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“Good morning!”(Soma)

“Ah! Good morning”(Ito)

First thing in the morning Soma went to the mercenary guild to see if there were any more personal requests for him, but since his meeting with the guild master of the adventurers guild there are some people keeping an eye on him, of course, Soma noticed them but is intentionally ignoring them and was going on doing his daily routine.

“Are there any personal requests for me?”(Soma)

“Actually there is! And this time it’s not ordinary request, have you thought about joining the Craftsman Guild?”(Ito)

“Craftsman Guild? Why?”(Soma)

“The same as the mercenary guild, the craftsman guild that is a guild that is managed by the government, and they handle things that fall under ‘craftsmanship’ like blacksmithing, magic item creation, and medicine making. This time they tested your potions and asked us if you were interested in joining them as an alchemist, and they also asked if you want to be a mercenary contracted to them”(Ito)

“They want me to sell my potions through them and to teach them how to use alchemy without the pink system and if possible see if that method can be applied to other things, in that case then I have no problem joining them, but what does it mean to be contracted to them?”(Soma)

“It means that they would turn to you every time they need materials from monsters and you’ll have to go hunt for those monsters and give the materials to them and in exchange, they would pay you more than the market price plus other things that you ask for to be added to your contract”(Ito)

“I see, then I agree to both”(Soma)

“Then you’ll have to take the test first”(Ito)


“It’s the regular procedure when they ask for someone to be contracted with them, they want to test whether you can identify the material they want and if you are able to hunt that monster”(Ito)

“I see, so what is my test?”(Soma)

“To hunt a monster known as the red bird, they want the feathers of that monster, they got a request from the knight order to make a huge amount of arrows in preparation for the flood, that’s why they need as many feathers from that monster as possible, and that is your test”(Ito)

“Can I accept that request tomorrow?”(Soma)

“Tomorrow? Do you have any plans for today?”(Ito)

“Yes, do you have any reports about the monsters appearing in this country and where I can find them?”(Ito)

“Yes, we have them! We have ten files that contain the information you want and actually more”(Ito)

“Then please bring them all for me, I want to borrow them and spend today reading them”(Soma)

“Got it!”(Ito)

Ito brought the ten files and give them to Soma, Soma took the ten files and headed out of the mercenary guild, he could have spent his time reading the files in the mercenary guild, but he chose to go elsewhere to stimulate the people keeping an eye on him, he wanted to give them a chance to act, he wanted to bait them to do something to him, so he can get back at them.

Soma took the files and headed to a restaurant on the other side of the town, he chose the table in the middle of the restaurant and sat on the bench chair, shortly after that the waitress came, and he ordered some tea and to have his tea refilled from time to time and started reading the first file.

Once he was done with the first file he took the second one and started reading, at that time a tall well-endowed woman entered the restaurant, the woman had a red hair and wearing a very revealing dress, the dress she wore almost doesn’t cover the important parts, all the male customers’ attention was focused on her and in the middle of all the attention with a huge smile, she walked towards Soma who was completely ignoring her and immersed in reading from the file in his hand, the woman sat down in a very suggestive way right next to Soma on the same bench seat he is sitting on.

“Ne~ How about we go together to somewhere more private and have some fun To~ge~th~er”(Woman)

Of course, Soma ignored her completely, or more like he is having so much fun reading reports in his hand to the point of not hearing her, the woman was surprised by that and tried to say the same thing again but to no avail, she was completely ignored and that was a huge hit to her pride, so she decided to be more aggressive, so she suggestively hugged his arm and was about to try whispering into his ear this time, but by hugging his arm she caused the file to tilt causing Soma to look at her with a blank face devoid of any emotions, this caused her to start sweating from her forehead.

Soma slowly raised his leg and kicked her off the chair in front of everyone in the restaurant, and that was the most humiliating thing ever happening to her, that’s why she took out a dagger from under her clothes and tried to attack him with it, but she was stopped by Soma’s sword on her throat and her face turned pale once Soma’s bloodlust hit her.

“If you try to get in the way of my reading again I’ll chop your head off, understood?”(Soma)

She silently nodded, and he sheathed his sword and went back to reading from the file once again, seeing that her back gave out, and she fell down on her butt, after ten minutes of catching her breath she stood up very quickly and went out of the restaurant, but she didn’t leave and stood by the window watching Soma from there, and after some time Soma drank the rest of his tea and seeing that the woman nodded to herself and left from there running, noticing that Soma’s cup is empty the waitress came and refiled his cup again.

