Rising From the War of Fog

by Akaso

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

"The War of Fog is over. Now the true period of strife begins."

- Unknown Soldier

The world's great heroes have slaughtered one another for the ideals of their countries. Amidst the post-war struggle for survival, a towering figure emerges from the Exclusion Zone. She aids a trio of disgraced soldiers in crossing the border to their homeland, and soon takes up the mantle of a beast-slayer in one of the last sovereign city-states remaining. But tensions from the war remain, and soon trouble comes knocking at the gates...

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1 - Birth by Glass ago
2 - Living Failures ago
3 - Flesh-colossus ago
4 - From the Depths ago
5 - Tabula Magus ago
6 - The Surface ago
7 - Wasteland ago
8 - Soldiers ago
9 - The Swordsman ago
10 - Viriditas ago
11 - Alkahestry ago
12 - Rubedo Sickness ago
13 - Change of Clothes ago
14 - Soldier's Eyes ago
15 - Curiosity ago
16 - Exchange of Intel ago
17 - Record Overwrite ago
18 - Soup ago
19 - Encroaching Monstrosity ago
20 - Beast vs. Beast ago
21 - Butchery ago
22 - Decapitation ago
23 - Makhus ago
24 - Privacy ago
25 - Squad Dynamics ago
26 - Familiar Fragrance ago
27 - Practicality ago
28 - Zefaris ago
29 - Sigmund ago
30 - Hundred Seals ago
31 - Victory Echoes ago
32 - Low-yield ago
33 - Morning After ago
34 - Shriveled Heart ago
35 - Through the Forest ago
36 - The Border ago
37 - Snowtop ago
38 - The Officer ago
39 - Malfunction ago
40 - Incursion ago
41 - Necrobeast ago
42 - Familiar Monstrosity ago
43 - Breath of Death ago
44 - Rubedo Artillery ago
45 - Bramble Shot ago
46 - Heartbreak ago
47 - Azoth ago
48 - Theorycrafting ago
49 - Restricted Functions ago
50 - Historical Context ago
51 - Poppies ago
52 - Willowdale ago
53 - Town Gate ago
54 - Old Guard ago
55 - The Trader ago
56 - Trust ago
57 - Revelation ago
58 - Good Food ago
59 - Beast-slayer Wanted ago
60 - Harassment ago
61 - Duel ago
62 - Cloud-scattering Sacred Breath ago
63 - Cross-counter ago
64 - Knockout ago
65 - Play to the Crowd ago
66 - Social Rituals ago
67 - Briefing ago
68 - Accomodations ago
69 - Culinary Arts ago
70 - Bathroom ago
71 - Flustered ago
72 - Frustrated ago
73 - Coward ago
74 - Poppy Petals ago
75 - Not A Coward ago
76 - Regrettable Caution ago
77 - Morning After ago
78 - Preparation ago
79 - Breakfast ago
80 - Street Performer ago
81 - Performance Art ago
82 - The Cornfield ago
83 - Crop Circles ago
84 - Maneater ago
85 - Death Plea ago
86 - Lover's Breath ago
87 - Put Down ago
88 - Wounds ago
89 - Quincy ago
90 - Unintended Benefit ago
91 - Mild Annoyance ago
92 - Riverside Remedies ago
93 - Cleanup ago
94 - The Lab ago
95 - Homunculus ago
96 - Cipher ago
97 - Philosophy ago
98 - Disinfectant ago
99 - Standard Procedure ago
100 - Book of Secrets ago
101 - National Treasure ago
102 - Nonverbal Persuasion ago
103 - Riverside Promenade ago
104 - The Tailor ago
105 - Errands ago
106 - Displays ago
107 - The Governor ago
108 - Locusts ago
109 - Spoilt for Choice ago
110 - Pentacle ago
111 - Implication ago
112 - Samples ago
113 - Tinkering ago
114 - Doing the Honors ago
115 - Roadside Robbery ago
116 - Code-speak ago
117 - Breathing Method ago
118 - Training Montage ago
119 - Vision Quest ago
120 - Momentary Respite ago
121 - A Day Off ago
122 - Mysticism ago
123 - Rebound Pulse ago
124 - The Quiet Morning ago
125 - Unforeseen Consequences ago
126 - Infestation ago
127 - Multitasking ago
128 - Departure ago
129 - Close Encounter ago
130 - Battlefield ago
131 - The Man of Stone ago
132 - History and Fables ago
133 - The Storm ago
134 - Stormtrance ago
