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Bob was a good guy.  He had done everything you were supposed to do.  He exercised, he kept to a healthy diet, he'd studied hard, gotten excellent grades, and was working towards his masters.  Somehow, things just weren't working out for him like he'd been told they would.  He was stuck in a thankless position, constantly passed over, and it seemed that the only being on earth that cared about him was his cat.  

Then things got worse.

Never back a man into a corner unless you want to find out just how hard he can fight.

Updates Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter One. In the beginning. ago
Chapter Two. Die Motherfucker Die. ago
Chapter Three. Blue Boxes. ago
Chapter Four. Wolves. ago
Chapter Five. Holmstead. ago
Chapter Six. Hard realities. ago
Chapter Seven. Numismatics and Numbers. ago
Chapter Eight. Tick, Tock. ago
Chapter Nine. Cautions. ago
Chapter Ten. Realizations. ago
Chapter Eleven. A plan emerges. ago
Chapter Twelve. Paths. ago
Chapter Thirteen. Crystals. ago
Chapter Fourteen. Error. ago
Chapter Fifteen. Hurdles. ago
Chapter Sixteen. Meetings. ago
Chapter Seventeen. Familiar faces. ago
Chapter Eighteen. A harvest of Chitin. ago
Chapter Nineteen. Descent. ago
Chapter Twenty. Deeper. ago
Chapter Twenty-one. Fucking Rats. ago
Chapter Twenty-two. At level. ago
Chapter Twenty Three. Bacon. ago
Chapter Twenty-four. Ribs. ago
Chapter Twenty-five. The porcine slaughter continues. ago
Chapter Twenty-Six. Leaving Baconville. ago
Chapter Twenty-Seven. So. Many. Wolves. ago
Chapter Twenty Eight. Reunions and missed connections. ago
Chapter Twenty-Nine. The boys are back in town. ago
Chapter Thirty. Purina? Never again! ago
Chapter Thirty-one. Lazy morning. ago
Chapter Thirty-two. Playtime. ago
Chapter Thirty-three. For whom the bell tolls. ago
Chapter Thirty-Four. The wave. ago
Chapter Thirty-five. R.O.U.S? Try the H.E.S.R.! ago
Chapter Thirty-six. Big Fucking Nope. ago
Chapter Thirty-Seven. The aftermath. ago
Chapter Thirty-Eight. Is... Is the System the baddie? ago
Chapter Thirty-Nine. New normal? ago
Chapter Forty. A fan. ago
Chapter Forty-one. Magnetic Kitty Retention System. ago
Chapter Forty-two. Tiny Arms. ago
Chapter Forty-three. A friend in need. ago
Chapter Forty-four. You aren't crazy as long as you don't answer yourse- ago
Chapter Forty-Five. Bigger. ago
Chapter Forty-Six. A spark of enlightenment. ago
Chapter Forty-Seven. Fanning the flames. ago
Chapter Forty-Eight. Karma isn't involved. ago
Chapter Forty-Nine. Fuck the eighth level of the Dungeon. ago
Chapter Fifty. Matrix Damage. ago
Chapter Fifty-one. A different path. ago
Chapter FIfty-two. Fun in the sun. ago
Chapter Fifty-three. Thidwell might be evil. ago
Chapter Fifty-four. Harv and Elli get what's coming to them. ago
Chapter Fifty-Five. It's time. ago
Chapter Fifty-Six. A path less traveled. ago
Chapter Fifty-Seven. New Beginnings. ago
Chapter Fifty-eight. Return to Baconville. ago
Chapter Fifty-nine. Hard Truths. ago
Chapter Sixty. The grind. ago
Chapter Sixty-one. Gearing up. ago
Chapter Sixty-two. Bob's day off. ago
Chapter Sixty-Three. Cockroach redux. ago
Chapter Sixty-four. The dawning of the Feline Overlord Revolution. ago
Chapter Sixty-five. Snow day. ago
Chapter Sixty-Six. Plots and plans. ago
Chapter Sixty-Seven. A new suit for Monroe. ago
Chapter Sixty-Eight. A bit of Harv and Elli. ago
Chapter Sixty-Nine. Side effects. ago
Chapter Seventy. Terrarium. ago
Chapter Seventy-one. Murmuring Falls. ago
Chapter Seventy-Two. Theses. ago
Chapter Seventy-Three. So. Many. Rhinogators. ago
Chapter Seventy-four. The approaching wave. ago
Chapter Seventy-five. Math to the rescue. ago
Chapter Seventy-six. The calm before the storm. ago
Chapter Seventy-Seven. The harvest wave (pt1) ago
Chapter Seventy-eight. Harvest Wave (pt2). ago
Chapter Seventy-Nine. Paths of Apotheosis. ago
Chapter Eighty. More plots and plans. ago
Chapter Eighty-one. Into Harbordeep. ago
Chapter Eighty-Two. The Servants Guild? ago
Chapter Eighty-Three. Read a book. ago
Chapter Eighty-four. Nora. ago
Chapter Eighty-five. Shepherd. ago
Chapter Eighty-six. Shower thoughts. ago
Chapter Eighty-seven. Unintended consequences. ago
Chapter Eighty-eight. How the hell? ago
Chapter Eighty-nine. The rules. ago
Chapter Ninety. Of course they're made of lava. ago
Chapter Ninety-one. Expedition. ago
Chapter Ninety-two. Monroe's Big Damn Adventure. ago
Chapter Ninety-Three. Aftermath. ago
Chapter Ninety-four. Watchers. ago
Chapter Ninety-five. A real party. ago
Chapter Ninety-six. A weary Bob. ago
Chapter Ninety-seven. Average Advice. ago
Chapter Ninety-Eight. Winter Wolves. ago
Chapter Ninety-Nine. Putting in some work. ago
Chapter One Hundred. Two Meetings, and a change of meat. ago
Chapter One Hundred and One. Here there be monsters. ago
Chapter One Hundred and Two. Straight outta Harbordeep. ago
Chapter One Hundred and Three. Homecoming. ago
Chapter One Hundred and Four. And so it begins. ago
Chapter One Hundred and Five. Secrets Shared. ago
Chapter One Hundred and Six. Plans explained, and Mana Shaping 101. ago
Chapter One Hundred and Seven. Best laid plans. ago
Chapter One Hundred and Eight. Hippo-Hyena-Snakes? Hipenakes! ago
Chapter One Hundred and Nine. Paths and Advancements. ago
Chapter One Hundred and Ten. Invasive Species. ago
Chapter One Hundred and Eleven. How the fuck do mana flows work? ago
Chapter One Hundred and Twelve. So that's how magic works. ago
Chapter One Hundred and Thirteen. Thidwell isn't evil. Honest. ago
Chapter One Hundred and Fourteen. Leaky pipes, leaky skies. ago
Chapter One Hundred and Fifteen. Too much time alone in the Dungeon. ago
Chapter One Hundred and Sixteen. The centre cannot hold. ago
Chapter One Hundred Seventeen. Falcons and Falconers. ago
Chapter One Hundred and Eighteen. Mere Anarchy. ago
Chapter One Hundred and Nineteen. Passionate intensity. ago
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty. Heavy. ago
Not a chapter. ago
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty-One. Strange Bedfellows. ago
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty-Two. The Dragon. ago
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty-three. Clouds gathering. ago
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty-four. Dark realizations. ago
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty-Five. Taxation. ago
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty-six. 713 and counting down. ago
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty-Seven. What rough beast. ago
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty-Eight. Tier Six. ago
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty-Nine. Help. ago
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty. Eddi FTW. ago
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty-one. A conversation with Thidwell. ago

