Tommy and Antonio turned to notice green raptors with piercing red eyes charging right towards them. The two of them instinctively dove out of the raptors’ way, and the creatures ended up crashing headfirst into a mountainside face. They quickly got back on their feet; noticing Antonio and Tommy heading towards a tree for safety, they continued to pursue the two.

Tommy and Antonio hurried to climb the nearest tree before the Raptors could catch them. The dinosaurs waited impatiently at the base of the tree, expecting the two boys to fall off.

As Tommy and Antonio hung on for dear life, their backpacks fell to the ground below them with a loud plop. The Raptors stopped pacing and moved over to inspect the newly arrived bags. They pushed at the bags with their noses, trying to see whatever could be inside that they could eat.

“Oh, come on, are you serious?” Antonio complained.

“Hey, don’t mess with our stuff!” Tommy ordered. The Raptors ignored him.

“W-What do we do now?” Antonio questioned, desperately hanging on for dear life.

“I don’t know; we didn’t think this through...”

“How can we think when we’re in the middle of a crisis!?

A rock from a distance charged toward the Raptors, and they ducked to avoid the collision.

Antonio, Tommy, and the Ceratocheloraptors all looked toward the source of the tossing.

“Oops, I missed,” Maggie muttered while still standing on the top of the mountainside.

The Raptors now drew their attention over to her and crept toward the mountainside again. Maggie tried to back away from the edge, but slipped and fell on her butt. Her heart pounded out of her chest, as she knew she didn’t think this through.

Frantically trying to think of what to do next, Maggie picked up more small pebbles and inched to the edge of the cliff again. She looked down to see the Raptors slowly climbing up on the mountainside toward her. She tossed more rocks at the Raptors, but they did little with slowing them down. Maggie got stuck in a dangerous situation, not sure what to do now. She looked around for more massive rocks when a loud noise came over the valley.

It sounded like a battle cry or someone trying to mimic an animal roar, she wasn't sure. Regardless, the Raptors grew agitated by the sound, reluctantly climbing back down the mountainside and high-tailing it out of there.

“What was that noise?” Antonio asked, stammering.

“Beats me,” Tommy replied. “But whatever it was, it seemed to be too much for those dinosaurs...”

The two climbed back down the tree and landed safely on the ground. Tommy and Antonio went over to check on both of their bags that rested next to them.

Fortunately, it seemed their food, electronics, and other supplies were still intact. However, the two noticed that the food supply got low and made a mental note that they must get more resources soon.

“Hey, are you guys, all right?” Maggie asked from afar.

“Yeah, we are,” Tommy replied with a wave. “How about you? You ok?”

Maggie nodded in response. She went over to the edge and slid down the slope until she got to the ground. Tommy ran over to pick Maggie up from the fall when he noticed her hands were bleeding.

“What happened?” Tommy asked exasperatedly. "Look at your hands!"

Maggie got up and noticed the bloody hands but rolled her eyes. “Eh, I’ve been through worse...”

“It doesn’t matter, stop trying to hide your pain and let us help you out!” He turned to Antonio. “Do you still have the health kit?”

“Sure, do.” Antonio pulled out the package from his backpack and took out the bandages and disinfecting spray.

The two boys worked together to patch up her hands by wrapping them in bandages, all the while Maggie tried not to wince at the pain. While doing so, the three kept hearing strange noises that didn’t sound like any dinosaur they had already encountered.

They figured that once they got things done, the three of them would continue to try and search for the white gem while staying away from the source of the new noise.

“Hey, Maggie, did you see the gem from up there?” Antonio asked, looking around.

“Sure did, it was over there,” Maggie replied, she pointed in a direction.

“Is it high up in the sky still? Because I don’t see it anywhere...” Antonio shielded his eyes from the sun to see better.

“I saw it hover down not too long ago. Maybe you’re not looking carefully?”

“Or maybe it turned invisible?” Tommy suggested.

“Wait, I can still sense it...” Mandy spoke up from the laptop. “Keep going that way and you'll get to it soon.”

“How so? Can the laptop also be a tracking device?” Maggie inquired, crossing her arms.

“Well, yeah, almost like a radar of some sort.”

“Are you telling me you could’ve told us this sooner?”

“Sorry, it just occurred to me,” Mandy replied, looking away.


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