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Monster power fantasy. Eat and become Stronger, Bigger, Dominant.

Rain is a survivor who got the short end of the stick in life. Reborn as a terrifying and dangerous monster everything changes and he has the chance to truly grow.

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Alright, it's not strictly cannibalism but the characters have an odd tendency to end up eating (usually)dead sapient creatures. You have been warned.


Onto the review:

Style: Stellar, terrible, awesome, bad, great... Good? I dunno, i'm not an expert. I do suspect the story is written by a furry though. Just a hunch.


Story: JAY and meh at the same time. The first chapter is great, really gets your hallucinations going and sets up a great revenge story.

I had a whole bit here going into the meh part, but the review broke when i posted it(spoiler tags broke) and it got deleted. Just imagine I wrote some well written critcism here, cause it was totally good criticism.

I currently expect the story to evolve into something akin to a revengefueled power-fantasy. I'm not the greatest fan of power-fantasy but it's a fun read for me regardless.


Grammar: Is it english? Yes. Is it readable? Yes. Is it grammar nazi certified? No. Nothing short of a dictionary is. On a a scale of ¨Korean lightnovel chickenscratch¨ to ¨Dictionary¨ I will judge it ¨Textbook¨.



Spoiler: Spoiler



If furry = A must read classic in the making.

If not furry = Enjoy.

Looking for a fight? You're in for a bloodbath.

Spoiler: Spoiler
Is gud.
Ch.13 Edity: Beware of sexy time baybee~~

Fun but very different.

Reviewed at: Chapter 14

I have really enjoyed the story so far. I'm sure there some readers who do not like some of the themes but most will find the read to be entertaining. I only have one concern with the story and it pertains to a specific taboo.


Spoiler Alert:



I am not a fan of the protagonist eating sapient people who have not demonstrated that they are evil or mean the MC harm....it really bugs me and I will probably drop this story if it continues or get's any worse.


Books is good no massive spelling mistakes has some cough cough nice snu snu if ya get what mean *wink wink*.honestly a pretty good book kinda weird on the leveling system in place and the sentence structure is weird and can be confusing at time but altogether al good book in the end. Now that we got that out of the way I ask for prays and worship for the great dreamer Cthulhu.


Not for everyone, but...

Reviewed at: Chapter 12

Oh man, oh man. This is..


Look I'll be honest. This story is fetish fuel for me. An anthropomorphic wolf monster that grows bigger and more muscular the more he eats? Fuck. Yes.

Not everyone will like this. Not everyone will enjoy this. 

But if that's something you like? Five. Fucking. Stars.

Nicholas Morgan

Initially, i was excited the story is okay. The author is writing what he feels. unfortunately, it was not fun to read for me. The mechanics of the ammain character was uninspiring, literally all that happens his he gains size. 


But what really did it for me was the explicit chapter, that wasn't the direction I expected and not something I find interesting to read. 


I wish the author luck and success as he continues to develop his talent.


Revenge power fantasy done interestingly!

Reviewed at: Chapter 7

The story starts with setting up the motives of the MC, which are very clear cut and precise. The very chapter sets up on the revenge path against the people that treated him not just badly but as something worse than animal. Even animals have animal rights, something which the main character is denied by the people of his town. And that too for not a crime that he committed but something that his father did. Truly, the sins of the father passed down to the son.

Thus, we have something to root for from the very next chapter, as we feel the MC's helplessness and anger in the very first chapter.

There are various things that I found intriguing in the novel, things like monsters not having Levels or System despite human possessing it. Instead, they have a devouring ability. Then there is the inheritance that the MC received and the backstory of the witch descendants that guarded against the rise of the MC's benefactor. It hints at a deeper meaning behind the inheritance.

I also like the fact that that the MC is self-aware to realise what it can and can't fight. Overall, this is something that I would recommend.


I stopped reading third-person omni after finishing one long book of that style. But this on got my curiosity, I like the idea of the mc not being a human, it's a complete different aspect which every time amaze me. Imagine writing a perspective you never experienced, the using of a human as an mc is easy because you know their feelings, although the mc use to be human he has to live as an kinda werewolf


A decently interesting story that seems to have potential to be great later on. Characters could use some work as from what I had read so far it basically has made out that anyone who isnt a mc is evil. Though I am attributing that to just being the early chapters. There is no grammer problems from what I could see either, which is always good to see.

However as of chapter 7 it becomes abundantly clear that this story has a lot of fetish themes based around eating, digesting and growing. Which is why I rated the style at 3.

If you are a furry that is into those themes then this will be a great one for you and I would reccomend it. If you are able to ignore them without problem then its still isnt a bad story and I would say to try it out. However, if you are like me and do not enjoy those kinds of fetish themes then I would say to avoid it. 

This isnt meant to be a negative view, just a cautionary warning to the average reader. I hope the author finds future success as his skills are not bad, merely the content questionable.


An ultimate dreadwolf

Reviewed at: Chapter 12

Story:  This is a rebirth story that follows the tale of Rain. He was on the receiving end of life due to a generational curse placed on his father. Treated badly by people who considered him worthless and wasvevetually killed. After his death, he was reborn into the world as a dreadwolf. There's a great rendition of rebirth action fantasy with a beautiful twist which made the story an entertaining read. A great work.

Style: The author is using the omniscient third person narration style. He's able to convey the thoughts, expressions and emotiions of the characters in the story to the readers in a beautiful way. This brings out the beauty of the novel in writing. Great execution.

The grammar: Great use of the grammar. No noticeable errors that could disturb the flow of the story. Good grammar makes a story more pleasant for the readers, and this author is excellent so far. 

The charactwr: They are a beauty to read. Well written and well defined characters by the author. The character of Rain, is very intriguing to say the least. The other characters too, are having deserved recognition which showcased the author's capacity in creating relatable characters. 

Great work, author. Keep it up.


A Tale of Growth and Romance

Reviewed at: Chapter 13

Overall score - 4
Style - 4
Grammar - 5
Story - 3.5
Character - 4
This story is advertised as a revenge story with an MC that has turned into a monster to allow him to complete his goals

It is a third-person perspective that follows the MC. It shifts styles after the character Opal is discovered from power fantasy or revenge to a story about a growing fetish. Now, this may change in the future but that is yet to be seen. If you are into the monster romance genre then this is a fantastic story for you.

Very good grammar, with only a bit of repetition.

The story starts off as a revenge plot for what the people at the beginning do to the MC. It follows his growth from a weakling into a power-seeking monster. The plot becomes stagnant in terms of progression but becomes more focused on the relationship between the MC, Rain, and his sidekick, Opal. At this point in the story if you are not into growth or monster romances that are becoming popular then this might be your dropoff point but I am hoping that the story realigns itself back down the revenge plot.

As for the characters in this story, there are really only two. Rain, the MC, who has become a wolf-man and is seeking power and growth through devouring creatures, and Opal, a small goblin girl who is aiding Rain in his quest. Opal's goals are to watch Rain get bigger and Rain wants to get bigger but it feels that because of this dynamic the plot got put on hold.