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Dear Inspector,

Please accept this letter as my formal resignation from being a Player.

Hey! Laugh all you want, but I had to try. With no rules down here, who's to say that I can't resign?

Anyway, my reasons are simple: I'm neither a gamer nor a hero. You got the wrong person for the job. Sure, the pay is decent and I could pretty much live like a king if, you know, I wasn't so busy trying to survive. I have major concerns about the demonic dagger bound to my soul too. Come to think of it, I've never asked to be transported to this fantasy land either and would like you to return me home, thank you very much. I don't want supernatural powers, I don't want to complete quests after quests, and I don't want to be your test subject anymore. What? I'm not whining, you're whining. Stop making excuses and let me leave already.

Thank you for your understanding, and I hope you'll find a better replacement after I'm gone for good.

Randel, the Mad Painter

What to expect from Synergy:

--> Some GameLit elements are presented subversively. If you want the protagonist to “play the game” properly, this might not be the story for you.
--> No filler chapters; the story's structure is already plotted out. It's going to have six story arcs.
--> Character development happens slowly, over many chapters. Don't expect a perfect protagonist right off the bat.
--> Some romance, but it will never be the main focus.
--> Humor and dark elements in equal measure, but not to the extent that I’d label this story as “Comedy” or “Grimdark”.

... and lots and lots of Author's Notes. See you on the other side of the portal!

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Lankadatlan éberség!

Word Count (14)
5th Anniversary
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In this story, you'll see a lot of people going on about the main character—he's divisive, obviously, but despite the author's intent to subvert tropes or explore different spaces than normal in litrpg isekai settings, they're not writing the story as subversive as they seems to think they are.

The main character, Randel, is given an especially powerful ability to start out with—in the most recent chapter, an unknown part of his abillity was revealed that makes him much more powerful than he already was, and the dichotomy between the cold-blooded combat persona and the quirky lone wolf artist figure that he normally presents is probably meant to be a great source of contrast.

It doesn't really work out. The author states in the summary that the main character isn't meant to be OP right off the bat (well, the words used are 'not a power trip fantasy'), but even the most basic analysis of the group's abilities shows you that he's by far the strongest, even accounting for the characters' utter lack of experimentation with their abilities. This only intensifies after certain events, but I don't want to spoil anything. Suffice to say, I don't think the author's claims of the main character not being super strong right away isn't accurate.

Coming back to the main character himself, though, again, I don't think the author's attempts to try something different than usual is coming off well here. Randel has a habit of asking 'unexpected' questions to people, but it comes off as being quirky for no reason. Randel has a habit of refusing to interact with the litrpg mechanics, a trait that could, better explained, come off as a protest against an unfair world and being forced to rely on randomly-assigned abilities to survive. That's what the author is going for, I assume, but it doesn't work well. It seems like the only reason Randel ignores the litrpg mechanics is spite, even when in life-or-death situations.

Other characters are… similarly baffling. I'll just mention two. You have Devi, who's just the incredibly classic trope of 'woman seeking to empower herself fleeing from laughably sexist society' as the main love interest, which means the MC needs to do nothing but treat her like a normal person and hearts start floating in the air between them. Personally I consider this lazy, but I'm fairly biased against this stuff, and you might have a different view. At least she's not a princess. You also have Imaya, who… I'm pretty sure is just a representation of the author's feelings towards litrpg stories, given her intense fixation on the game mechanics, and Randel's dismissiveness of that attitude indicates the torauthor's as well, given they don't seem inclined to write more than two lines of dialog about her talking about it.

Ultimately, not just the main character but the author themselves don't seem to enjoy the litrpg mechanics, and I'm left wondering why they chose to write the story in this way beyond simple subversion points. They've even mentioned a few times in author's notes that they think this story would have worked perfectly fine as a 'superhero' type of story, which leaves me even more confused.

I'm sorry for this review being so long, but there is one more thing I want to talk about. There's a moment where… I'll talk about it in metaphor since I want to avoid spoilers. There's a moment where the group needs to cross a river, and the only way across that presents itself immediately is paying for a ferry. The river's too deep to wade through, and several of the members are too injured to make a swim, so it looks like they have no choice. In most stories, seeing this 'impassable blockade' surmounted by clever thinking would be inspiring and enjoyable, but the way it's done here just left me feeling… empty. For this metaphor, imagine that they had the currency on hand, but the main character doesn't trust the ferryman, and so decides to build a raft using some of the group's abilities to make it quick.

Even though they had the currency to pay, they spent resources and time doing it the long way. Sure, maybe those coins buy medical attention later, and maybe the ferryman was up to no good after all. We have no way of knowing that, though, and so it comes off as being done just to show off how smart the main character is for getting around the obstacle, even though he had the money in hand. Maybe I'm alone there, but it just left a bad taste in my mouth. The main character didn't seem smart, just pointlessly stubborn, which is another character trait he shows quite often in the story that annoys me greatly.

In the end, the story's not to my taste. I give it a high score for grammar because I didn't spot more than a handful of errors throughout the currently published content, and I leave the style and story scores at three because while I don't like it, I can see why others would. For characters though, I have to knock off some points for the utterly bizarre way the main character is presented, characterized, and reacted to, along with the tropes that I'm very sick of involving Devi and her society.


you should read it, but what an a-hole

Reviewed at: Chapter 1.15.2

I really like the concept of this story: humans being treated like lab rats in a maze by immortal aliens + tech-based litrpg. it's about a group of people with some things in common--being human, not necessarily one of them--waking up on an alien-fantasy-gamelit-world and trying to survive while getting special abilities.

but man is the main character grating on me, he's an unapologetic a-hole who is pretty much constantly doing things to annoy everyone else. seriously I don't know how much longer I can read this without him getting some kind of comeuppance. especially after reading the most recent chapter as of writing this--where he goes from a 2 to a 10 in terms of crossing the line--do I hope something finally doesn't go his way.

the other characters are fine for the most part, some of them a bit blank slate-ish at the moment, but I expect that to change as they get more time to develop. I like where they're going and I hope they gradually get more development and importance in the story--like archer girl's been getting--to match the mc and the blue girl (sorry author I'm completely terrible at remembering names, that's on me). 

my critique about the main character aside, this is a really well-written story, with some funny moments, excellent grammar and I recommend you give it a shot.

