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Bob was a good guy.  He had done everything you were supposed to do.  He exercised, he kept to a healthy diet, he'd studied hard, gotten excellent grades, and was working towards his masters.  Somehow, things just weren't working out for him like he'd been told they would.  He was stuck in a thankless position, constantly passed over, and it seemed that the only being on earth that cared about him was his cat.  

Then things got worse.

Never back a man into a corner unless you want to find out just how hard he can fight.

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poorly done discrimination, try again.

Reviewed at: Chapter Twenty-Seven.

Oh man the politics here. Do straight white males get discriminated against by people that are ultra liberal and triggered by them being white straight males? Yep. Do they talk like this to each other? Not even remotely. The politics is just an excuse to cause the triggering event which is fine but it should seriously be rewritten to make the politics discussion sound more realistic. As it is it just sounds like a super right wing person stuck in his little bubble not knowing what the left wing says and hearing what they think they say. You can create a realistic version. Here is a hint, rarely when someone is discriminating do they think of it as discrimination. Even their thoughts on it are usually coded in a way that it sounds like it's reasonable. They don't complain that they're a straight white male. they complain that they are 'not a friend to the gay community', that they're 'not fitting in' with diversity. See how that works. It almost sounds like it's his fault!

Ignoring that, everything else works fine. Solid grammar, spelling, character point of view, structure, It just works.

Once you get past the politics and get into the meat of the story, we end up with a rather interesting set of game mechanics and world building. The natives are oddly endearing and even friendly which is very different considering the initial tones of the story. Weirdly, I end up feeling very strongly hoping that that poor cat is taken care of. The main character honestly makes you feel for that cat.


Idk but in grimdark after showing his system help he should have been captured or at least some natural normal reaction not the rainbows and pony reaction of being helped by a saint Ch 9 was so disappointing that I have to write a review for that , he is trusting too much. I have not dropped this but will continue to read and see if it gets better. 

Both MC and new world people's reaction are not in line with the tag grimdark it exactly opposite. This review was done at Ch 11.


This fic has the potential to be legendary, especially if (WARNING MASSIVE SPOILERS UP TO CHAPTER 18 and hypothetical spoilers for later)

Spoiler: Spoiler

 I will be watching this story very closely, one of my favorite concepts is "Cat in a fantasy world"


Basic plot synopsis: A man is discriminated against and has no close ties to anyone, except his cat and best friend, Monroe. He is sent to another world by a lab experiment caused by another researcher stealing and modifying his work. Upon arrival, he is beset by problems, but his main focus: Summoning Monroe to him, since returning will not be an option.


Except for the anti-hero tag, this story meets what the tags promise, but since we're still in the meet and greet phase, the tag might still be accurate. As such I'll refrain from deductions for false tags.

The MC is a surprisingly sympathetic character. Despite being a bastard son of a whore who has been discriminated against because of his families poverty, his gender, his race, his (lack of) religion, and his sexual orientation for most/all of his life, he embraced all the virtues of life. After his work being rejected (and stolen) again because of how he was born, he decides to move on with life and seek out new oppertunities with his trusted friend and confidant, his cat Monroe. Before he can do that one of his co-workers (that was promoted by either nepotism or because of skin color) tries to steal his experiment, but because she doesn't understand it, causes a deadly accident that probably killed all his co-workers and sends him to a new world. Now he has just one goal - return home before his cat starves to death.

A simple premiss, but character and motivations are still better than in most stories. And you can see how, despite always trying to present a virtuous face, the constant abuse and belittlement has damaged the character, and left a deep mark on him. While I have not seen enough of the new world to be truly interested in it yet, it's surpisingly easy to become invested in the MC and his suffering as he seeks to live the American Dream, where as MLK prayed for, all men are equal and will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. 


Not a fan of soap box characters so it was a up hill battle  from the get go to be fair. Beginning is political but if you agree can ignore or not care since it's fiction then it's fine. I personally don't like the character but made it to chapter 17 cause the story is well written and while I may not like the main character and other supporting characters they are well written. Dialogue is smooth the story is good it's just not for me and that's fine only leaving this review cause I feel like it's being judged unfairly.no one acts like that in real life it's a story and the extremes build a frame for the character


I know everyone has made this clear, but it's frankly impressive how jarring the first chapter is. Like, I've actually read some of L. Ron Hubbard's insane books, and his caricatures of lesbians, psychiatrists, journalists and etc are very similar to this MC's coworkers in absolute absurdity.

So why am I not giving this the lowest rating? Well, even more jarring, that insane characterization completely disappears after the first chapter. So do yourself a favor and stop reading the first chapter after the first page break and you won't even know it's there. You've been warned if you choose to inflict it upon yourself.

Now, that aside, the magic system in this is highly reminiscent of the system in the other RR story, Ar'Kendrithyst. Not completely in function, but definitely in feel. It feels like the system is totally mapped out, you just plug away at skills and experience like a job, it takes the magical and makes it mundane. I'm not a fan of that. It strikes me as so, very boring.

But I could be in the minority, and the story isn't atrocious barring that opening chapter. If you like Ar'Kendrithyst's magic system, I think you'll like this story's magic system as well, if nothing else.


Stupid people are mad about this for no reason.

Reviewed at: Chapter Twenty-Six.

Protagonist suffers from inexplicable assholes in order to establish the groundwork, a common beginning in most fictions, but since the author picked imbeciles from the other side of the political spectrum than most that means it's thrash! In all seriousness it's decent, do not pay attention to those reviews that critisize only based on the first chapter (if it bothers you skip it, as i said the start is fairly standard) and give it a shot.


Since I;m already in chapter two, imma comment here.


Honestly, the first chapter started out fine, but as continued to pile on reason as to why the hated him, there was a certain disbelief that grew on me as I contined to read.  Theres work places that hate you because f various reasons and theres going, they hate me because of my cis-white-male whatever else the writer wrote. I'm honestly - it felt weird in the way it was being written. Like they gave too many excuses for the workplace hatred.. 

I could have gone with the other coworkers being primarly women and having a man there made them want it to be a female-only place but while i guess the writer was trying to convey that it distinctely felt like they were just propagating a sense of view very extreme. 

As such, while i get more or less what they were trying to connvey, being that the main character had a very hard life and came out very succesful, yet restrained by his superiors, which totaly does happen, It felt more as something that is spouted in satiric, redneck White Power movement, going 'they take out jobs, our women, our future!' type of thing.



We're this close to greatness

Reviewed at: Chapter Twenty-Six.

I really want to 5 star this story. The need for Robert to get Monroe back is heart-wrenching and something that I understand. But I cannon it good conscious rate this story a 5 with the first chapter being what it is. It's just bad. If there were perhaps a nuanced tone taken to the subject matter of discrimination, then perhaps it could work. But for now, it just sounds like the American Conservative propaganda piece that it draws all its inspiration from.

If that first chapter was rewritten I would happily give this a 5/5 


Story is pretty interesting. Writing is good and solid. Story telling skill is good enough and getting better. I really enjoyed this story and appreciate its' deviation from the mainstream ideaology. It is unfortunate that the story is getting so many angry reviews; I encourage those new to this story to give it a chance and try to read beyond the few moments that may not line up with your world view.

I hope this story ends up being so good that it can rise above! Would love to hear that sweet sweet 'Reeeeeeeee!'