“Thank you”(Soma)

“No, thank you! Punishing that skank like that made me feel better that’s why you may drink as much tea as you want for free, of course, the ones you drank already are included”(Waitress)

“I’ll take you up on that”(Soma)

Soma ate lunch from that restaurant and kept reading until he was done after sunset, he left the restaurant and headed towards the fountain in front of the mercenary guild to meet up with Marina as always, but today she was already there but it seemed to be that she was in trouble with a group of three adventurers.

“I told you to leave me alone! I have no interest in guys like you!!”(Marina)

“Says the bitch who always spending her time with that white-haired kid, Ghahahahahaha!”(Jerk 1)

“I am telling you we adults are better than that kid, we are sure to provide you with much more fun than him, Hahahahaha!!”(Jerk 2)

“Well, unfortunately, that kid will not be coming to play with you because he should be knocked out or maybe even dead by now, Hehehehehehe!!”(Jerk 3)

“What?! What do you mean? What have you done to Soma-kun?”(Marina)

“We? We didn’t do anything to him, it was Anneke who did everything…”(Jerk 2)

“Ah you mean the poison she put in my tea in the restaurant?”(Soma)

“…What?!”(Jerk 1)

“What are you doing here?!”(Jerk 2)

“…Impossible!!...”(Jerk 3)

The three jerks were surprised by Soma’s appearance behind them but soon enough they regained their composter and remembered that he must have heard their conversation just now and acted quickly and drew their weapons and attacked him to kill him before he reports them to the Knights Order and after that, they can use their master's connections to make all kinds of excuses to make it look like self-defense.

Soma kept dodging their attacks for three times and then after that, he unsheathed his sword and cut their arms off, and then he used magic to burn off their arms and to seal their wounds, so they will not bleed to death and after that, he kicked all three of them towards the adventurers guild, and they neatly crushed into the door of the building, the guild master came out to see who did this to his precious adventurers, and he saw Soma looking at him from across the square and his face turned red with anger and humiliation and from behind him the woman who tried to approach Soma in the restaurant and put poison in his tea came out to see who did this to her underlings and once he saw Soma she ran away inside the building, the guild master who saw that followed behind her and never came back.

“What was that just now?”(Marina)

“Pay them no attention, more importantly, look here! I have got my hand on some interesting documents!”(Soma)


“Yeah! They are reports on monsters appearing in this country and where to find them and more!”(Soma)

“Let me see! Let me see!....”(Marina)

Soma ate dinner from the skewers stall along with Marina, and they talked together about the Report Files until bedtime and then each went back home.

On the next morning, Soma went to the mercenary guild and was welcomed by the smiling Ito who seemed to be in a very good mood today.

“Good morning”(Soma)

“Very good morning!!”(Ito)

“You seem to be in an awfully good mood today?”(Soma)

“Of course I am!! To tell you the truth, I saw everything that happened last night! You did a very good job teaching those fools a lesson! Especially when you kept dodging for some time so more and more people could see them assaulting you and to establish the fact that you attacked them in self-defense in the minds of everyone present there! And then kicking them back towards their guild was to make the people know that they were sent by the guild master to assault you, right? And that fool, the guild master actually stayed in his guild rather than coming out and asking you what happened which made it apparent to the people that he indeed did send them to assault you?”(Ito)

“Glad to see you happy about it”(Soma)

“But there is one thing that is bugging me, why did you burn their cut arms with fire magic? You could have left them alone”(Ito)

“Because the healing potion sold by the Love Church can’t restore severed limbs unless you bring back those limbs and hold them tightly to the wound while drinking the potion, I burned their arms, so they would never get them back”(Soma)

“I see, those people certainly deserved that! They have assaulted a lot of people since they arrived in this town, and have sexually harassed a lot of women as well!”(Ito)

“Well, do you know how many of the red bird monster dose the craftsmen guild needs?”(Soma)

“That’s right the test! They said that they want as much as you can hunt of them, but more than 20 if possible”(Ito)

“I got it… today is going to be fun”(Soma)

“Fun? What do you mean?”(Ito)

“Think about it, the adventurers guild yesterday tried to get rid of me but failed, and what’s more is that they gained the suspicion of the people because they attacked an innocent man in the middle of the town in front of its people, but the table was turned on them because the man punished his attackers very severely and made it very clear to everyone present that he did it in self-defense, the adventurers guild is known for causing problems to the people, but they used their connections to some of the kingdom’s nobles and got away from banishment every time they did something but this time it’s different because they were properly punished in the form of self-defense, so what do you think they are going to do to clear their name?”(Soma)

