Xianshi Inn (A contemporary Xianxia novel)

by EgaoChan

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

He left his home, unwillingly, to a realm of cultivation, Xianshu, mythical manuals and Dao. And now he’s here due to a failed attempt at going home, a place bears a lot of resemblance but not the same.

“At least it’s close enough here. I’ll get there on my next jump.” Jianmen Yu said to himself, “But while I’m prepping, let me do my old job here for a bit.”

And there we have it, “Xianshi Inn”, run by a cultivator, who’s not of this world. Don’t mess with it or its employees, the owner will kick your ass, no matter who you are, no matter WHAT you are.

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Needs a lot of work. Did not continue.

Reviewed at: Chapter 4

I've only read the first four chapters, but decided not to continue and I wanted to explain why.

The prose reads a bit awkward, like a Chinese novel translated to English, which makes sense because the author is a native Chinese speaker. It's mostly bearable, but there are times where there are bad run-on sentences. The worst part is the dialogue. Maybe it would be okay if this was actually a translated novel set in China, but these are people living in San Jose, California, and their English comes off as stilted.

Story is very simplistic, which wouldn't be a bad thing, but it requires better prose and other aspects to carry a simple story. Characters are also hard to get a good feel for because the dialogue and prose is like this. For example, in the second chapter, it felt pretty unnatural the urgency and surprise Caroline responded with to the fact that a girl came into their hotel with a black eye, and the awkward writing was unable to convey any nuance to her strong sense of justice or hint at why she is so personally invested. Besides her, the main boss guy of the hotel comes off as seriously tryhard mysterious and the other male character seems to just be a generic goofy sidekick.

Anyway, it would be hard for me to make any more judgements, I just wanted to give some feedback because there weren't any other reviews yet.


Good engaging story

Reviewed at: Chapter 32

So far reading this has been a joy!

From reading past reviews I was skeptical of what the quality would be but I decided to try it anyways. I guess the author has done some major edits because the structure and the language used in the story is close to other stories on here written by native speakers. Its an interesting take on the isekai trope as it focuses on minor characters that are influenced by the guy that got taken to another world. The author slowly introduces us to the world and builds up the supernatural stuff in a way that you feel like you're discovering it along with the characters. 

Overall this story is pretty good, there were a few places where I noticed some weird phrasing and word choice but nothing too bad. The characters have only really been introduced as of chapter 32, and there hasn't been much development but it looks like it will be heading there. The story and world building is interesting and not just a generic magic/cultivation system. the style of using  the perspective of the characters to introduce the world is very engaging and leaves you wanting more. 

TLDR; Good story with interesting magic/cultivation system and storytelling style.




So far I'm reminded with Mentalist tv series

Reviewed at: Chapter 46

This is Wuxia police investigation story. Except instead solving mistery, they punch it. At least for 1st arc. Quite fresh air since there're not much face slapping and unlimited growth by consuming resource like 1 man capitalist empire.


I don't know what else I can say without spoiling anything. But the town in danger and some newbie trying to help within their reach.


Cultivation and some mystery mixed in

Reviewed at: Chapter 222
This is a slower paced wuxia/xianshia story with strong elements of mystery and investigation, told mainly from the perspective of the students of the master though the POV shifts occasionally to other characters. Majority of the characters are also slowly fleshed out over the course of the story
Most of the arcs can be seen as mystery stories/ investigations with an easier battle at the beginning and a actually tough battles at or near the end of the arc (my impression is closer to of a Call of Cthullu session rather than a D&D session).
The progression fantasy elements work well with the mixture of mystery and xianshia elements. The gradual world-building done via the master introducing and the students coming in contact with deeper layers of the hidden world. Also while the battles tend to be fewer they are more noticeable, this works well in concert with the world-building to highlight the growth of the characters.
A welcome contrast to many progression fantasies, was that while the students still have problems that need punching to solve, those are actually in the minority.

Subtle. Slow. Mysterious. Enjoyable.

Reviewed at: Chapter 22

This is a story where the first arc is used to introduce characters, motivations, relationships, world building, paranormal events, superhero crime, and more.

The story starts 1 year after the mc accepted 2 employees/disciples. 

Arc 1 follows the disciples as they introduce the world to us through their local, young, perspective. They have adventures, everyone (readers too) learn about stuff.

The first arc is written from the perspective of these disciples as they do what students do best - find trouble and stick their noses in it.

As they stumble through each chapter, we watch as their teacher steps back a bit and let's them find their feet in an increasingly paranormal situations and dangerous encounters, as they take this next step in their cultivation journey.

The mc watches on from the shadows as the students learn about the world around them and interact with it. As they do, the reader slowly gets introduced to the people, places, situations and relationships which develop in a subtle, mysterious and slow way. Much like a mystery novel.

