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"Watch out!" 

That is often the last thing that mortals hear in their life before they are crushed under stones. But what would Stone think of it?

 A strange anomaly, a little pebble, awakens for reasons unknown. At the same time, an unlucky Partner, who mistook his target, gets trapped in him and is compelled by Rules to help him.

 He has to teach him from ground zero and allow him to rise to providence as he is uncovering his mysterious long-forgotten past. 

A silly story about not-so-little Stone, who awakened into an insane universe, seemingly without purpose.

This novel will contain strong language and gore—no explicit sex scenes.

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Dakie Salamander

Dakie Salamander

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Compulsory Optional Prologue ago
Chapter 1: Merciless Awakening ago
Chapter 2: Poor Ants ago
Chapter 3: Fully awake ago
Chapter 4: Upgrade and War ago
Chapter 5: Brave ant and the King ago
Chapter 6: Moving around ago
Chapter 7: To hunt! To kill! ago
Chapter 8: Getting high on good feelings ago
Chapter 9: Declarations ago
Chapter 10: Battle ago
Chapter 11: Preparations ago
Chapter 12: Crack! ago
Chapter 13: The Fall ago
Chapter 14: Marble gate ago
Chapter 15: Rich ago
Chapter 16: First contact ago
Chapter 17: New recruit ago
Chapter 18: Too much informations ago
Chapter 19: Explanations of clothes ago
Chapter 20: Unexpected meeting ago
Chapter 21: Gulp! ago
Chapter 22: Training in the belly of the monster ago
Chapter 23: Druegars' village ago
Chapter 24: Up or down? ago
Chapter 25: Stone's decision ago
Chapter 26: Wrong turn ago
Chapter 27: Goblins ago
Chapter 28: Uh-Oh ago
Chapter 29: Books ago
Chapter 30: New spells and the story ago
Chapter 31: Ambush after ambush ago
Chapter 32: Messy, but effective ago
Chapter 33: Failed challenge ago
Chapter 34: Challenge accepted ago
Chapter 35: Dafur’s days of suffering ago
Chapter 36: The Orc ago
Chapter 37: Lucifer's taste of freedom ago
Chapter 38: Lucifer hunts ago
Chapter 39: Another curveball ago
Chapter 40: Stone's trust ago
Chapter 41: Preparation for the theft ago

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The story is fun and is an interesting take on a world with a system, my main issue with this story is the grammar.

Sentence structure, word order, and word use are an issue here and I personally find it pretty hard to read and I'm sure others will too. Also the way characters talk seem fairly juvenile and are sometimes hard to parse, especially when the Author is trying to have them be mysterious.

I'm fairly confident in saying that the author is not a native English speaker and it unfortunately shows as a proofreader who is a native speaker would do wonders for this story, unfortunately that's unlikely to happen for a hobby writing story.

A reminder for those that, once this story gains more traction and gets more popular, will want to give 1 stars and leave nasty reviews, not everyone on this site is going to be a professional level writer and treating people who genuinely try and enjoy writing for fun badly, will inevitably dissuade those who may write your next favourite story from starting it. 

I don't want to dissuade you from writing, I am sure many people will enjoy this story still and I hope you enjoy writing it.


The story is of a stone as it slowly becomes sentient and muddies the waters on its way through its life. I would recommend the story as it seems unique, and has kept me captivated, but do beware the grammar is fraught with errors in both tense and pauses through the story. 

good story, but needs work throughout for the grammar. -as of chapter 22

Vera Anne Wolf

A Sensitive Stone’s Sapient Progression

Reviewed at: Chapter 6: Moving around

Overall: This is an odd one no doubt, yet it falls well into the litRPG genre crowd. What we have is a rather abrupt start to a bloodstone pebble’s journey to gaining a sapient will and learning to become it's own existence. His “awakening” appears to be brought about by another will that becomes trapped in the pebble’s, “Stone” by chosen name, body. This alter-will is called “Partner.

This is a slow progression and the first 10k basically covers the stone “leveling up” by killing ants, their hive and queen, and then a rat. It does however tick all the boxes as far as a quirky system, level progression, experience gain, skills, skill evolution, and many other bells and whistles the genre is known for. The unique stone “status” boxes are a nice touch.

Style: The writer chose present tense and a very “tell” vs “show” approach. Most of the contents of each chapter are dialogue, progression growth stats, and minimal details such as time, location, where progression is building next. It’s almost like reading a movie script where the bare essentials are there, but mostly it's just what the actors need to say or do.

Story: As a litRPG I think it hits all the marks for a potential Monster litRPG progression. That said, the author could take it in another direction entirely. My review only covers the first six chapters, so take this with a grain of salt. Other reviews might provide more insight. Still, as it stands, other than being slow, it does what it does well.

Grammar: Several awkwardly worded sentences, missing words, awkward paragraph connections, disruptions between a character's dialogue and actions. Overall some general editing is needed.

Character: When your main character is a rock, aka Stone, you can’t exactly expect much in the way of emotion or personality. “Classical rock Face.” That said, there was a steady build-up of intelligence, though I would question some of it, which seems to be generically covered by “Partner’s lectures” which are kept vague and off-screen (if you will).

Partner seemed like that old wise guy/being stuck in a stone’s body trying to nudge this pebble in the right direction while wishing it would grow a pair of legs and walk out of the cave already.

The System, by far, had the most memorable personality. Not sure if that was to make up for the *cough* stoney personality of the MC. Not sure if it works either. But like I said in the opening, this is an odd story, one you’ll either enjoy or won’t. I do consider it worth the read in order to find out.


