The Riddle of Lead: Requiem of the Gun Knights

by MezzoCatorce

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Imperial Gun Knight Rathus McGaff must journey through fantastic lands filled with mythical beasts, murderous civil servants, and delusional assassins as he attempts to right wrongs and survive. Armed with an assortment of firearms and trained in the ancient art of Puroreso, Rathus travels with a motley crew of friends and associates as he navigates through the collapsing Empire and a dangerous Rebellion. All the while, the invention of a new weapon looms on the horizon, threatening to overturn the very nature of the world, and forever change the face of battle.

(Cover is temporary. Glory is eternal. Please make my cover your phone wallpaper)

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Iago Miranda

Great story with high amounts of fun.

Not reading MezzoCatorce's series is doing a disservice to your happiness.

Nuff said.


What a great read. I cracked up so hard at the shell pickup in the very first chapter I had to walk away for a moment to regain my breath. 10/10 would recommend to anybody who likes meta humor and comedy in general.


The author has a distinct narrative style that took me two chapters to get used to, but boy was that adaptation worth it. The author utilizes expectations and subversion to great effect, and magnifies it with their grasp of flow and structure. At times the story flows smoothly through dialogue and combat, and at other times it becomes intentionally jerky, perfectly subverting expectations for solid comedic moments. 

I'm giving style an extra paragraph because this author really rocks in this category. The changed names for common concepts really creates the impression of a different world, and the sneaky easter eggs for those of us who are *cultured* really flavor the story with unexpected bits of humor. I've re-read the first 8 chapters twice already just to find more of them. 


I'm really liking the dual-threaded narrative in 1-6 and onwards, it was a brilliant choice to maintain energy when the main plot came down from a peak. Neither story on its own is groundbreaking, but they way the two threads are weaved together greatly heightened my interest in the characters.


The grammar and spelling are top-notch. In the first 8 chapters I have only had 1 very minor gripe, and even that could be argued to be intentional given the author's style and penchant for subversion.


The MC is pretty fun, and we've already seen a smidge of his character development through a surprisngly subtle and well-placed backstory blurb. The characters that really hooked me were the assassin and the princess. I loved that the author combined tropes from different and subverted them in ways that make the characters quite real, and not just comedic props in the story. 


10/10 would recommend. Great characters, hilarious and unique style, and good story and grammar. 


MC isnt evil, even if he is a bit "heavy handed" when dispensing cowboy* style justice with his "lead knuckles". (Except hes not a cowboy, hes a pro wrestler knight with guns.)

Author somehow manages to do puns well.  Each pun is subtly woven into the wordplay, such that you wont even notice them if you dont pay attention.

The setting is gorgeous.  It reminds me of Samurai Jack.  Dozens of tropes and genres including fantasy, pro wrestling, ninjas, are seamlessly mixed into a unique and cohesive whole.

Story is episodic, well worth reading even if it goes on hiatus later.  If the low chapter count bugs you, "the emancipation of geela, evil sorceress at large" on RR has a similar albeit different kind of humor.  By the time you finish that, more chapters of this story should be available.

Minor punctuation errors such as an extra " where it shouldnt be, but otherwise seams solid.

Like all humorous stories, YMMV.  Youll know if this story is for you or not by the first or second chapter.  I dont recommend binging, this is best read in short doses. Youll miss the obscure jokes and references if you try to read it while tired.