I like the little author notes at the end of each chapter too, they're like behind the scenes/making of segments.


I'd recomend giving this one a read. From what I can tell, this is a rewrite of a previous work and it shows. The story feels quite polished. The setting feels like there is a lot there to explore. The characters are all very well done, each with their own complexities. The writting style changes in certain chapters with different POV shifts, which I wouldn't recomend as it is hard to do well, but this author has more than enough skill to make it work. Grammar is flawless as far as I can tell. The main plot seems to be focused, so far, on figuring out the main characters 'situation' and finding civilization. I'd like if there was more long term goals established at this point in the story, there are a lot of directions the story could go. Regardless, I look forward to where the story will take us.

Warix Viviana

It's good but, the main character, is an issue. I mean ultimately, they're all kinda annoying in their own ways, but, the MC is such a pain in the ass. I don't think he's an asshole but he doesn't wanna play by the rules but also doesn't really wanna be dedicated to any other school of thought. 

Honestly, imagining him without his special abilities, would make him seem unbearable. It's hard to define, but it's the lack of care I guess. He's the type of person you think back on and then are annoyed. 

That's honestly the most bizzarre thing. He seem's fine while reading, he really does. But then you think back on his actions and you're like "wait, what the fuck."

In short, he's not really a team player, he's only "winning" cuz he's OP, he literally doesn't wanna participate in this world cuz he basically wants to annoy god, and the cherry on top, he goes out of his way to ignore the litrpg mechanics. The mechanics that could save his and other peoples lives. Cuz he hates 'god' ya see.

Overall, annoying.


Characters need an overhaul

Reviewed at: Interlude 1

The story seems... Good? But at the end of book 1 we have no real goal, and haven't been working toward one. Our main character is absolutely insufferable. He had one good showing in a chapter, but beyond that he has no interest in anything. Every character except one is annoying at best, further making the main character's complete apathy stand out all the more.

The title is misleading, or is by the end of book 1 still. What synergy? I was definitely expecting some skill synergy. And while he has it with ONE skill on ONE teammate, hardly enough to base a book title / series on.


Maybe it's a long build up? But if your buildup takes more than the entire first book it's too long of a buildup.


The MC is that guy in every other story that dies early because they cannot adapt to the situation. Usualy they are a religious nutter that refuses to use the tools/system given to them because it is the devil or unclean then they die pitifuly. In this story that guy is the MC except he is not religious. He is written as having brains but that clashes with his lack of survival instinct. I found the character to be unbelievable and lost interest.

Otherwise, the story is written well and the world is interesting.


Mc is an annoying prick with seemingly no redeeming qualities.

A leech only of use to the team thanks to the fighting-capable end-game dagger author gifted him for no reason.

Author, seems to have written him like that intentionally, trying(?) to redeem him as a creative soul that is needed to diversify team's thinking. But that's not what I am reading. All power experimentations are basic to the point of absurd, and all the 'creative' self-righteous decisions mc makes are as likely wipe the team out as they are to help.

Other than that, decent isekai.


Well Written but can't stand the MC

Reviewed at: Chapter 1.11.2

Overall it's a nice story that doesn't bring much new to the table but is well though out and flows nicely. I can't seem to join with the MC or any of the side characters which is a problem in character driven story. 

The style and story of this fiction are nice. It should be a polished version of one of the old fictions that are on a hiatus. The premise of all powerful tech empire just abducting people for testing purposes is cool.

Grammar is great and nothing I could point out against it. 

Characters this is where I have some problems. Most of them just seem 2 Dimensional so far but maybe they will have growth I just don't know if I will stick with this story for so long.

And I really dislike the MC in the chapter I am right now. He just goes by luck of his first ability and his motivation and reason for what he does wasn't explained well or at all since I most likely missed it.

But he just comes as somebody who is not willing to go all our for his survival and all his success could be atrinuted to his Dagger which honestly should be the MC.


The thoughts of the author at the end are interesting and I like them.


The greatest title in the world

Reviewed at: Chapter 1.17

I've read this somewhere before, quite a while back, I'm not sure why I'm suddenly seeing it now and its a month old and it showed up as a new story with the "start reading" button?


Fairly confident this is a re-release though and theres no record of where I was in the story. I'm also too impatient to figure out where I was.


Solid grammar, very cliche'd, fairly predictable. Overall a decent read, I'd suggest giving it a shot either way and seeing if its to your taste.

MC is also oddly annoying, not sure EXACTLY what it is but I just hate the little a-hole.


A slightly enigmatic MC, distinctive although not necessarily interesting other characters, no real fillers, interesting action - all good. It may be all the meta stuff - rather tedious questions and ruminations about writing technique - but it feels at times too self conscious. There is a point when 2/6 attributes are read out which segues into explanations by another character to obviously avoid just listing things. It then peters out as the MC is then bored which is great. Again, I'm not sure whether it is my fault for reading a fair bit of the hidden author musings but it feels to me too much like an exercise in writing. I do so cherish a bit of mystique so the problem may well be mine.  

Saying all that well worth a read.