Twin Soul

by Zskyph

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Romance Anti-Hero Lead Dungeon Female Lead High Fantasy LitRPG Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Multiple Lead Characters Mythos Non-Human lead Ruling Class School Life Secret Identity Strategy Strong Lead Super Heroes Supernatural War and Military

In the World of Toria Continents, where all humans have blonde hair. Magic casters and Demi-Humans exist. Only one in every ten thousand people is born with an Elemental Soul, which helps them to be able to learn and cast magic spells. There are Fire, Ice, Thunder, Earth, Wind, Angelic, Demonic, and Conjurer Souls. One in every million people is born with a Twin Soul that allows them to learn Blood Magic and another type of magic of their choice, whether it is Fire, Ice, Thunder, Earth, Wind, Light, Black, or Conjuration.

Toria Continents were once greatly suffered under an evil Saint-tier magic caster that uses Blood and Fire Magics. The evil Saint-tier Mage was killed after a deadly battle between her and another two thousand Saint-tier Mages. Over eighteen hundred Saint-tier Mages were lost in this battle. After the battle was over, the Mages Council decided to forbid Blood Magic. Therefore, all children at the age of three are required to be examined. Children who have Twin Soul will immediately be executed. This law applies to everyone, including royalty members, and family members of the Mages Council.

Etgar Revenmar wanted to create a powerful network of Blood Mages that spread throughout all nations of Toria Continents. On the day that he stepped into the maximum level of Saint tier, it will be the day that all the Blood Mages rise up to overthrow the Mages Council. Etgar has a dream of rebuilding Toria Continents where all mages can live together. Just because a Saint Blood Mage went evil and killed more than ninety percent of the population, as well as, over eighteen hundred Saint Mages of Toria Continents in the past does not mean that all Blood Mages needed to be executed. This incident occurred sixteen calendars ago (sixteen million years ago). It is time for society to accept Blood Mages again. 

More importantly, why killing innocent children that were born with Twin Soul? They did not have the choice of being born without it. Etgar witnessed his parents were killed when they were trying to protect him from being killed by the guards during his Elemental Soul examination. Etgar did not choose to have a Twin Soul, but still, he was unfortunate to have one. Etgar was rescued by another Blood Mage that happened to pass by. There was no Blood Mages Guild at that time. The Blood Mage trained and protected Etgar for thirty-two years. Etgar was very happy that he wanted to follow the Blood Mage for all eternity. He thought they can live happily forever together, get married, perhaps even have children with her. But he was wrong when the Blood Mage sacrificed herself to save him from the Executioners. He will never forget that Blood Mage for the rest of his life. Her name is Linette Whitfield. She is his master, savior, friend, second mother, lover, his everything. Etgar promised himself that he would overthrow the Mages Council. He will avenge for Linette Whitfield by personally cut down the head of the Executioner that killed her.

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It's an interesting concept and I am enjoying the story but there are quite a few grammar issues throughout each chapter, not to the point where it is unreadable but more of a bother to have to read through. Overall, the story just needs to have its grammar fixed and maybe a touch up here and there but other than that it's fine.