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I'll be blunt.  The first chapter contains right-leaning political views. However the rest of the 100+ chapters contain No politics whatsoever.

If you have a more liberal viewpoint and think you might be offended, then skim the first chapter and enjoy the rest of the story.  Which is excellent by the way.


As the title says, this is an overall very well written fiction.

The grammar is spot on, the characters have character, and the plotline is logical. 

The main character reminds me of some of the old school computer techs I used to know. He is gruff, socially awkward(thank god he has his cat), and surprisingly insightful otherwise.

This story is a complete pleasure to read. 


I'm a little unsure how I feel about this one.

I'll start with the style, grammar etc All of these are quite good with few spelling errors and written to a high standard when compared to most web fiction. As far as that goes it is probably in the top 10% of what I've read in this regards. 

The RPG is ...OK I guess. There's a solid mathemical basis for it and soem pages are just full of maths but not to the extent of some others I've read. TBH I tend to justy skip past most RPG explanatiosn now as they all seem to blend into each other after a while and just detract from the story.

The story itself is fairly standard isekai fare with yet another guest appearance from a hadron collider of some sort. The world building is quite limited though and it feels almost empty but that ios par for the course for most RR stories.

The main problem I have is with the MC and even ignoring the God awful first chapter he is a truly pitiful character but yet again almost normal for some RR writers. He has no real redeeming features at all. His only friend is a cat. Given his stated background he should have struggled to even make it through puberty yet he managed to thrive at school and ended up at Fermilab...somehow. He lives by a set of rules that a random man who just finished having sex with a hooker told him...One of these is to eat well yet he survives on noodles and canned spaghetti. He has no sex drive of any sort and honestly I couldn't describe his appearance. 

If you have spare reading time and can put up with the truly terrible MC read it.