If Douglas Adams wrote a LitRPG

Reviewed at: Chapter 2: Poor Ants

Its refreshing to see a story that flips the tropes of what is an endless ocean Royal Road LitRPG's, but this author pulls it off. The story seems to be a player that finds himself taking over the avatar character of a tiny rock by the means of an in game bug and must progress with it as his character. Full of awkwardness and humor, this story is worth checking out.

Unintelligent Donkey

Style - I would have given this piece of work a 6/5 for style if I could've! The stylistic decision the author made with regards to using the present tense, and the different speech style tailored to each character, made the characters stand out so much more! Another thing that stood out was the stat table, it was a graphic of a stone tablet, and I cannot tell you how much better this little attention to detail made the story.

However, the present tense kind of took a bit of getting used to, as most writers tend to tell their story in the past tense.

Grammar - Pretty good, I didn't spot anything wrong and nothing stopped me from enjoying the novel. 

Story - The story revolves around the stone and his partner, killing almost everything and everyone in their way, pretty unremorsefully, since well, stones can't feel remorse. I think that the first arc and gradual progression against the ant queen served well to build up the system of magic the world uses in a way that's neither too boring nor confusing. 

Along with the relatively simple and straightforward build-up of the story, there are also small tidbits of mysteries and odd things that could become very interesting potential plot points, so I definitely wouldn't scoff at the story progression moving forward!

Characters - I definitely feel like the characters are this novel's strong suit, starting with a strong contrast between the impassive and simple stone, and the spirited partner, and a slew of strong side characters.

The side characters left a pretty strong impression, especially the dwarves, just because of how weird their speech was. It was pretty boorish, kind of what I imagined a tribe of miners and blacksmiths to be, which definitely made the experience a whole lot more immersive for me.


A rolling stone of a novel

Reviewed at: Chapter 12: Crack!

The style - The author is using the omniscient third person narration, combined with present tense style. We are able to feel the thoughts, emotions and see the perspectives of various characters involved. Perfectly done.

The story - The story follows the tale of two leads, one is Stone, who gained sentience, and the other is Partner, his companion. Right from the synopsis, the story is enticing. And it continued to develop without moving away from the plot line. Well executed.  

The grammar - Top notch. No noticeable errors that could affect the flow of the story.

The characters - You just have love the the characters of stone and partner. They are one of the strongest area of the novel. Their chemistry and conversations are on point. Well defined and role-fitting characters.

 Well done, author.


Just Takes a little to start rolling

Reviewed at: Chapter 13: The Fall

I was a little iffy on the story at first. The prologue was a mixed bag and I wasn't really sure how to feel about how it was written, but it is listend as optional so I didn't give it much weight. The following chapters helped me clear up my feelings on this series and matched the not so serious tone much better than the origin story of everything.

Style - I enjoy the occasional present tense story and I think Rolling Stone did it well enough. However, there are some parts that just don't flow that well/feels a bit awkward. However, I really ended up enjoying the light tone of the story and how simple the writing was. It borders on a little dry sometimes with the strong 'tell' approach, but it keeps things moving with events.

Story - For a litRPG monster progression story, it's not anything completely original so far, but it has a lot of sprinkles of goodness here and there. Parnter adds a great dynamic to the usual boring leveling up alone thing, so that's great. The Universum is also interesting. It's the system and most of the intruigue comes from Partner's knowledge of it and his warnings, and the prologue. The story takes a few unexpected turns and seems to be shaping up for good future events.

Grammar - Some issues here and there with a missed word or letter. Occasional awkward sentences or paragraphs. The tense sometimes just feels off. A bit of editing and it's fixed so not a big issue.

Character - So far, Stone is a stone and I like how simple he is. He's not really interested in anything until Partner pushes him. Their dynamic is great. Partner is the straightman with a goal and aspirations and he's forced to drag along Stone who has only ever known how to do nothing. Stone is starting to grow a personality and that'll shake up their interactions a bit.

Overall, It's a very fun read once you get a chapter or two into it. The characters don't have much depth so far but it's still early on in the story. One of the coolest things, and something I thought was funny too, was when Stone would basically call for the 'system' and a stone tablet would appear.




The story is fun, the idea is interesting as well.

Stones are ever present in this, be it as jokes or even in the format style. It's a good read worth our time.

You came here because of the stone, it will make you stay.


A fun simply wholesome litrpg where we have a rock, a stone if you will, that gains sentience and starts to level up.

It's third person present-tense, which I tend not to like, but it works well here.

Grammar is good, and the style might take a little getting used to, but it's worth a read. I am told there will be gore later so that'll take a fun interesting turn.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if a rock gained sentience? Me neither! I mean, who thinks of that? But that is the power of our author’s imaginations as he not only makes a pebble sapient but also makes its life interesting and fun! It is the little pebble that could!
However, rock is the rock after all and it is dumb as a, well, rock. When the story starts, the main character is observed as thinking about nothing. Nothing! Because it is a rock! Such a common logic but it stands out because it makes so much sense. The author used this brilliantly to emphasize just how stupid the rock it, given it is a rock.
However, that is not all the rock is. After all, just how did a rock gain sentience? Why can it condense mana when no other being could? Is it even alive? These are the questions that the author touches upon before seemingly brushing them away. Though, given the nature of the MC, I assume they are a teaser to be explored later when the MC has gained some intelligence.
The grammar is quite good and the story moves smoothly. The character behaves like a rock. Lol, I can help myself from making these dumb jokes. However, if there is one thing that I would comment on, then it would be the passage of time in the initial chapters of the story. Something that should have taken the MC weeks or months is only mentioned as taking a couple of days. Other than that, I have no complaints with the story and would recommend it without any doubt.