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Warning This fiction contains:
  • Traumatising content

The story of my new life began when I woke up on another planet. Not the strangest thing I’ve ever experienced, but definitely in my top five.

Sometimes I still dream about a world without magic, a world where I don't have supernatural powers, where I'm not regarded as an expendable test subject. A world with coffee and internet. Oh, what a beautifully boring world that would be!

What to expect:

--> GameLit, one that’s a bit subversive. (You won't like the protagonist if you expect him to play the game properly.)
--> No filler chapters. (Story structure is already plotted out.)
--> Slow buildup. Although the Strong Lead category applies to the story, this is no power trip fantasy.
--> Some romance, though it will never be the main focus.
--> Humor and dark elements in equal measure, but not to the extent that I’d label this story as “Comedy” or “Grimdark”.

... and lots and lots of "Author's Notes". See you on the other side of the portal!

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Lankadatlan éberség!

Word Count (14)
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you should read it, but what an a-hole

Reviewed at: Chapter 1.15.2

I really like the concept of this story: humans being treated like lab rats in a maze by immortal aliens + tech-based litrpg. it's about a group of people with some things in common--being human, not necessarily one of them--waking up on an alien-fantasy-gamelit-world and trying to survive while getting special abilities.

but man is the main character grating on me, he's an unapologetic a-hole who is pretty much constantly doing things to annoy everyone else. seriously I don't know how much longer I can read this without him getting some kind of comeuppance. especially after reading the most recent chapter as of writing this--where he goes from a 2 to a 10 in terms of crossing the line--do I hope something finally doesn't go his way.

the other characters are fine for the most part, some of them a bit blank slate-ish at the moment, but I expect that to change as they get more time to develop. I like where they're going and I hope they gradually get more development and importance in the story--like archer girl's been getting--to match the mc and the blue girl (sorry author I'm completely terrible at remembering names, that's on me). 

my critique about the main character aside, this is a really well-written story, with some funny moments, excellent grammar and I recommend you give it a shot.

I like the little author notes at the end of each chapter too, they're like behind the scenes/making of segments.


It's good but, the main character, is an issue. I mean ultimately, they're all kinda annoying in their own ways, but, the MC is such a pain in the ass. I don't think he's an asshole but he doesn't wanna play by the rules but also doesn't really wanna be dedicated to any other school of thought. 

Honestly, imagining him without his special abilities, would make him seem unbearable. It's hard to define, but it's the lack of care I guess. He's the type of person you think back on and then are annoyed. 

That's honestly the most bizzarre thing. He seem's fine while reading, he really does. But then you think back on his actions and you're like "wait, what the fuck."

In short, he's not really a team player, he's only "winning" cuz he's OP, he literally doesn't wanna participate in this world cuz he basically wants to annoy god, and the cherry on top, he goes out of his way to ignore the litrpg mechanics. The mechanics that could save his and other peoples lives. Cuz he hates 'god' ya see.

Overall, annoying.


I'd recomend giving this one a read. From what I can tell, this is a rewrite of a previous work and it shows. The story feels quite polished. The setting feels like there is a lot there to explore. The characters are all very well done, each with their own complexities. The writting style changes in certain chapters with different POV shifts, which I wouldn't recomend as it is hard to do well, but this author has more than enough skill to make it work. Grammar is flawless as far as I can tell. The main plot seems to be focused, so far, on figuring out the main characters 'situation' and finding civilization. I'd like if there was more long term goals established at this point in the story, there are a lot of directions the story could go. Regardless, I look forward to where the story will take us.


Mc is an annoying prick with seemingly no redeeming qualities.

A leech only of use to the team thanks to the fighting-capable end-game dagger author gifted him for no reason.

Author, seems to have written him like that intentionally, trying(?) to redeem him as a creative soul that is needed to diversify team's thinking. But that's not what I am reading. All power experimentations are basic to the point of absurd, and all the 'creative' self-righteous decisions mc makes are as likely wipe the team out as they are to help.

Other than that, decent isekai.


Reviews don't need titles

Reviewed at: Chapter 2.1

As you may have read in other reviews this story is very much polished.

There's little to say other than praise. The main and side characters are well written, the pacing is perfect, worldbuilding is coming along and the dialogue is fun to read.

Now I'm the type of guy who will skip high star reviews because they usually don't tell me anything about the story. The informative stuff is usually hidden in the 2-3 star reviews. For better or for worse though I can't give that rating, the story is just too 'alright'.


That's all have a nice day.


A slightly enigmatic MC, distinctive although not necessarily interesting other characters, no real fillers, interesting action - all good. It may be all the meta stuff - rather tedious questions and ruminations about writing technique - but it feels at times too self conscious. There is a point when 2/6 attributes are read out which segues into explanations by another character to obviously avoid just listing things. It then peters out as the MC is then bored which is great. Again, I'm not sure whether it is my fault for reading a fair bit of the hidden author musings but it feels to me too much like an exercise in writing. I do so cherish a bit of mystique so the problem may well be mine.  

Saying all that well worth a read.




I found the main character possibly slightly annoying, but this is quickly overshadowed by the great character interactions, action and ideas. Alot of my enjoyment of this comes from side characters that are really well thought out and flawed in their own ways. All round reeally good, only thing that brings it down slightly is the main character, but even then not by much because he's interesting in his own way.


Quality entertainment

Reviewed at: Chapter 1.17

I'm very excited about this story.

It is moving at a good pace, not leaving me time to get bored but also wirh enough slow moments to let the dramatic parts land.  Maybe more importantly the main characters actually have personalities.  They're actually pretty weird, but still feel real.  


In a lot of another reviews MC stated as asshole. I'm not sure it is. He's most non-annoying character pe se (probably except Imaya, sorry little game-girl :D). Just read their POVs! Our MC is the Angel.

That stated, characters in story believable - they are human in nature, with all lies and selfishness and hypocrisy. No "bad" person here, but no "good" either.

Point by point review:

Grammar: I'm not native english(as you can see in this review), so I can't say anything about grammar.

Story: Plot-wise, Syregy have a good foundation. It is rewrite, so we will have definite course of writing, plots and ending.

Style is 50/50 - PoV shifting is too much, and time skipping probably happens too often. That's because whole first book can count as prologue? Imo, Author can use different PoV for time shifting instead of filling main character in blender. I understand why Author use PoV - to show us another characters, but this breaking pace, imo.

Author's notes is fun to read too. :)

Conclusion: Worth a shot. Bot your default bland 2D isekai with minnions of filler chapters until you milk your cow dry. On of the top10 novels on trending for last year character-wise


made me laugh out loud

Reviewed at: Chapter 1.8

As of Chp 1.8: Love the character's personalities and the worldbuilding so far. Glad I found this and hope it keeps being awesome.

Now, as this must be 50 words long and I prefer brevity, here is a nonsense sentence to complete the requirements. Purple hippopotamus floating in the clouds.