Archaic Princess

by gdlizy

Original ONGOING Action Fantasy Sci-fi Tragedy Cyberpunk Female Lead Grimdark High Fantasy Magic Non-Human lead Reincarnation Steampunk Strategy Strong Lead Supernatural Villainous Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Traumatising content

"The past should remain in the past. What do you think?"

In the world of magic and technology, a lady found herself in an abandoned aircraft. She remembered nothing except her former humanity. With the body of an Arachna and the mind of a human, she was forced to side with the Arachna to survive.

Gradually, she encountered fragments of her past and hints of her future. In the road paved with hope and disappointment, she stood against the world. To protect her significant, she had to.

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Lonely Scholar

2nd Anniversary
Word Count (13)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Extraordinary Encounter ago
Chapter 2: Silent Authority ago
Chapter 3: Moment of Desperation ago
Chapter 4: The Sudden Arrival ago
Chapter 5: Perfect Timing ago
Chapter 6: Oath of the Inhuman ago
Chapter 7: A New Force ago
Chapter 8: The Mystic ago
Chapter 9: The Final Phase ago
Chapter 10: Impending Battle ago
Chapter 11: Into the Mist ago
Chapter 12: Gesture of Desperation ago
Chapter 13: Battle of the Uncertainty ago
Chapter 14: Judgemental ago
Chapter 15: Equal Exchange ago
Chapter 16: The Last Card ago
Chapter 17: Twist and Turn ago
Chapter 18: Second Life, Second Chance ago
Chapter 19: Determination ago
Chapter 20: Unsolved Question ago
Chapter 21: Past Unseen ago
Chapter 22: Dream of a Fool ago
Chapter 23: A Place She Belonged ago
Chapter 24: For Her ago
Chapter 25: Potential Harm ago
Chapter 26: The Secrets They Held ago
Chapter 27: An Undetected Danger ago
Chapter 28: Absence and Presence ago
Chapter 29: The Student Test ago
Chapter 30: Teacher and Student ago
Chapter 31: Loss and Gain ago
Chapter 32: Uncontrollable ago
Chapter 33: Leap of Faith ago
Chapter 34: A Dire Consequence ago
Chapter 35: Resonant Aftermath ago
Chapter 36: The Fallen ago
Chapter 37: Darkness Above the Sky ago
Chapter 38: Why Do We Deserve This? ago
Chapter 39: From One to Another ago
Chapter 40: Until Death ago
Chapter 41: The New God ago
Chapter 42: Depth of the World ago
Chapter 43: A Game of Chance ago
Chapter 44: Library of Knowledge ago
Chapter 45: Inspection of Time ago
Chapter 46: The Real You ago
Chapter 47: Separation and Meeting ago
Chapter 48: For the Greater Good ago
Chapter 49: The Lesser Evil ago
Chapter 50: The Path I Choose ago
Chapter 51: The Promise We Broke ago
Chapter 52: The Pain You Shouldn't Feel ago
Chapter 53: Forever Apart ago

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This is a surprisingly good read and has some very interesting ideas. I'll start with a recommendation that you give it a chance. 

As some of you might have noticed, this review comes at quite the early stage - Chapter 10. For one, I couldn't wait. For two and more, because I felt like it and because this review will be the bases to compare how things have progressed later on. Hense the not perfect score.  

Now, having said that, let's dive a little deeper. The story is interesting and grabs you in. Although it has a lot of tags attached to it, most are because of one aspect of the overall thing. Sometimes less is better, but as a whole, the storey takes you in from page 1. It has a very well paced world and character building and tells you just enough, without dumping too much on the reader. 

I'll gloss over the grammar and spelling because there is nothing that will catch the eye in terms of mistakes unless you are actively searching for such. 

At the start, it is a bit hard to remember which character is who and what motivates them, but as I said above, they evolve as the story progresses. 

The weakest point of the story is the style. Although it is coherent and the narrative is not complicated, which is not a bad thing, the entire thing is too fragmented. There are way too many paragraphs. It might be a format that is fine on a mobile device with a smaller screen, but on a PC or laptop and some tablets, each paragraph is too short. It makes the entire thing a bit harder to read and get into. Honestly, I've started and stopped after the first two paragraphs over a dozen times in a month. This is something that should be addressed when the story is completed, or when gdlizy has some free time to go over it.


In conclusion, it is a good story that needs some work to become even better. Keep it up!


Overall: Full Reccommendation

Characters: Each character is well crafted. I don't want to give any spoilers but suffice to say that each character has a variety of connections to other characters in the story building this web of interconnectedness which adds alot to the whole ensamble.

Grammar: If there are any mistakes than I didn't catch them. Either I was too busy reading or just didn't recognize the mistakes.

Style: Nothing spectacular here but overall quite solid. One unique aspect is the simplifying down of a complex battle to a waltz which turned something that could have been hard to represent into a simple and engaging element.

Story: We're 35 chapters in and I like what I'm seeing. There's quite alot of world building, powerful characters, interesting dynamics between the major political players, and all of this from what I thought was just going to be a spider woman running rampant and doing ambigous stuffs.

Final Words: This novel can be a bit all over the place and the memory sequences I found to be somewhat confusing so that needs to be worked on the distinction between the memories and the current spot would shine better with some polish.

During the sequence where Princess (MC) is introduced to the ship's manifestaion?? is one of those spots where the flashbacks make the whole thing confusing. Another one is where Princess is introduced to Paleknight.

The idea of using flashbacks like the author did is neat and introduces us to the characters fairly well and made me care about the MC as well as the Android however where there is a blend of Flashback and Current Events needs work as it's a bit of a mess right now.

A really cool novel that I think needs a bit more attention.