Reincarnation Of A Humble God

Reincarnation Of A Humble God

by Sig Kusanagi

Finished as the #3 Story in ScribbleHub's Adventum Contest!


A woman dies in a rather embarrassing way, and is reborn into a shapeless void, as a god.

Now, after accidentally renaming herself "Snooze", she has become a Level One God, and must learn everything she can about how to control her new abilities--including Creation Management!

A silly stitch of fate, Snooze begins to grow more powerful as she combines elements, creates a world, and has to combat the flighty whims of her rosy-glowing archangel named Meat.

This is a work of comedy (or an attempt at it, in any case.)

Illustration for the cover is by the wonderful and talented dathie / @dathieart (on Instagram)




This is LitRPG-Lite. There are gaming elements, and abilities that can be leveled up, but the system isn't sophisticated.

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Table of Contents
58 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Ch. 1 - Waking Up In The Void ago
Ch. 2 - Master The First Element ago
Ch. 3 - Creation ago
Ch. 4 - A Trio ago
Ch. 5 - Seed Of Life ago
Ch. 6 - Compromises ago
Ch. 7 - A Whole New World ago
Ch. 8 - Fantastically Divine ago
Ch. 9 - Something Odd! ago
Ch. 10 - Riff Raff ago
Ch. 11 - Two Gods ago
Ch. 12 - Babes In The Wood ago
Ch. 13 - Hunger ago
Ch. 14 - The Rumbling Of The Earth ago
Ch. 15 - It Can Always Get Worse ago
ART #1 - Map of Snooze's World ago
Ch. 16 - Home ago
Ch. 17 - Solutions On The Shore ago
Ch. 18 - The Mayor ago
Ch. 19 - A Big Time Favor ago
Ch. 20 - The Ritual ago
Ch. 21 - Tomb And Forest ago
Ch. 22 - The Village Of Gens ago
Ch. 23 - G.O.O. ago
Ch. 24 - The Gift Of Bureaucracy ago
Ch. 25 - Thief! ago
ART #2 - The Village of Gens ago
Ch. 26 - A Cup Full Of Death Syrup ago
Ch. 27 - A Brawl Over Glowy Bits ago
Ch. 28 - Sloshing Through Stink ago
Ch. 29 - Here Be Necromancy ago
Ch. 30 - The Lonely Bloke In The Jet Black Cloak ago
Ch. 31 - An Angry Dinner ago
Ch. 32 - Run! ago
Ch. 33 - Big Ol' Yikes ago
Ch. 34 - The End Of An Era (Pt. 1) ago
Ch. 35 - The End Of An Era (Pt. 2) ago
Ch. 36 - The End Of An Era ( Pt. 3 - Finale ) ago
Ch. 37 - Home Again ago
Ch. 38 - Another Archangel ago
Ch. 39 - Finally, Some Answers! ago
Ch. 40 - Pains, Planes, And Grotto Reveals ago
Ch. 41 - Whirlwind ago
Ch. 42 - Promises, Promises ago
Ch. 43 - Bless This Mess ago
Ch. 44 - Borf You Later! ago
Ch. 45 - Dead Tongues And Schools ago
Ch. 46 - The Scroll Of Currents ago
Ch. 47 - Void Dancers ago
Ch. 48 - A Flaming Spear Of Revenge Fury ago
Ch. 49 - The Brilliant Biscuit ago
Ch. 50 - A Bit Of Bad Gardening ago
Ch. 51 - Fiendish Delights ago
Ch. 52 - Archangels In The Outfield ago
Ch. 53 - Death For Everyone ago
Ch. 54 - Rinky Dink ago
Ch. 55 - Kitchen Madness ago
Ch. 56 - Strategy! ago

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Auntie Meeks

I'm loving this story! Each chapter has gotten me more and more emotionally invested. The protagonist is simply adorable. 

While this story is very cute, it still gets my pulse going with action and cliffhangers. 

I can't wait to keep reading and exploring Snooze's world. 

Bob Mijano

Starts very fun, but falls off a little

Reviewed at: Ch. 42 - Promises, Promises

This review is from the viewpoint of someone who is rather disapointed in the story direction, but still enjoyed it overall.

Style: Story reads pretty distinctively, Snooze's inner monologue can be quite amusing and the joy of creation is well conveyed. Certain sections felt a little stilted however.

Grammar: NGL, I don't pay too much attention to grammar, didn't really notice any errors, didn't look for them either though.

Story: This is my biggest issue with Humble God. 

The entire premise of the work is that Snooze is a god. A humble one, but a god nevertheless. We see this in the beginning, as Snooze discovers the wonders of creating an entire world and watches it begin to develop. Very quickly however, the whole god thing is basically thrown out the window. For much of the current story, Snooze could be a street magician rather than the god of her world, and it wouldn't meaningfully change anything. 