This is a story where the op old mc is a low profile, subtle person who values quality sleep, cautious travel, good food and clean clothes.  He is someone who has already had many adventures and  isn't likely to bring the same type of tension to these minor encounters the disciples are experiencing as they meet their first ghosts, element tossing gangsters and more. Kids just bring a freshness and vitality to low level encounters that elders don't.

Mc is literally living in a mostly mortal city as he enjoys the nostalgia of being in a different but familiar era, with different norms to the cultivation world/culture he has spent the majority of his life in. He is in hidden master mode~

He has his long term goal of travelling across world's in hope of stumbling across his childhood home. Much like a lost person can wander aimlessly until they reach their destination. So, after finding this new world, he is willing to start a business, raise some children/disciples and gradually explore what this world has to share with a wandering cultivator.

Recap:a subtle, slow plot, world build and character development but an interesting one with mysteries to explore and punch.



I tried to read it but this is not what I was expecting, this is not an inn story this got me exactly the same way wandering inn got me, I was expecting something but got another...

even the MC isn't the owner of the inn, this is more of a mystery story than a cultivations action, etc.

karma doesn't make the MC not talk, the thing that makes people unable to tell because they can change the future is the ability to see into the future since if things change the future change and not always the change is good, so this karma thing is to make mystery to people reading the story but right now in this time of review there is no mystery tag, I was expecting to read something but I'm reading another, there are multiple characters but we are just changing from one another so much that in the end I didn't care about any of them.

there is no time to explain how they got there it is like we began to read something in the middle, I thought it was propositional but the police arc makes things clear that this was how he wanted to write his story.

And the last things this is supposed to be the US but everyone act like a chinese, the police, the way people talk, it would be better if the author wanted to make the story based on china with some american people or even in HK.

This should be a good story but the author want to make too much drama, "and then later we will talk because if I talk now readers would understand what is happening and there will be no suspense..." why couldn't the owner of the inn speak like a man even once? even though I hated Carolina character because she is stupid as a donkey I have to agree with her that the owner just talks in riddles and this is stupid beyond reason, when you have a character like that it is fun to read one or two chapters in hundred of chapters but reading every chapter is frustrating, why the fuck can't he be straightforward as a normal person? this type of character is horrible to read and even follow in my opinion this may be a little biased but 21 chapters in and we don't know the motivation behind any of the character just some hints because the author think it is cool to act like this, chapter 10 a hint about annoying past, chapter 30 another hint this time about family, chapter 50 another about something else, no one would be this way, why carolina helped the girl? why jason accepted it? we don't know, they aren't just coworkers? but he is ready to face people with firearms with her?

you see this is my problem there is too much drama and too much 'mystery' it is like the author doesn't bother to explain why these things happen, 22 chapters in and I don't know why the fuck people would go so far for some things, the last 4 chapters i read was rushed to see if things would get better it was my last chance to the story since dave, why the owner of any establishment would leave and put an unknown person to take care of business like Dave? he could be kidnapped for god sake, not even a call explaining things? and why an unknown guy and not Jason taking care and putting Dave to help him? the more I think I see that this isn't for me there are glaring problems with the execution.

If each chapter would be added 3000 words explaining things that happen in the chapters we would have an at least good story deserving at least 4 starts even the author did not explain that in the US they aren't having a US wedding, he could've explained easily in one sentence before Jason got there "even though they are in the US X and Y wanted a chinese type of weeding since half of the family was chinese and the X/Y agree with it" see how easy this is, but he made the chapter without a care of the people reading and at the end put a note there... this is my problem if you want a story for us you make it for us to read, this weeding proved to me that perhaps there are more things unexplained because you did not care to put one sentence in the story or in your head you know about it but didn't care to put it in words so we know about it too.

anyway this could be read as a rant but I just want to warn anyone that read this about these problems and even the author, if you want to publish it so people would read about it, you need to stop being so 'mysterious' and write things DOWN, we need to know about these things too, you should forget what you wrote and read it yourself and try to understand the story, you would see that there are way too many glaring problems, we don't know what you think and what you know about the story, this is frustrating to read right now.


Training Humans serving Charma

Reviewed at: Chapter 21

The main character at least in the begining is not our master from the introduction but his human students. A heroic one and the got draged along with out much resistance type. both a bit imature but likeable. 

the Main master likes to act mysterious and say and do esotieric things. 

While this will likely  develop more plot and deeper characterization as time goes on for the early story this is it ( as of chapter 25)

Worth the read? decent style check. good characters ( a little bit rehashed but passable) good humor ( more into the drama but tries to add it in during training (depending on audience can fall flat) grammer ( won't comment as I am horrible withit) 

If you need to kill some time yes. 

If you lack time and need to select for higher value content you may want to give this one a pass. At least untill the author fully understands his/her style and the characters sense of humor. 

Godbless storyhunter