The Book of HUMILITY - Chapter FIVE


A note from ArDeeBurger

It was pride that changed angels into devils.
It is humility that makes angels out of men.

       - St. Augustine of Hippo (circa 410 A.D.)

Hank held the door open for Anna and her roommates as they left the White Tea House. Sue Marie came first, bounding past without stopping. She had on a varsity style jacket made of fuzzy fake pink fur similar in style to her lavender backpack. As she walked away, Fuji came next, wearing just her choli and slacks. She brushed her chubby body against Hank as she passed.

"Dōmo," she said with a bow of her head.

Anna followed right behind, with her business jacket buttoned tight. She caught up to Fuji and they walked arm-in-arm, with Anna adjusting her long strides to suit Fuji's short legs.

"Kochira koso!" Hank called after Fuji as they walked away.

"Come along, Hank," Anna said, to make him catch up.

Hank was more than happy to bring up the rear. Sue Marie stopped leading the group, and hopped on her toes as her roommates passed. She pasted herself to Hank's side once Anna was out of her line of sight, wrapping his left arm up with both of hers. When her overstuffed backpack purse banged him in the butt, rather than simply switching it to her other arm, she zipped around his backside and wrapped herself around his other arm instead. She then nearly dragged him along, until they caught up with the others.

"Let's get a cab for ourselves," she said to Hank's close face.

Fuji looked over her shoulder to see if one was coming down the street. After noticing Sue Marie hanging on Hank, Fuji got Anna to roll her eyes instead of lambasting Sue Marie, and most likely Hank as well.

Fuji released Anna from her arm and stepped to the curb. "Taxi!" she called to one driving by, after whistling as loud as a siren.

The cab driver quickly stopped. Anna strode to the back door and opened it for Fuji. "You will sit next to me," Fuji said to Hank, taking him from Sue Marie.

Fuji handed Hank to Anna before entering the cab. Her outfit rustled like king-size satin bed sheets as she packed herself into the corner. Anna gave Hank her most pleasant smile as she motioned for him to go next, guiding him in by his elbow. Anna then entered, causing Hank to wonder about Sue Marie, as the backseat seemed to be full. But the fact didn't faze her in the slightest. Anna clutched her purse to her chest as Sue Marie clambered over, plopping her butt on Hank's lap. She sat up straight and faced the front, as Hank spat out bits of fake pink jacket fur.

Fuji leaned far back to look past Hank and speak to Anna. "Are we all in?" she asked.

"You bet!" Sue Marie chirped, thinking she was talking to her.

She spun on Hank's lap and squatted before him, using her backpack purse as a seat. For balance as the cab lurched forward, she placed both hands on the part of the seat between Hank's legs. Soon after, Anna plucked Sue Marie's hands off his crotch, giving one of them to Fuji while keeping the other for herself.

"So," Hank said to Sue Marie's face, as she bounced on her haunches to the bumps in the road. "Fuji and Anna work at the PEP Center?"

"Yes, they do!" she exclaimed. "Fuji got Anna a job there, and then she moved in with us, what about three months ago?"

"About four months now, little Squirrel," Anna said.

"Right out of high school!" Sue Marie added. "I'm so happy! She's fun! And pretty hot, too!"

Anna didn't look at Sue Marie, but she did roll her eyes a bit in response to such fawning praise.

"I mean, gosh. Don't you think?" Sue Marie begged, when no one said anything.

"Anna is very pretty," Fuji acknowledged in silken tones. "Now stop embarrassing her in front of her new boyfriend."

"Momma-san!" Anna groaned like a girl, rolling her eyes even further.

"Oh Anna-chan," Fuji admonished. "Hush hush."

She released her grip on Sue Marie's hand to pat Anna on the knee for support. Hank found this move to be less than wise, as Fuji's short arms meant she had to heave and grind against his side to reach for Anna. At the next bump in the road, Sue Marie quite naturally had to balance herself by placing her hand squarely between Hank's legs.

"What do you do for a living?" he asked her, since she now had his attention.

Anna let out a huff as Sue Marie proudly announced, "I'm a Tropical Beach Bikini Girl! I'm meeting with my teammates tonight!"

"They should pay you to go to those meetings," Anna said.

Hank tried to focus on Anna as she was clearly jealous. But it was hard for him to do, as Sue Marie stopped minding what few manners she had, and spoke to her hand in his crotch. His manhood protruded proudly for her, traveling down the inside seam of his left pants leg as she spoke.

"No, that's okay!" Sue Marie said to it. "We have fun! We don't really do any work. We just find out where our next gig is, and what we're supposed to do."

Sue Marie again proved how she wasn't dumb, as she looked at Hank's face before Anna caught her admiring his crotch. She failed to take Fuji into account, however, and when she noticed where Sue Marie had her attention, she lightly slapped her on the forearm and removed her hand from between Hank's legs.