If you read the synopsis and expected to see a beginner god learn how to guide her fledgling world, at least with what is currently written you will be disapointed beyond the first 10 chapters. 

Character: The characters in Humble God thus far are rather one-dimensional, but the dimension is comfy and entertaining. Snooze carries much of the story with her personality, the Book of Leaf makes a fine straight-man to her antics and Meat is an adorable mascot/sidekick. While Snooze's character is fun and charming for the most part, her willful ignorance and childishness can sometimes be excessive to the point of being grating. 


Overall, if your looking forward to reading about a god, or a nation/world-building story, then I would say this story fails to deliver upon that fantasy.

If your tired of anti-heroes and murder hobos and you enjoyed stories like "Cinnamon Bun", "Shade Touched" or "There is no Epic Loot here, Only Puns", then I recommend you give this a try.




Lord Turtle

The Long and Short:

Short: Give this a shot! It's a very lovely story with an exciting plot and MC. I know for one I'm certainly look forward to what else is going to happen to our humbe protag.

Long(er): The style and quality of writing defintely meets the standard and doesn't hinder reading at all. The world building (literally) helps create a fascinating playground that you just want to learn more about as well as where it lies in the bigger picture. Character wise I find all of them to be the right mix of quirky and serious and hope to read more about them in the future. Overall, read this! It's worth it!


A 'humble' 5 star review

Reviewed at: Ch. 25 - Thief!

This is not a story for those more interested in the darker matters, but for the little (or huge) part of our hearts that love an adorable protagonist. Snooze does not make me want to snooze at her antics, quite contrarily I enjoy and look forward to whatever silly designs she comes up with or encounters.

There is a noticeable splash of darker emotions, but not a whole lot that it is upsetting but produces a very 'real' aspect to the story. It is literal in that it is a slice of life, but this life is surrounding the whims of a newly awakened goddess.

I wouldn't come to this story expecting seriousness, although the author has clearly shown no lack of talent in that area either. If you want a story that is light-hearted, has humourous quips and enjoyable characters then 'Reincarnation Of A Humble God' is a great place to start!

Seriously, a lot of people are missing out on this lovely novel. :) 


A Truly Creative, Truly Ambitious, & Silly God Story

Reviewed at: Ch. 14 - The Rumbling Of The Earth

I whole-heartedly endorse this story. I can't express, succinctly, how much I love this story. In less than an hour, I read everything from chapter 1 to chapter 14, because of the engaging, humorous, and from time to time heart-felt writing. This story is legitimately enjoyable and I found myself growing more attached to Leaf, Snooze, and Meat, as well as their current pals, and I, as a fellow god-story author, deeply and sincerely love this story. 


If you want to read a fun, yet sincere take on godhood and on power and learning, I really recommend this story. It's like nothing on Royal Road and I love it.


It's all about a lady reincarnated as a God; nope, not really sure if it's a lady or a 7 years old kid considering she acted as a kid. She created a world which make the story interesting. Even though, I still hope that it will change later on but it didn't. Well, I can't take it anymore at chapter 10 so consider it dropped for me.

The grammar is okey though.

The characters are super childish. I think the story is confused about a Comedy and being childish.


I started out really liking this story with the quiet anticipation that something momentous will happen. Things did get interesting when she had to experience her world first hand but after the first arc was over it went back to being very confusing with new characters thrown in and the mortals she met in the first arc mentioned barely at all.

Instead of other worlds and dimensions, I would love to know more about the religions of her world and how they regard her. Also, none of the other gods were mentioned.

Overall, I feel like the author is trying to build an expansive setting but neglected to build enough detail into one with the jumping around of plot points. The same can be said for the characters. Just when I think we are getting somewhere with character growth, suddenly the particular characters are gone.

What is good? The character is quite funny and the grammar is excellent. Occasionally the plot makes sense.


It's Rushed/Cookie-Cutter mixed with Awful Twists

Reviewed at: Ch. 28 - Sloshing Through Stink

Felt really childish and naive, the characters are one-dimensonal, the story rushed and convulted, felt like they tried to throw in curveballs and did, but their success instead of adding to the story felt like it went off on another useless tangent. Character development of side characters apparently happened but we barely got to witness it. Not gonna lie, the mc feels like a 'cookie cutter' mc but instead of adding to it they just left the barebones of the premise of what was supposed to be a unwittingly good but slightly dense/naive mc. Emotions aren't described, events are skipped, even the

sudden "falling asleep for a long time", was done poorly and her reaction and the subsequent events made no sense whatsoever.


It's a rush-job, and not all that great. Grammars barely passable though, but higher than the Royalroad norm.


All in all the characters are bland, the plot is driven by timeskips and random events that barely collide and the giant timeskip,

aka when she fell asleep, was done poorly and without detail.



The story needs more detail and more structure, feels like the author didn't have a goal in mind when writing it and somehow got distracted and the story went off the rails.