135 - Suicidal Aspiration ago
136 - Butcher the Lightning ago
137 - Breath Engine ago
138 - Inquisitor ago
139 - Into the Deep End ago
140 - Encirclement ago
141 - Red Mantis ago
142 - The Measure of a Slayer ago
143 - Assault Combat ago
144 - Sever the Hand ago
145 - One Retreats, One Returns ago
146 - Safe for Now ago
147 - Symbol of Rank ago
148 - Dawn of the Fateful Day ago
149 - Into the Mouth of Hell ago
150 - Sudden Death ago
151 - The Undying Spark ago
152 - The Trial of Solitude ago
153 - Rip and Tear ago
154 - The First Extermination ago
155 - Ritualistic Sacrifice ago
156 - Son of Fog ago
157 - The Burning Heart ago
158 - Soul-Sword-Single-Strike ago
159 - Tactical Stealth Operations ago
160 - Never Let Evil Take Root ago
161 - Headpiercer Pitch ago
162 - Draw Against the Reaper ago
163 - Second Extermination ago
164 - Cursed Crossroad ago
165 - The Sister ago
166 - Dead Simple ago
167 - Thundercannon ago
168 - Heatshock ago
169 - Synchronicity ago
170 - Always kill a traitor before an enemy. ago
171 - Clash of Wills ago
172 - The Living Storm's Fury ago
173 - Slayer's Pledge ago
174 - Mind Games ago
175 - Spiteful Revelator ago
176 - Scraps of Knowledge ago
177 - The Countdown Trap ago
178 - The Failsafe ago
179 - Beware the old soldier. ago
180 - Re:Trench ago
181 - More Than a Soldier ago
182 - Bunkerbusting ago
183 - Spirit of Invention ago
184 - Strange Machinations ago
185 - Stone Exterminator ago
186 - Sigma ago
187 - Cognitive Pressure ago
188 - Destabilized Intelligence ago
189 - Mirror Mirror ago
190 - Incantation ago
191 - Re:Swordsman ago
192 - Tower of Meat ago
193 - Disturbing Implications ago
194 - Vulgar Display of Power ago
195 - Ongoing Tribulations ago
196 - Perpetual Overwork ago
197 - The Alchemist Meets the Governor ago
198 - Hidden Vault ago
199 - The Philosopher's Heart ago
200 - To Die For Tarnished Steel ago
201 - Idol of Retribution ago
202 - Iconoclasm ago
203 - Need-to-Know Basis ago
204 - Anemic Samples ago
205 - Opus ago
206 - Home Invasion ago
207 - Sleazebag's Gambit ago
208 - Engine of Retribution ago
209 - Orchid Mantis ago
210 - Deathrattle Prophecy ago
211 - Style: Beast ago
212 - 40:1 ago
213 - Retribution Equally Unto All ago
214 - Cavalry ago
215 - True Allegiance ago
216 - Delta ago
217 - Expeditious Trial ago
218 - To Split a Boulder With a Dagger ago
219 - Speedloader ago
220 - Philosopher's Eye ago
221 - Just Communication ago
222 - Cultural Differences ago
223 - Black Missive ago
224 - Septagon ago
225 - Dead King's Oracle ago
226 - Gestalt Kaleid ago
227 - Cogworks ago
228 - Killzone ago
229 - Tidebreaker ago
230 - Curses ago
231 - Proxy ago
232 - The Gate, The Key, The Path ago
233 - Breach and Clear ago
234 - Triumvirate ago
235 - Dispelling With Explosives ago
236 - Organized Chaos ago
237 - Return to Sender ago
238 - Re:Butchery ago
239 - Hellfire Mantle ago
240 - The Queen Emerges ago
241 - Liability ago
242 - Regicidal Efforts ago
243 - Re: Sever the Hand ago
244 - Just a Flesh Wound ago
245 - Dance of the Fireflies ago
246 - Inner Hive ago
247 - The God-Machine is Tired ago
248 - God of Living Wax ago
249 - To Call a God Subhuman ago
250 - Call on the Senate ago
251 - Re:Departure ago
ARC FINALE - It Has To Be This Way ago

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Steampunk Meets RPG with a Biological Twist

Reviewed at: 18 - Soup

Style: Told mostly from the 3rd person perspective of Zelsys, the mysterious protagonist who wakes up in a vat of green liquid.  The occasional use of other perspectives adds richness to the story without wasting time explaining a whole lot of backstory.  It makes for an enjoyable read with just the right amount of complexity.

