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The day she turned 18, a breach in the northern sky flooded the world with unknown particles, altering humans and animals alike.

On her 22nd birthday, societies collapsed, and the monsters took control.

From humans to beasts, Amy Sullivan fights the nightmares behind every door and hunts the person who left her behind, the person who killed her sister.

Isolation, fighting, and struggling to survive. This is a story set in a fallen world. Please mind the tags.

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Well-written dystopian story with MC

Reviewed at: Chapter 24

Short version: I love this story. It follows a young girl struggling to survive. A girl who is slowly transitioning from someone relying on others for protection to someone capable of protecting others. In a world still undergoing cataclysms, she struggles with her memories of what the world used to be like and the moral implications of her actions in a world very different from what she grew up in.


Longer version:

Very well-written in terms of writing style and grammar. Excellent, sometimes poetic prose that conveys emotion rather than just a detailed description. The conciseness of the writing also means that the author is able to cram in a surprising amount of story in relatively few pages. To date, it only follows a single PoV (the main character’s).

Settings-wise, there are no typical LitRPG elements. No classic set of skill trees or system quests. There are superhuman abilities and ‘stats’ that increase with her growing power, but these are based more on ‘scientific’ measurements of “essence” rather than the usual DnD-inspired attributes. In this dystopian world, society has largely fallen apart under the strain of a series of ongoing cataclysms. Biological lifeforms have had their own biology changed with these cataclysms. Several humans have obtained supernatural abilities from this change. On the flip side, moral and “essence” corruption (coupled with societal breakdown) have devolved some humans into monsters (sapient or otherwise). Which coupled with the vicious mutated animals and ongoing natural disasters, makes the world a very dangerous place.

The main character, Amy, is not an overpowered fighter or even a perfect decision-maker. However, she has a clear and ever-present goal that she strives to achieve. While struggling with her lack of combat experience, pre-cataclysm morality, and learning how to better use her own rare ability that she gained during the cataclysm. This goal that she is striving towards ensures that the plot moves along and always has purpose, even if she sometimes has to run away from overwhelming threats and occasionally questions her own actions. Though she sometimes hesitates or makes (in my opinion) incorrect decisions, the thought process is presented concisely and appear to be quite realistic and believable considering the situation. The conciseness of the descriptions also means she does not spend entire pages or chapters struggling to make a decision; even if she is struggling with a decision. The side characters are also well-written. Their characterisations nuanced, their actions and reactions believable.

There aren’t very many chapters (or pages) so far, so I will update my review as more turn out. However, if you are fine with the slower power progression and dark moments, this is a very good story and everyone should at least try it out.


Good Story, Slow Growth MC

Reviewed at: Chapter 20

Edit: Happy to see the MC growing a backbone in later chapters. Updating my score.

This story is genuinely good. The world-building is interesting, the system is novel. Few to no typos. 

But I absolutely loathe the MC. She's that one character in every horror show that breaks down screaming halfway through and maybe gets someone or everyone killed. 

I get it. She's a trauma survivor. She's just a kid, and her background didn't prepare her for the apocalypse. 

But that's just me. If you like that kind of thing, then this is probably right up your alley. 

Author is still legit though, so 4.5 stars. 


Amazing Writing, clear first person voice

Reviewed at: Chapter 8

First off, 5/5 overall.  This is great fiction.  It's dark in all the right ways for me, the writing is beautiful and the narration manages to suck you into it.  I had a wholly enjoyable experience reading this.  It's clear the author has taken care with each chapter and sentence to get the voice of the story just right.

Style:  This is the best part of this work.  The way this is written is subtly brilliant.  In my efforts to get better at the craft of writing I would stumble upon advice saying "make sure your story has a unique voice."  And honestly, I didn't know what that really meant.  This story though gave me clarity.  The way each sentence is written is in the unique voice of the MC. (this is written in first-person POV)  I wish to applaud the author for their skill here. 5/5

Grammar:  I noticed only a few Very minor issues.  Nothing to take you out of the narration.  5/5.

Story Score: It's a great story.  There ample action to kick things off, and cool world-building.  The story, so far, is character-focused.  As the MC travels with purpose through the detailed post-apocalyptic wasteland, the narrative is interwoven with details of her past that give the story weight.

Character:  As I said in the story score, the bulk of the story so far is character-based.  So far there's really only 1 character, but she is fleshed out so well that I have to give this a 5/5.  Her flashbacks really allow you to connect with her, although there's still enough mystery to why she's doing what she's doing that you feel the need to read further.

I highly recommend this fiction.

Daniel Newwyn

How a dystopian novel should be written

Reviewed at: Chapter 10

UYScuti has masterfully penned an awesome dystopian novel with gritty world-building, tragic backstories, and suspenseful action sequences in 'Stiched'. Amy Sullivan has to fend off humans, beasts, and humans turning beasts in her quest for survival and vengeance. In her journey, Amy has to fight not only ruthless foes, but also guilt and memories eating her up from inside.


The MC is very likeable and relatable. We've all been through guilt and regret before, and this MC just propels these feelings to a whole new level. The story is character-based, so the bulk of the story is her fighting off her inner demon, another struggle I can definitely resonate with. Her character shines through the style the author chosen, with detailed descriptions and heavy focus on character thoughts.


The story is strong, with danger after danger looming over the MC, giving us no room to breathe. Another interesting I saw from this novel that I haven't seen anywhere else is a litRPG-like status system that incorporates technological stats rather than magic. 