Not a fan of soap box characters so it was a up hill battle  from the get go to be fair. Beginning is political but if you agree can ignore or not care since it's fiction then it's fine. I personally don't like the character but made it to chapter 17 cause the story is well written and while I may not like the main character and other supporting characters they are well written. Dialogue is smooth the story is good it's just not for me and that's fine only leaving this review cause I feel like it's being judged unfairly.no one acts like that in real life it's a story and the extremes build a frame for the character


This fic has the potential to be legendary, especially if (WARNING MASSIVE SPOILERS UP TO CHAPTER 18 and hypothetical spoilers for later)

Spoiler: Spoiler

 I will be watching this story very closely, one of my favorite concepts is "Cat in a fantasy world"


Basic plot synopsis: A man is discriminated against and has no close ties to anyone, except his cat and best friend, Monroe. He is sent to another world by a lab experiment caused by another researcher stealing and modifying his work. Upon arrival, he is beset by problems, but his main focus: Summoning Monroe to him, since returning will not be an option.


poorly done discrimination, try again.

Reviewed at: Chapter Twenty-Seven.

Oh man the politics here. Do straight white males get discriminated against by people that are ultra liberal and triggered by them being white straight males? Yep. Do they talk like this to each other? Not even remotely. The politics is just an excuse to cause the triggering event which is fine but it should seriously be rewritten to make the politics discussion sound more realistic. As it is it just sounds like a super right wing person stuck in his little bubble not knowing what the left wing says and hearing what they think they say. You can create a realistic version. Here is a hint, rarely when someone is discriminating do they think of it as discrimination. Even their thoughts on it are usually coded in a way that it sounds like it's reasonable. They don't complain that they're a straight white male. they complain that they are 'not a friend to the gay community', that they're 'not fitting in' with diversity. See how that works. It almost sounds like it's his fault!

Ignoring that, everything else works fine. Solid grammar, spelling, character point of view, structure, It just works.

Once you get past the politics and get into the meat of the story, we end up with a rather interesting set of game mechanics and world building. The natives are oddly endearing and even friendly which is very different considering the initial tones of the story. Weirdly, I end up feeling very strongly hoping that that poor cat is taken care of. The main character honestly makes you feel for that cat.


Story starts of with a rather extreme start that another review puts very well recommending the rewriting of chapter 1 but past that it’s a story that sticks to the point with a amazing system and lifelike characters, the Mc is hard to relate to but think that’s fair based of the fact that the story is fiction and his upbringing is traumatic.

all in all great story, skim the first chapter or just skip it and enjoy the rest!


I like this story a lot, the iseki genre has always been a favourite a mine, and the way this poor damaged guy pines after his cat monroe is pretty heartwrenching. His single-mindedness in this regards reminds me of lots of other damamged people i know IRL and it is refreshing to see a damaged character portrayed realistically.


Furthermore I think the first chapter is pretty banging! I have personally had the misfortune of working with people like those portrayed in the first chapter... its like the author was working at my old office XD! People like that do exist and that is exactly how they think and behave from other peoples point of view.

The MC of course suffers from the usual MC syndrome of people being super helpful but thats not a crime. A fair few of the conversations in tbe new world are a bit info dumpy but again thats not a massive problem and doesn't destroy my suspension of disbelief so keep up the good work and i cant wait to read more!


This is either a decent fantasy slice of life w/CAT or a by-the-numbers litRPG. 

So, the first chapter is garbage. It gets better, in that the character is shown to be faulty and... kind of moves on from his persecution complex, but the authors biases never really entirely go away. Also, the amount of numbers for the sake of numbers is amazingly high. The MC kills thousands? Hundreds of thousands of monsters in a few weeks’ time? And in a way that isn't narratively interesting, just “I kill lot thing, look amazing I am.”

The author also tries to excuse how the MC manages to figure out his amazing special fantastic cheat skills, but ends up feeling more like a ham handed “I do lot thing, look amazing I am. Authority figure bad evil, numbers go up!”

The story waffles between being a nearly adequate slice of life in a fantasy world story dragged down by the authors biases and a by the numbers litRPG where the fights and grinding get time-skipped for “I killed X number of monsters, I need to kill X+Y number of monsters to reach level 7, all the authority figures that I haven’t directly interacted with are evil.”


I'm at chapter 112, so pretty deep into the story so far, there is definitely a learning curve and the newer stuff is better than the older.

So the grammar was good enough I rarely if ever noticed errors, so better than 99% of everyone else on Royal Road.

The story starts out with some heavy handed social commentary overtones, but if you make it past the first couple of chapters they pretty much drop away.  Still social commentary, but its subtle and doesn't distract from the story itself.  The first couple chapters and they're condemnation of PC culture actually serve a purpose as backstory for why the MC seems to have some character flaws, but it is done in such a heavy handed manner anyone left of center politically is probably going to stop reading and/or be offended.

Once the main story in RPG land gets started, you get a really well written portal fantasy, well fleshed out world, some interesting political and societal backstory stufff going on.  Probably on the crunchier side, not quite Delve, but more detailed than random +1's you get in most systems.  

Main character is well fleshed out, and several side characters get a little depth, but its pretty much focused on the MC, and does the progression arc pretty well.  Gradually getting more detail on side characters, and character depth has been improving as the story progresses.

Repeated shoutouts to cats as awesome pets get a little corny, or maybe my dog is making me say that.