“… They are going to attack the man who caused this(You) outside the town and afterwards, they will use their connections and frame him with some kind of crime and then claim that they killed him because of that crime and then claim that their adventurers attacking him inside the town was to protect someone who was about to be attacked by that criminal, and they lost their limbs while buying time for their protection target to escape”(Ito)

“That’s way too detailed! Don’t tell me something like this happened before?”(Soma)

“… Yes, multiple times. Every time the table is turned on them they would use similar tactics, and this time I only assembled the pieces together”(Ito)

“I see, then… I am going to hunt the red birds”(Soma)

“Be careful out there, and if they did attack you outside the town be sure to kill all of them!”(Ito)

“Aren’t you getting darker and darker today?!”(Soma)

“This town is suffering enough with the flood and the people are way past being fed up with the adventurers guild and their so-called connections with some of the kingdom’s nobles, and what you did yesterday to those assholes was the best feeling thing happening not only to me but to all those who saw what happened, there are those who even started to call you ‘savior-sama’ among the people, that’s why…”(Ito)

“Well, leave it to me! Ah, by the way, my potions are able to regenerate lost limbs”(Soma)



After taking the test request from Ito and returning the report files he borrowed yesterday, Soma left the mercenary guild and headed towards the mountain to the west of the town, but as soon as he left the town he felt some presences following behind him.

“There are 11 of them…”(Soma)

Soma stored his cart and started running at full speed towards his goal, the western mountain, from the perspective of those following him he seemed to just disappear, they thought that he must have noticed them and hid himself among the trees, and they started searching for him, in the meantime, Soma already reached the mountain.

Soma started going up the mountain and after some time five huge red birds came attacking him from the sky, after confirming that those birds are indeed the ones he needed to hunt he used one of the enchantments he added to his sword and started sending slashes made out of lightning at the five birds, all five of them were electrically shocked and died, the shock was strong enough to kill them without damaging their corpses, Soma stored the birds and continued going up the mountain and the higher he got the more red birds attacked him.

Soma kept hunting the red birds that came to attack him and once he had 60 of them inside his storage he stopped and started going down the mountain, once at the foot of the mountain he took out the birds one by one, slit their throats, and hanged them from the trees near him to drain their blood after that, he took his table and chair out and then took The Archive Of Knowledge and started combining some of the abilities together and the result was…

By Combining Storage abilities together, the skill {Inventory} is acquired!

“This means that I can turn the abilities inside The Archive Of Knowledge into skills, and doing that will make it possible for the black system users to acquire them…”(Soma)

After that, Soma spent the rest of the time making more healing potions, and after the blood drained completely from the red birds he stored all the potions he made inside his new {Inventory} and took out his cart and piled the red birds on top of each other on the cart, and after tying the cart to his waist he started heading back to the town.

After walking for nearly an hour, Soma reached the forest in the vicinity of the town and those who were following him noticed him coming towards the town while pulling the pile of red birds behind him, they acted quickly and surrounded him leaving one of them behind on the ready to run to the town and report to the Knights Order that they are being attacked by Soma if he were to turn the tables on them.

“Oi! Brat! Stop right there! You are surrounded, don’t think of doing anything stupid! You made an enemy of the adventurers guild, so don’t think you can get away with that! And as for your loot, don’t worry! We will be sure to make some nice profit from those red birds you brought for us! And don’t think of fighting back, you’ll only make your death more painful if you do! The ten of us are part of the renown Blessed! All of us here are able to use the pink system! A brat like you would never stand a chance! Now-!”(Adventurer 1)

“Noisy! You talk way too much, asshole!”(Soma)

“Wha?! You bastard! You dare interrupt me! Fine! You guys kill him! He is but a single brat!”(Adventurer 1)

All of the ten adventurers unsheathed their weapons and attacked at the same time, but the moment they slashed at Soma they all lost their arms, legs, and heads and fell to the ground as a disassembled corpses, the adventurer who was left back just in case was stunned by what he saw and started running towards the town, not to fulfill his role but to save his life, but suddenly a black window appeared in front of his eyes…

You are not allowed to move in the presence of God

He realized the identity of the man they made their enemy, that was the last thing he saw before he turned into a disassembled corpse and was burned to nothingness along with the corpses of his companions.

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