Cannon Fodder - A LitRPG Story

by Nole Moody

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Sci-fi GameLit LitRPG Male Lead Strategy War and Military
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Not even alien scum can take down a squad of US Marines!

When his dad died, Kerry Peters did the one thing he knew would have made his father proud. He signed up for the Marines. He barely made it through basic training and four days after deployment, he wasn’t confident he’d survive his first tour.

As a bookworm, he wasn’t considered a real soldier and most definitely not a hero. Fate however had other plans for Fire Team One and when the squad wakes up alone in camp, the fight is no longer against the Vietcong … but against creatures from other worlds entirely.

This is a fairly smooth LitRPG story - so will incorporate aspects of RPG and gaming in the writing. The LitRPG side of things is most visible from Chapter 7 onwards.

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I think what I've loved the most in this series so far is the growth our MC gets as the story progresses. Most novels prolong the cowardly MC long enough that I hate the story even if its good, but our MC manages to really toughen up through his life and death struggles. Even better, he isnt spontaneously a badass marine version of doom, he still has his nerdy cowardly tendencies in some moments which show that he still has room for growth. 

Aside from the awesome MC development, the story is pretty interesting- its not too heavy on LitRPG elements, but it still has enough to give it the system spice alot of LitRPGs have.


War, alien conspiracy, litrpg...need i say more?

Reviewed at: 21. Enemy Quarters

I'm not one for giving reviews but i was seriously impressed by this story. 

I just wanted to start with the character score. 10 out of 5 stars. Each character is unique and realistic.  You find yourself rooting for them without even trying. 

The style is unique and breaks away from the common litrpg we see on royal road. 

The story is well thought out. Not being forced in any way. No plot armor. No stupid plot choices. Just great writing.

Grammar is impeccable. Spelling is good. Vocab is robust.



Im writing this at Chapter 7.

I think the story is coming along pretty well, good progress and a nice approach to the RPG system. He blends in the military aspects with the nerd without making him look stupid/cocky/so many other things.

Give the story a shot :D I hope he keeps it going


The story has solid writing and an interesting start, i'm a bit worried that it will derail as it goes along. To me the story isn't very logical at all with the information we have. Some things that are happening in the latest chapters are interesting to read, but in the bigger sense it makes the story flawed, at least to me. I'll not go into details to avoid spoilers. I'll keep reading and hope for the best.


The story is very stylish and has a great premise. The premise being 'Nam marines being conscripted into the empire to be jungle stormtroops, who have to earn levels to stay alive and fight aliens. I do have some complaints about the characters, sarge is box standard, and two characters, who die and I will leave them unnamed seem to have no charactization. I'm ok with characters dying, but if they are unknown and die for no reason, they only seem to rease the stakes and tension, but leave the feeling of "I didn't really care about that guy.". So their deaths seem meaningless in the grand scheme. Again, I really like the series and want to see more because all the other details are great. 

Some things I would like to see in the future for the story is the characters customizing their weapons and adding unique details to their equipment and uniforms(or getting a new ones) as the story progresses. Also I would be curious to see how recruitment for new soldiers into the squad would look like. Do they get robots/drones to replace the fallen? Do they get clones of their deceased comrades? Or do they kidnap new people to refill lost ranks?