The grammar is impeccable; nothing else to talk about here.


All in all, Stitched is a great novel for fans of dystopia sci-fi with some slight twists. Would recommend to everybody!


All 5 and nothing less

Reviewed at: Chapter 2

The story is in a few words a zombie apocalypse with superpowers. Now for those of you already turning away, hold on for a second because this fiction is not your standard one. First of all, I have only read two chapters so far as time is in a pinch for me and I do not tend to leave reviews without reading till the end usually but this fic compelled me to leave one. It is good. In fact, it is so good that the moment I read the first sentence I knew it was going to be good. The prose is better than most fics on RR. There is a certain way the author describes things that brings you into the world. 

The story is in the first person and while I am not a fan of first-person the character comes in strong with the POV here. It grips you, with the foreboding air and the vivid description. The mix of the dreary world and the way its represented is a beautiful contrast. Now I won't go too deep into the praise just yet. I'll read a bit ahead before updating this review with my final verdict but for now, story and character get a 5/5 from me.

The only thing I could cut points off is the pacing, the pacing is not bad but it's not anything phenomenal yet. I can see it becoming that way but it's too early for me to comment, so in my bias, I will be defaulting it to a 5 because I think it deserves as much.

I have nothing to say about grammar. 5/5

TL;DR Go read the fic if it doesn't hook you from the start then perhaps this is not the one for you. But if it does, then I welcome you for the ride. I am expecting a good one.


Great Gritty Survival Fantasy

Reviewed at: Chapter 12

It's been a while since I've read well-written gritty realism. So far Stitched reminds me of a mix of the Hunger Games, The Walking Dead, and my own post-apocalyptic daydreams. There's also a dash of litRPG going on with the MC being able to check her stats and improve her abilities.

Style: Writing in the first-person can be a challenge but I think it works well here. The author handles the MC's inner thoughts and descriptions beautifully. Everything flows nicely and it easy to read (at least in writing style, maybe not psychologically).

Story: There is a clear goal of survival and revenge, but there's also a lot more going on. The author does a good job of balancing explanation with leaving some things unexplained to keep you wanting to read more. There is some backstory and information about this post-apocalyptic world, but nothing is information-dumped. Around chapter 9 or 10 things get a little repetitive with fighting off scabs again and again, but I can feel the author is building up to something. I think everything has been laid out in the background so everything comes together later.

Grammar: No mistakes found. Great grasp of grammar.

Character: Well fleshed out MC. I think it will be interesting to see her character growth. She has a strong backbone and is someone you want root for. I'm interested to see how she grows her stitched ability. 

Overall, I'm really enjoying this story. Don't let the horror tag scare you off. You're going to miss out on a great story!


Rough start but upwards trajectory

Reviewed at: Chapter 20

Honestly really enjoy grimdark gritty stuff, so this is my jam; but even i got a bit tired of the constant beat downs for the first 17 chapters. They're fine, but they dont really add anything to the story other than some world building, motivation and struggle. They probably could have been summarised in half the amount of chapters for the same impact and value to the story.

That said its already getting substanially more enjoyable now that other characters are being introduced and the authors proving that they can write realistic characters as well as great character interaction. Also worldbuilding is coming in faster now and there's more tension to the fights when you believe characters can actually die.

Usually i wouldnt give 5 stars as i pointed out flaws, but considering the level of writing on royal road that usually gets 5 stars i think this easily deserves it and im excited for more.


Well written but boring

Reviewed at: Chapter 17

I binge read this up to chapter 17. Technically, this is the best written story I have read on this site. I did not notice even a single error or typo. The premise and overall plot are interesting. However, the content so far is split between three repeated themes:

-the MC repeatedly getting beaten, injured or captured;

-dreams, psychedelic trips, or flash-backs to better times;

-angsty, woe-is-me psychological and socio-political introspection.

While I appreciate the depth and grittiness of character development the author is trying for, it is too much inner-exploration for my tastes. 



It hurts to read but I can't stop!

Reviewed at: Chapter 10

When the author tags this story with Psychological and Horror tags, you better believe them. This is a story that messes with you emotionally with every chapter. Every scene is a fight for survival, not only against the world but also against one's own memories, morals and guilt.

The best part about this story is that it does not start with the genesis of the apocalypse. Instead, it starts quite a time after and we learn of the horror that event brought through the haunted memories of the MC and hellish scenario she escaped from.

I also like that the MC has a goal other than just getting powerful, which keeps the MC quite grounded and keeps them going. The MC's character is easily the strongest suit of the novel. The grammar is quite good while the style of writing is rather haunting. Perfect for a grimdark story like this one. 

This story is a beautiful look into a traumatised human psyche within an apocalyptic world. The struggle of the MC against her values is nerve wrecking and does not feel dramatic or cliched. It is handled beautifully. The MC knows what she has to do to survive, despite it being against her morals. Yet, she does it as she cries but she can't move on from her actions. Her confession in the initial chapters is a beautiful example of this.

Overall, this is an amazing story. So, do give it a read. It will tear your heart apart to make room for itself.


A master wordsmith at work!

Reviewed at: Chapter 12

The word flow, the descriptions, word play. Your style is fantastic. Why aren't you published?

I love your magic system, It hasn't been explained in detail, but what you reveal has me thirsty for more.

As well as your world building, we only get snippets of Amy's past here and there, I wonder when it will all be laid out, both her family's past and what actually happened to the world.

A great post apocolyptic story, I dont usually like these types, but this, I will faithfully wait for anything I can get!