Grammar: Grammar is perfect, I didn't see anything wrong.  

Story: Utilizing an amnesiatic character with mysterious origins hooks the reader right away.  The green fog - later identified as Viriditas - births several monstrosities in a sprawling subterannean lab that Zelsys has to kill to escape.  Her journey through a post-apocalyptic wasteland compels the reader to keep reading to figure out just what happened in this world.  The only criticism I would offer so far (18 chapters in) there doesn't seem to be any overarching plothook.  Zelsys right now is just following her three newfound compatriots through the wasteland in search of answers.

Character Score:  Zelsys as a protagonist defies the usual "helpless, don't know where I am" kind of trope that amnesiatic characters can fall into.  She gets right down to business slaughtering monsters and standing up to potentially violent veterans.  This leads me to believe she has an exciting past that we will learn about organically as the story develops.  Her comrades - The Swordsman, Wire, and Spliteye - come with an interesting wartime backstory that hints at the conflicts that have led the world to its present state of ruin.  Their interactions are natural, and even comic at times.  Every character brings something equally to the table and adds a richness to the story.


Overall, an enticing story about a mysterious woman traveling the post-apocalyptic steampunk world.  If you enjoy fantasy, steampunk, and/or a little bit of science fiction set in a world with a unique history you will love Rising from the War of Fog!


An immersive lit rpg world

Reviewed at: 40 - Incursion

The first thing that grabbed me are the very vivid descriptions of the scenes. It really pulls the reader in, a whole 'nother level of immersion I would even say. The beauty in the descriptive writing really adds strength to the world building and gives life to the characters as well. 

This is a lit-rpg story which is light on the lit-rpg aspect, which I prefer. It gives more emphasis to character development and fleshing out the world. For the characters, they are well written with distinguishable traits. The author even provides wonderful illustrations for them. As for the world, including the lit-rpg aspect, it is quite a unique one treading a different path than the usual medieval fantasy setting, weaving in guns and a world ravaged by war. 

That said, I do have to comment on the pacing issues, which the other reviewers have also touched upon. The chapters are quite short, around 500 words, which gradually reaches like 1k words in later chapters. It does break the immersion the wonderful descriptive writing has set up. The author does upload nearly everyday though and there's a large stack of chapters already out so that may not bother other readers. 

On the grammar front, I didn't find really blatant errors that took me out of reading. 

Overall, if you're tired with the usual fanfare of medieval fantasy litrpg, come give this a try. 


Cool characters and story so far, but what really makes this story 5 stars is the worldbuilding. The author has obviously put so much effort into the fog system and executes it beautifully, and that's not even talking about what we've learned so far about the actual geographical and political situation of the world they've built. Honestly unrivalled best world building I've seen on this site in years.

Casio Sicaro

I love these types of stories where the protag learns everything alongside the reader. liking the idea of the RPG like system so we know where people stand, too!

I, Casio Sicaro do happily recommend this story to anyone who enjoys RPG-esque stories that also have the protagonist be basically mind-wiped!

also good that the guards dont immediatly do the STOP RESISTING mindset ive seen so many writers decide to go with.

For some reason Royal Road required me to "read" the book a second time before i could comment, they should really fix that. On that note i only have access to 4.5 stars until i move my cursor in a very specific spot, very bad Royal Road!



Phantasmagoria meets Carrion!

