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I am extremely, tremulatiously excited to announce that Invisible Werewolf Dracula meets Vampire Mummy Frankenstein is now available not only as a convenient ebook, but also as an audiobook narrated by Keith Yeager (aka kgy121, the RR author behind such stories as Experimental Dungeon Novel)!


Now you don't have to settle for imagining Adam yelping "oops!" -- close your eyes and you can practically witness Dracula becoming the bat, becoming the wolf! Behold, and cower newly before the power of SOUND!

Relive the magic, the myth, the mayhem! Order yours today!

(Every RR chapter must be at least 500 characters long, and I had to put the rest of it in an author's note because chapters aren't allowed to have links in them!! Bear with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


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