Sue Marie tried very hard to speak to Hank's face. "We spend the rest of the night talking about makeup and boys and things, and comparing our tan lines while deciding what bikinis to wear. We also like showing off stuff we bought, like new clothes and shoes. We really just spend the night fooling around, or going out to eat or shop, and other fun like that."

Hank sat up straight and reared back, as Sue Marie suddenly pounced. "Oh! You should totally come!" she exclaimed, bouncing her butt hard on her backpack. "After our meeting is over, you can hang out with me and my team!

"They're all Tropical Bikini Girls," she teased, letting the words drip from her lips.

Anna fought to fend off Sue Marie. "You leave him alone! You and your friends would just eat him up, leaving me with his clothes and his bones!"

"Anna!" Fuji scolded.

Anna acted like the young teenager she was. "Aw, but Momma-san! Sue Marie gets all the guys! Hank's mine!"

The trio talked as if Hank wasn't there. "Anna's right," Fuji decreed. "Hank is hers. Leave him be."

"Okay!" Sue Marie chirped. "But man-o-man, Momma-san, you see how gorgeous he is? I mean, my gosh, those eyes! They're heaven! And he's smart and so…" she paused as her gaze fell on his prominence. "I mean, he's smart!" she said to it.

"You said that," Anna scoffed.

"I know! And it is! You got a real keeper here, Peaches!"

"You're too kind," Hank replied, with as much machismo as he could muster.

Since he couldn't control his arousal any more than Sue Marie could control her libido, he figured he might as well own it. Anna let Sue Marie place her hand on Hank's knee so she could wrap up his right arm in victory, using both of hers. He'd never seen Anna so happy in all the years he'd pined for her.

And she's smiling for me! he cheered to himself as he smiled back.


"We're here!" Anna announced with another slap on Hank's thigh.

She flung open the taxicab door. The sight of her ample fanny so close to Hank's face was breathtaking, for both him and Sue Marie. He continued admiring her curves and taste in clothes as she shook out her hair while standing on the sidewalk.

Sue Marie leapt out next, graceful as a gazelle. Not so graceful was the exit of Hank and Fuji. As Hank struggled to move, he was certain every person on the street would know exactly how he felt about sharing the backseat of a cab with three wonderful women. He offered Fuji a hand after exciting, who had just finished paying the driver.

She grunted while trying to move, until Hank said, "Fuji-san. Chotto matte. Kudasai."

He sprinted around to her side of the cab and opened that door. His skin flushed as she became the first person on the street to notice how hard his pride had become.

"Oh. My. Goodness."

Fuji heaved on each word as she rose, her eyes traveling the length of his body. She stood just a breath away, as a breeze blew his sandy brown hair. The same breeze blew her mahogany tresses full in her face, until she pawed a fistful of them away so she could see.

"Thank you," she puffed with her hand buried in her hair.

"Kochira koso!" Hank gushed.

Time stood still for a moment, as she praised him to his face. "You're a very big man."

The breeze again blew their hair around, as he accidently complimented her boobs. "Fuji-san, I have never met a girl as big as yours. I mean…"

Anna saved Hank from having to explain by calling to them from the doorway of her building. "Get out of traffic!"

"Come with me," Fuji said quietly, and with understanding. Musk and amber perfume poured from the keyhole opening in her choli. "I will cook for you."

She strode around the back of the cab, swaying her hips just for him. As he watched, he thought eating food with her would be a nice way to spend the evening.

Sue Marie and Anna entered a stairwell just beyond the building's foyer. "We live on the fourth floor!" Sue Marie called to Hank, as if she'd forgotten that Fuji was with him.

"Shush!" Anna told Sue Marie, as both her voice and her clunky boots echoed up and down the stairs.

Fuji again brushed Hank with her body as she passed, while he held another door open for her. He enjoyed watching her bum sway at his eye level as he followed her up the stairs, until she paused at the third landing.

"You need to be in front if you wish to hold the next door," she said, her voice heavy from the short climb.

"Hai, Buzoku Jōu" he said, bowing low.

"Yes. Well, Hank-sama, Dōmo, but please do not remind me." Fuji took her turn watching Hank's butt as he mounted the stairs before her. "I'm really not much older, you know." She paused at the point of passage through the door to her floor, where Hank stood holding it open. "Ijōfu, I might even be younger," she said. "How old are you, if I may ask?"

"I'm twenty-four."

"Hmm," she said after a pause, before brushing past. "You win."

Hank couldn't argue that. He sprinted after her as she entered the door to an apartment that stood open.

"Why didn't you take the elevator?" Sue Marie asked, upon seeing Fuji's red face.

Fuji puffed while smiling. "Hai, Sue-san. The same as you. It stinks. Besides, Hank-sama was very helpful in getting me up the stairs."

She gave him an apple dumpling smile as she plopped onto a loveseat across from a sofa where Sue Marie sat with her legs crossed, swinging a white go-go boot covered leg. A great square chabudai was the centerpiece of the room, with the sofa and loveseat on opposing sides. A pile of zabuton pillows were stuffed under the table. Everything was elegant and posh, making Hank feel a bit scruffy.

