details. Villin, the legendary mage, is often forced to experiment, and discover the magical world on his own. He has to actually work for his extraordinary powers, which makes for a great story with little to no info-dumping. I especially like how Villin is equaled and sometimes surpassed by the secondary characters, albeit usually in differing fields of magic. There are several side characters whose personalities are developed well, while still leaving the main character to shine out as the best.

Aside from a chapter that throws us back into normal earth, this story stays pretty much on track. Throughout the story are several sections which are a bit gory, and the author does get into the painful details at times. But overall, it is upbeat and hopeful. Due to the violent environment, the plot can tend to take sudden turns, which make for an exciting read!