ASTRAL: Awakening of the Saffron Sky-Tamer

ASTRAL: Awakening of the Saffron Sky-Tamer

by Kyerality

In a universe governed by powerful magic, people are divided into two overarching groups: the 'illuminated' wielders capable of harnessing arcane energies, and those without abilities known as the 'lightless'. 

With hopes of altering her station in life through the use of magical artifacts, a young lightless named Auriel broke into a derelict temple, inadvertently unleashing a plethora of dark creatures sealed within that subsequently wreaked havoc on the realm. As punishment for her actions, she received a magical brand and was banished to a distant village.

When her new home comes under attack by vicious monsters, Auriel is approached by a mysterious organization willing to undo her brand and provide her with what she seeks, but for a peculiar price.


-First novel/story posted by me, so will be experimenting with it quite a bit. Writing this as a light novel, but will consider going further.

-Primarily hard fantasy, with occasional sci-fi elements mixed in.

-Planned weekly releases (though I still work full time so hey, the schedule might be a bit irregular).

-A shift in scenes is signaled by the symbol ~X~ 

Please leave any constructive feedback, I'd love to make this story the best version of itself!

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