Reviewed at: 21 - Butchery

THE AIM OF ANY STORY is to get a point across to humanity, at least from my view. Rising From The War of Fog (forgive my dyslexia) tells of a vagrant wandering the monster-invested wastelands of bloodshed and humanitarian division. The ideas portrayed, which might not end for another four hundred pages -- if they do intend to reach that point -- are captivating and phantasmagorical, so far as I've read, with a main character that seems to dream of a life without struggle, and a cast so believable it will leave you wondering where the hell they came from.

The style is very simple to follow; told through short chapters, we get to see the action first-hand, the world which this enigmatic wanderer explores, and the creatures that inhabit it. The language itself is a perfect blend between beige and purple prose, not too descriptive to the point where it slows down the plot. Couple this with action, and you have a well-filmed movie-type story, cinematic and dreamy. Dark Fantasy? Definitely. I suppose what fascinated me most about this type of writing was the author's ability to never lose track or go off on a tangent; you can tell they're always telling you the truth, telling you exactly what happens and precisely how the characters react to it. I know author Neil Gaiman once wrote, "Write as honestly as you can," and I believe this author does just that. If you can have well-detailed paragraphs without meandering somewhere far, then you're doing something right. It immerses you and it sews the seeds of something quite wonderful. Dialogue is kept to a minimum in the beginning, showcasing the world and main character instead, which is divine. Starting with the event is always a good way to go about things, especially with the niche of web-novels nowadays. This style is rare and it is something mastered rather than inherited. Overall, this high-octane prose will keep you turning the pages till your fingertips chafe.  

The grammar is pretty much perfect; I will not dwell on the errors I've found, because it would be unfair of me -- or anyone -- to mark someone down for such little things when the overall prose reads like something you'd pick off a shelf. I didn't really stop at any points, so if you have a problem with the prose, you have a problem with literature as a whole. The vocabulary is diverse and will keep you refreshed for pages upon pages without being too complex or vague, and that's something every writer should strive for: clarity. With all the different advice given to writers nowadays, it's hard to know which way to go about things; in truth, there is no right way. There are so many different ways to write a story you'd be fooling yourself trying to copy someone else, and with that in mind, this story stands alone; a unique depiction of characters; a well-crafted look on destruction.

It's so interesting to ask one's self what they have to say, what they have to tell about society, about the world; and so many times, authors write with no voice on something. Let me tell you what this author has to say: War never changes, violence is inevitable, all of mankind is evil when under pressure, and survival always comes first.

The characters, I have not much to say about. Zelsys (try saying that name 5 times really fast) is a countrified survivor of the War of Fog. So far, she's my favourite, not because she's a badass, but because she's real. The same goes for how she interacts and how she thinks in certain conditions, especially in the opening chapters, where we know so little yet so much about her. That goes to show the author's ability to draw a character with nothing more than worldbuilding and reaction. That is some Stephen King level characterisation; only a few pages in!!! I suppose what's most interesting is the fact that we know she is accustomed to this world; it's not anything new. War never changes. Maybe we all share some comfort in believing that violence is a natural human reaction, and that the longer it presents itself, the less it affects you. We see it all the time: police at murder-scenes, autopsies, etc.. Desensitised is the word. Zelsys is desensitised. 

The story should speak for itself. I'm never too picky with storylines but I genuinely enjoyed this one, as new as it is. It shows raw potential not often seen online, or anywhere. If there's something we can all learn from this, it's the following: 

"Get a little rock and roll on the radio and go toward all the life there is with all the courage you can and all the belief you can muster. Be true, be brave, stand. All the rest is darkness.”
                                --- Stephen King, It

I can see this appealing to a large audience, diverse and cosmopolitan. I recommend this book strongly, not for where it stands -- even though that's a pretty darn good reason -- but for what it will be. In the end, that's what a story is all about.




Chapters are too short to be enjoyable.

Reviewed at: 10 - Viriditas

The story seems interesting but the chapters are way too short to be worth it to me.

I mainly use a voice reader and thus is required to enter every chapter manually (through sharing the link). In my opinion a chapter for a casual writer should be in the 2k range of words, not around 500.

Now it's not only preference, but also the chapter that I decided its just not worth it was at the end of chapter 10 where the chapter just abruptly ends when the MC noticed something.

Sure, cliffhangers are a thing, but in such a short chapter I just can't be bothered when the 107 chapters can be easily condensed down to 20-40 with better chapter structure.