Despite Fuji being big, and the loveseat being small, Hank chose to sit next to her, figuring her to be the safer of the two women in the room. As he maneuvered around the table to do so, Sue Marie took exception to his choice. She flew off the sofa and ran around the table, wrapping her body around him. He raised his head to her sudden assault, and she attacked his pale lips with her nude ones. As he stood up straighter, her lithe body rose with him. She had removed the chunky belt from her pants, which was fortunate, for otherwise its rhinestone buckle would have scraped across his abdomen as she hung from his neck like a lanyard.

Unfortunately, she still wore her boots. First one heel, then the other, dug into Hank's back. She forced him to hold her up by her butt, or she'd take him down to the table, this time with him on top of her.

Fuji scolded the best she could while catching her breath. "Sue-san! Get off! Right now!"

Sue Marie breathed hot in Hank's mouth between smooches, ignoring Fuji entirely. "You're one gorgeous guy! I'd give anything for your eyes on me all night long!"

"You're very sweet," Hank said with mild sarcasm, while enjoying her cotton candy scent. "But I'm going to set you down because your boots are killing me."


She hopped off and flitted away, to return to her spot on the sofa, as Anna came from her room with a box of slippers for her house guest. She had removed her business jacket and slacks, complimenting her tee top now with a flouncy vanilla white tennis skirt bearing two peach colored stripes, and a mid-length kimono patterned in orange and yellow, which she held shut with a sienna sash. She glanced at her friends, and then at what they'd been staring at the moment she entered the room. She went through a range of emotions before she too allowed herself to notice Hank's generous display of manhood.

She brought her gaze back to his eyes. "Lay off," she told Sue Marie.


"I mean it. He's mine."


Anna smiled while looking stern, to keep whatever Hank had to say to himself, as Fuji took over the conversation. "Hank-sama, please. Sit down."

She patted the left-hand cushion of the loveseat where she sat. Hank took her up on the offer, while Anna pulled a pillow out from under the table. She used it to kneel on the floor before him, busying herself with his boots. He stared in awe at her as she serviced him, never looking up from her task.

"You don't have to do that," he said.

She chose to praise her guest. "Hank-sama. You have big feet. I hope these fit well."

He could have kissed her right there, holding her up by her ample fanny the way Sue Marie made him do with her skinny one. "They're wonderful," he gushed. "Thank you so much, Anna-san. Dōmo arigatō."

"De nada," she said in Spanish for some reason. She pursed her lips to keep from bursting with pride.

She placed his boots on a rack by the front door. After picking another pair of slippers from the rack, she returned to fetch her zabuton. He'd never seen her smile so huge as she placed the pillow before Fuji, repeating the same process of removing her shoes. Fuji moaned happy as Anna labored, going through a series of motions that indicated she was unable to get comfortable with Hank sitting beside her.

"Please do forgive me," Fuji said. "My feet are killing me. I usually lay on my back after work, before I cook our supper."

Hank bent at the waist to yank out a second zabuton from under the chabudai. "Make yourself comfortable," he said, offering the pillow. "Don't let me be in the way."

She took the pillow and used it to plop her head and shoulders into his surprised lap. She then threw her stockinged feet over the far arm of the loveseat while releasing all the air in her lungs. Quietly, Anna picked up her pillow, moving it to where Fuji's feet now were. But rather than putting on slippers right away, Anna massaged Fuji's feet.

Hank struggled to take the pressure of Fuji laying in his lap, as her hard-packed body weighed a ton. If she held still he wouldn't complain, as he greatly enjoyed watching Anna work her magic. Fuji's chest heaved as she exhaled orange blossom spice in the air.

"Anna-san is a godsend," she said, her eyes closed in contentment. "Since she has moved in, we are blessed."

Sue Marie piped up. "I found her! And everyone loves her!"

Fuji concurred. "Yes, Squirrel, you did. And we do."

Hank spoke down to Fuji's face. "Who lived here before?"

"Ah, some of Sue-san's other friends. They came and went, but never worked out. Then she brought home Anna. Now she is our angel."

Hank agreed. "She certainly is."

"Yeah!" Sue Marie chirped, swinging her crossed leg again. "And we do everything together! It's great!"

Fuji mothered in peaceful tones. "Yes, Sue-san. We do."

A note from ArDeeBurger

Although there is no primary source that directly quotes St. Augustine as saying 'Humility makes angels out of men,' Thomas Hibernicus—from 1306 until his death in 1338—collected some 6,000 quotes from theologians of his time, and he is viewed as being an accurate source.

It is said that primary source material for St. Augustine is in a decrepit state, even at the time of Hibernicus. Nonetheless, thanks to St. Augustine, Pride—nowadays defined as Hubris—began being viewed as the worst of all Deadly Sins, thus making Humility—or Humbleness—the greatest of all the Virtues. 

It's easy to see why. Hank certainly has his arms wrapped around the fact.

And wait until you see how Anna wraps her arms around it.  😁

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