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The dust has settled after the violence and bloodshed of World War Three. But something sinister is stirring in the swollen cities and decimated countryside amongst the children sired by the genetically enhanced super soldiers who helped win the war for America and its allies. As companies wage secretive battles for domination and Khalist cells sow terror and discord, teenagers are developing fantastic and deadly abilities.

Connor Hill’s normal life is shattered one morning after he becomes a bystander in an assassination plot. His ability to heal and control his body on a cellular level pits him against shadowy companies seeking to make a profit, their government cronies out to protect them, gangsters vying for power and living relics from the Greatest War. Connor must not only learn to control his strange and powerful abilities but find an identity in this grey, bloody world. Will he be the hero he wants to be, or the villain the world sees him as?

Paladin Hill is a regularly released serial featuring heroes, villains, super soldiers, brutal fights and giant swords with a taste of cyberpunk and gallons of blood.

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1st Anniversary
Word Count (9)
Group Leader (II)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
A Snake in the Capital Burrow ago
Take me away ago
When the drugs don’t work ago
Sleeping Giant of Idaho ago
Something is wrong with the boy ago
Talent exposed ago
The men and women of Atlanta ago
Convoy ago
Fugitive ago
Apologies ago
Run ago
In hostile territory. ago
A new method ago
Death follows ago
Growing claws ago
Pay your dues ago
New Job ago
Brain juju ago
A brief vacation ago
The nightmare is over ago
Pay for freedom ago
Harristown ago
Consequences ago
Accusations ago
Fake Dreams ago
Requiem for escape ago
Unleash the dogs of war ago
A bloody recovery ago
Tension ago
Virus Factory ago
Your last idea was a bad idea ago
The meaning ago
The chicken-wing angel ago
Sleeper ago
Help for the persecutor ago
Clone on clone ago
Handling failure ago
The board ago
The scrounging ago
Paladin ago
The Four Lions and that bone guy ago
The exchange ago
A telepathic infestation ago
Learning pains ago
The score and the loss. ago
Gathering of the minds. ago
An old friend and his new friends. ago
Bone begging knight ago
Evacuate ago
Last ride ago
Trouble at the watercooler ago
The prodigal son returns ago
Mental prisons and breakouts ago
The Pros ago
Bullet and bone ago
Rescue oneself ago
Reverse-reverse psychology ago
The original ago
De-Programmed ago
Corporate fallout ago

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orandel garnett

Feel's like it's going nowhere fast

Reviewed at: Gathering of the minds.

Its a decent story no grammar problems as far as I can see.

What I'm upset with is the lack of character development in any meaning full way. Like

A good bit into the story the mc's captured and is tortured an experimented on with multiple clones, his main body crippled and locked away left to feel every moment of suffering there going through until his mind is reset and the cycle begins anew.

One of his clones escape and what does he decides to do? He'd and report the big,bad, secretly mindcontroling you, corporation to the very same police force that capture you before in that hope that some one man can take o the organisation for you?


The my goes through alot of suffering at one point and his just so nonplused about it like WTF man.

The mc's character development has been (a coward to afraid to fight back and just hasn't progressed from there).


The my a fu#kboy that likes to get stepped on. it's hard to notice because he likes to keep it casual but if you look at fucking stupid deduction he's made since the start of the story it's clear as day. ( I mean if first you don't succeed an get captured by the government terrible experimentation try again hoping that some how this time it'll work out).


Ok I like don't know where this story is going and I'm not gonna post my spoiler thoughts out there even if it's easy to see but all and all its a great story and you might enjoy it so try it out who knows the author may even spice things up a little with the right insperation.

However in the end it's not for me.

I expected this to be about a group of teen having to deal with powers or a story about superheros in the same fassion of creep.

But inted it's a story about a hatefully incel and I haven't sleped for 3 days straight and wasted 3 hrs so yea