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Cheis of Veraleigh the Necromancer is a hero renowned throughout the realms, but that doesn't mean her social life is doing all that well -- she'd rather hunt monsters and write new spells than deal with the unpleasant reality of her impending middle age. But when an ancient evil awakens, she just may have to make up her mind about what she wants out of life -- and deal with what life wants out of her.

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Quality story at the top of royal road.

Reviewed at: Epilogue

Surprised to see this story much lesser known. I would put the quality of it near the top of royal road, on par with stuff like Epilogue and Journey of Black and Red.

The story contains excellent character development, pacing, and plotting. It is well edited and proofread, with no grammar errors that I noticed.

The story also benefits from being fully completed with a quality ending. There is no filler or side chapters or interludes dragging on so the author can milk the algorithms for popularity.

As a consequence, Avaunt is an unusually high quality offering for royal road, better than many fully published authors.

Fans of Vainquer and Chrysalis and other slightly off-beat fantasy comedies would really enjoy this story. Would highly recommend this if you are looking for something light and fun.

General Sarcast

One of My Favorite Stories

Reviewed at: Epilogue

The comedy, the storytelling, the masterfull descriptions, the Perfection, that is Avaunt manages to hit all the right sweet-spots for me as a reader. It manages to be both effortlessly funny and dizzingly complex at the same time. The characters are fun and unique, so much so that I don't believe I disliked a single one, even one-off side characters get their moments to shine. 

This story was a Joy to read through, and my only regret is that I cannot directly support this writer. This sort of excellence should rightly be encourged and I look foward to what they will create next.

Well done to Amble for this masterpiece of a short fiction.