Why didn't I find this sooner?

Reviewed at: 74 - Poppy Petals

I know why, it's because I'm lazy as fuck. Here's the review ^^

- Style:

Efficient yet vivid, gore is described nicely, as are techno-magical processes.

- Grammar:

Nothing to say, it's clean. The vocabulary used is pleasant.

- Story:

An intriguing start with a great rythm that is, interestingly, nicely supported by the format the author choose for their chapters, as short chapters fit greatly with this particular tempo.

- Characters:

Mc: I thing it's the first MC where the word "savage" popped up at the very beggining of a story. Impressive.

Interestingly, since extra-characters substances have a lot of impact on the behavior of said character, the author can create situations revolving around characters interaction that are very diverse and well anchored in the world.

Others: They are not one-dimensional, but there isn't enough content yet for me to forge a full opinion of them. However, their own struggles and values are depicted in an efficient way, not clutering anything yet giving them this sacred breath each characters of every novel ever should have to feel alive.

- Overall:

As mysteries turn into understanding, yet more is to be discovered, keeping you hooked and reading. A good mastery of balance between quick and visceral action scene and more peaceful and lore-rich scene, one of each time following one another in quick succession, give this story a very living breath. I must say that I was impressed, and my standart aren't that low either.


Great coherence between processes and lore make this an even better read. Each time you go to the next chapter, it feels like you're turning the page of a book. While strange at the start, it's a very nice feeling when you're knee-deep in the story ^^

- Stray thoughts :



I really, I mean really like the application of classical looting in Litrpg through industrial process. that's genius and I'll steal it for my own story thank you MUHUHU! (maybe not steal it, but take inspiration for sure ^^ I always like industrialisation applied to magic.)


In a funny way, I thought myself thown back in the day, playing minecraft with the THAUMCRAFT mod. That's the feeling this story's magic gave to me, and I like it.


I read and made this review in one go, taking around four hours to be done with the entier process. Yes, I liked this novel or I wouldn't have devoured it so quickly ^^'


Also, this was made as a part of a review swap, but it was done with utmost objectivity to ensure a fair review that isn't here to just push the numbers up.

strand VV

This is an action fantasy with abit if litrpg and maybe (post-apocalypse?) As the title says this story drives hard the fantasy feeling not only that but what are the effects that comes of actions in such a fantasy story.


The story tells the tale of the desire of the cast and the MC as well  that you cant help that believe maybe this is a real world, adding to the awesome world building you cant help but be immersed.


The style has no problem showing the world in the story, and although the chapters are short they are filled with quality writing where every words add a new description and scenery to your imagination.


There is nothing more i can say about the characters, they are all fleshed out to the extent of realism.

Jay Hazard

Hyper-realistic characters, interesting world

Reviewed at: 25 - Squad Dynamics

This novel is damn amazing! The characters feel like real people, the world makes sense and the writing truly immerses you. I can truly only congratulate the author as they have done a damn good job!

I do wish I had some advice to give but I see little where the novel can improve, looking forward to see more!

Dawod Dawod

An excellent read so far!

Reviewed at: 21 - Butchery

I think this has been a very enjoyable story so far. If you like fast action LitRPG, you should like this one.

The structure the author chose, to rapidly write shorter chapters actually fits well with this story’s pacing. Each action scene is quickly written, not as in rushed, but to fit the idea of rapidly moving characters and bursts of movement. However, just enough detail is still provided per scene to allow the reader to paint the images in their head as they read along.

We immediately get into it, as soon as the MC opens her eyes, we can begin to make assumptions about who she, or what, she may be and why she is there. An individual traveling through a land torn apart by monster and man, seeing what she’ll do and how she plans to do it is an exciting read that leaves you wanting to immediately flip to the next chapter. 

No issues here that I was able to notice. Didn’t see any typos or grammar issues that made me pause to see if it was correct.

This is certainly a story that greatly focuses on and revolves around its main character, Zelsys. The other characters we meet are interesting, yes. But the MC herself is quite interesting in her origins, way of thinking, and what she does as she meets others and travels through these monster-infested lands. The others are fleshed out, but she is the one we of course become the most familiar with as we travel with her.