ReLive: So What If I Exploited the System?

by QuangLinWrites

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Mary Tudor is imprisoned in a POW camp that the prisoners residing in it call “Helheim” within the Kalmar Empire. One day, while trying to protect her “big sister” Elizabeth, she is beaten by the prison guard until Elizabeth abides by the guard’s request and Mary falls unconscious. During her sleep she recalls memories of her past life as a male and thus is provided the knowledge to help strengthen herself to escape the prison camp.

Join Mary as she uses exploits of the game system that the world she reincarnated in is based on.

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Quang Lin

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It's not all bad. There are bits in the story that are quite interesting, although sometimes the plot feels like a young teenager wrote for his peers. The emotional impact of trauma is almost nonexistent - these are cartoon characters in a game. The writing is not great: wrong words, missing words, present and past used whichever way (although that is less of a headache in later chapters) and grammar is a vague guideline - it reminds me at times of a test: FIND 20 MISTAKES ON THE NEXT PAGE . It is missable but not a total nightmare. 

Apparently it is being revised...

Jean Fere

The story is something you can defitely read, but it probably won't hold your attention for a binge. I know the 20 chapters that I just read had me stopping to check forum posts and look for updates on other sites. 

There's a few things that contribute to the overall lack of grab the story has. 

First the MC is mostly aimless she's just sort of there playing with system exploits. Her character is emotionally flat and that makes it hard to empathize with her.

Second the world doesn't feel real. Her situation doesn't make any sense. How she got there doesn't make any sense, and finally what she is doing doesn't make any sense.

Third, the language usage is frequently awkward to wrong. 

Fourth,  the exploits weren't particularly interesting or fun. In a story about exploiting a game system you do expect the exploits to be one of the stars of the show

TLDR: It's a fine concept just needs better execution




Writing gets better as chapters go on

Reviewed at: Chapter 7.5: Intermission

Review title says it all. The first chapters aren't written that well, but as it goes on the author gets better a writing. 


Reading this like a story from Skyrim's mod can definitely bring some fun. By itself this book is not that good. There is no worldbuilding, no context provided for most events. Characters (MC included) resemble pre-programmed NPCs.

The world make an impression of a game, not reality. Descriptions of the environment depend strongly on game references, making it hard to imagine a real world.

Characters behavior do not follow logic, but rather comedic needs. Their emotional and mental states are simple and change quickly, sometimes appearing as if not following cause-effect reaction.

The history of MC doesn't have much impact on anything, but I found myself wanting to see more of her cheat-like prowess.

All of this make for a good parody, if a little chaotic.


Pretty cool story, but a bit inconsistent.

Reviewed at: Chapter 18: Prison Arc Epilogue

Overall this is a pretty fun story to read, but I think the biggest flaw is that it's very difficult to mix elements of tragedy and comedy together. It can be done, but the author didn't manage it this time.

The basic idea is solid, taking exploits and plot ideas from a certain well known game and writing a parody around them is a well known tactic and is has been done well here. The start is, however, a bit more 'grimdark' than the setting it is based on which clashes rather with the tone a few chapters on. Having the 'dragonlords' as a major speaking role was a bold move and I'm not sure how well it worked. The protagonist is pretty likeable, Liam is confusing, and Gordan/Gordon is cool.

BTW, I'm not sure it the phrases used for the 'dragon tongue' actually have meaning but I think it would be fun if the author had used Klingon or Esperanto or something.