The Book of HUMILITY - Chapter EIGHT


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I'm a picture perfect face
With that wild in my veins.
You can hear it in my growl.

So keep your eyes on me.
         - POP/STARS, K/DA (2018)

Fuji's manhandling of Hank interrupted the conversation Anna was having with Sue Marie. "You're leaving?" Anna asked.

Hank swallowed hard while forcing himself to maintain eye contact with her. "Well, I do have a way to go to, ahm… to get to my place from here."

He fumbled on his words, knowing somehow that Anna knew he hadn't been to his place in days. Fortunately, all she did was harrumph, for Sue Marie was clambering over the chabudai like a love-struck puppy. She headed for the other side of Hank, to sit beside him on the too-small loveseat.

Anna held out a hand to halt her progress. "Back off, Squirrel Girl."

Sue Marie sat on the edge of the table, begging with doe-sized eyes. "Don't go! I'll be good! I promise to behave!"

She placed her hands between her legs, spreading them wide open to lean towards Hank as far as possible. Anna gave her a swat on the knee to make her sit more like a lady. Sue Marie responded by putting her legs together and her feet off to one side.

She sat with her hands in her lap. "I'll be real good," she promised, coating her words with sweet honesty.

Still perturbed, Anna got up and made Sue Marie move over, to sit on the chabudai herself. She released a cleansing breath to rid the air of her roommate's antics. With her eyes on the floor and a smile on her face, Anna picked up Hank's right foot.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

In silence, she removed the slipper she had placed on it earlier. She then slid towards the center of the table, giving his leg the room it needed to fully extend. After tucking her heels under her butt to sit up, she massaged his foot. Sue Marie sat prim and proper off to the side, looking over her shoulder while watching Anna work.

After a moment of silence, Sue Marie chided her. "You're not doing it right."

After another polite moment, she repeated herself. "You're not doing it right."

Sue Marie then stood up with her back to Hank, facing Anna. Before Hank could gasp in surprise, Sue Marie stuck her cute bootie in his face and straddled his other leg, to pick it up and plunk its foot on the table next to Anna. As Hank spent his time appreciating how little of Sue Marie's butt was covered by pink hot pants, she leaned forward to tug off that foot's slipper and sock. She then offered the foot to Anna, who accepted it, massaging it while it lay in the space between her legs.

Hank and Anna repositioned themselves so this foot could be better massaged. Sue Marie, still straddling Hank's leg, stepped back and bent down straight at the waist, placing her cotton candy scented bootie directly in front of his nose. She yanked out a zabuton from under the table and clutched it to her chest. Clicking her tongue and giving orders in a way Anna often did to her, she made Anna scoot towards Hank so the pillow could be stuffed under her butt.

Hank had to bend his knee for Anna to do Sue Marie's bidding and, as Anna lifted her ample fanny high up off the table, she had no choice but to press his naked foot against the part of her kimono covering her soft pubic mound. With cunning innocence, Sue Marie also had to grind her crotch upon his thigh, as there simply was no other way to get the pillow under Anna.

After Anna again sat down, a corner of the zabuton peeked out from between her legs. She stopped pressing Hank's foot against her mound and set it on the pillow. Hank could then straighten his knee, so Sue Marie no longer had to grind her crotch upon it. But the kogyaru wasn't yet done with her erotic act of kindness. She straddled his right leg next, as her scantily clad bootie again passed by his nose. It took every ounce of his mighty virtue to keep from grabbing it with both hands, to bite a little butt cheek.

She repeated the act of bending and tugging, producing a second foot with no sock on it for Anna. Hank marveled at Sue Marie's limber legs as she lifted the one she had between his high up in the air, tucking it to her hip while spinning around to face him, standing now at his right side instead of his left, as before. She cocked her head to puzzle a bit over the aroused look on his face, before again sitting like a lady on the edge of the chabudai.

She placed her hands back in her lap. "She wasn't doing it right," she explained truthfully.

Hank smiled while trying to not gasp. "Yes, Sue-san. You're very kind."

She beamed bright. "Kochiro koso!" she said.

The room was awash with the scent of jasmine rice warming in the sun, and red cotton candy twirled up on a cone. The sound of bacon sizzling returned to Hank's ears, as Anna's expertise at massage sent him near the throes of ecstasy.

He covered his face to moan in his hands. "Oh God, Anna! Oh my angel! Oh you are so good!"

"I'm glad you like it," Hank thought he heard his angel say, somewhere beyond the roar of his brains.

He peeked between his fingers to watch Sue Marie scoot on her butt up to Anna. She whispered in Anna's ear, loud enough for him to hear.

"He wants to fuck you."

Sue Marie's eyes roamed up and down Hank, assessing his sexual temperment. "He can't leave," she explained, when Anna didn't respond. "He hasn't fffgk…" was all Sue Marie got out next, as Anna nearly bowled her over by clamping a hand to her mouth.

Hank sat motionless as Anna whispered in Sue Marie's ear, her hand never leaving her roommate's mouth. Sue Marie slumped slightly with dismay before returning to her place on the sofa on the far side of the chabudai, apparently at Anna's insistence.

After many wonderful minutes of having his left foot, ankle, shin and calf massaged, Anna switched back to his right. While she doted on his feet, the small part of his brain still tethered to her Reality noticed Fuji and Sue Marie had retired to their rooms.

Hank and Anna, and his wonderful feet, were alone together. "Anna?" he whispered deep.

She looked up from her task. "Hmm?" she replied, sweet and low.

"I have to try to stand soon."

"Hai. Sue Marie is getting ready for her meeting, and you should scram before she knows you're gone."

Hank spent a minute fantasizing about Anna, where she had her way with him over and over. He blinked his way back into her world when she began putting his socks on his feet. Once done, she leaned back on her hands, splaying out her legs. The zabuton peeked from between her strong thighs, with both his feet resting upon it.

After giving her body a full stretch, she held him by the shins and brought her legs together, trapping his between hers. She then massaged his outer thighs by rubbing them with her naked toes.

"That was nice," she said to her toes, or maybe to his prominent pride on display nearby. She gave him a rat-a-tat-tat on the knees with her hands.

"Get out of here," she commanded, "before I take from you what I'm too much of a lady to ask for."

Hank found the strength to stand. "I have to use the bathroom first."

"Oh. Okay."

Anna scooted off the table and stood close to Hank, looking over her shoulder at four doors arranged in a hallway. Two were closed and two were open. As she stood before him with her head turned, all he saw was ōkina megami.

The goddess spoke while nodding at one of the open doors. "Fuji and Sue-san share a bathroom between them, so go ahead and use that one."

Hank placed his hands on Anna's hips, to maneuver his way out of the space they were in by the chaboudai. Her head whipped around as soon as he touched her, black eyes glaring bright. He felt a twinge of fear, much the way he did at times when Rio looked like she wanted to kill him. But when Anna placed her hands on his temples, she didn't do so to plant scary thoughts in his brain.

She did it to plant kisses on his lips. She rose to her toes while doing so, not because she had to, for she was tall enough to kiss him with ease. Rather, she got up on her toes to kiss down hard in his mouth, pressing her bountiful chest and warm mound purposefully against him.

"Hurry back," she commanded between kisses, after probing him with her tongue. "I'll be waiting here."

Unfortunately, Hank couldn't hurry with what he had to do, for he had drank a lot of tea. He emerged from the bathroom to find her seated on a low stool by the front door with a zabuton back under her butt. She stole a glance at his face before lowering her eyes, as she waited to put on his boots.

Hank's heart filled with praise as he stood before her, watching her tie his laces. "Anna-san, you are amazing. The world is blessed—I am blessed!—by you being in it."

"Hai," she said to his feet. "As am I with you."

"I'm not worthy of your grace. Thank you so very much."

Anna rose to fill the space between them with her beauty. "Well, my long and tall Hank-sama, be sure to pay me back." She got close, to whisper to him, loud like Sue Marie. "Come again for me later."

She then bit him on his ear, leaving him to wonder whether her nibble or her words had caused the most surprise. He'd be figuring it out on his own, however, as she opened the door to her apartment and used her body to force him through it.

"Good-bye. Come again," she teased, breathless in his face.

Anna's submissive nature didn't extend beyond her apartment door. She took pleasure in biffing him with her belly and chest to make him leave.

"Can you find your way home?" she asked with true concern, as her last kind act of the day.

"Yeah, sure. Thank Fuji again too, please, for the lovely supper." Before Anna could shut the door in his face, he grabbed her by the waist and pulled her towards him, slathering her with some final kisses.

"I will see you again," he promised. "Real soon."

"Sayōnara," she said with a smile, pushing him away while closing the door. "Amai yume o. Sweet dreams."

A note from ArDeeBurger

Okay! That is it! The Book of HUMILITY is done!
The Book of KINDNESS is next!
Here is a sneak peek:

     "Why are we walking?" Hank asked Rio. "Don't you own a car?"
     "Why not? Milton has dozens of them."
     "I don't drive."
     "Well, let's take a taxicab."
     "I don't like cabs. They're confining."
     Hank had to bite his tongue. A house packed full of killer clowns didn't bother Rio, but the back seat of a cab? Ooh! Scary!
     Rio knew Hank was thinking poorly of her, so she tried her best to put on a pretty face. She looked like crap, but he didn't care. Rio was always pretty.
     "Look, I suck at driving, you see? And I don't like being trapped in a car with some goddamn stranger."
     He stepped in front of her to make her stop walking, not bothering to hide his disdain. "You do know you sound crazy, right?"
     Rio gave Hank her best death-ray stare. Then, as he'd grown used to seeing, she closed her eyes and relaxed. When she opened them, she was not so much the stinker she had been before. She smiled sweet and genuine.
     "Yes, I know," she said. "Let's just keep walking. It helps me feel better, and I promise to be nice. Okay?"
     Silent Hank had returned. He said not one word, until Rio begged.
     "Please? I won't make us hurry."
     Hank's butterfly lashes fluttered as he contemplated his response. Rio seemed close to tears.
     "I really need someone to talk to right now, and I don't know anyone like me." She sniffled. "You see? Without Milton, I can't talk about RMing and mind reading, and other stuff like that."
     Hank had no intention of following through on Rio's plan. "Okay," he said plainly, now taking the lead. He stuck his fingers in his pockets and slouched, moving as slow as he pleased.
     "Go ahead and talk," he said. 


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