When he used three blessings at once I was surprised, the water around his body, came towards me like a high-speed stream jet, blocking it with fire would have been impossible,

“Stone Wall”

Nearly 9 stone walls were instantly formed, but the water was mixed with lightning, thus the lighting was able to break the walls, after destroying around 7 walls, only wind and water remained, after 9 walls, only water remained, but after the stone walls there was a mud wall, the water got instantly absorbed after striking the mud wall.

Using spatial magic i teleported behind him, he noticed, instantly slicing the air by turning behind, but I again teleported behind him, using my sword, I tried to split his neck but alas as soon as my sword went near his body, the lightning passed from the sword, then to me, throwing me back and crashing me behind the walls,

Little tricks would not work on him, even using a high tier spell and destroying him along with the golem would have been useless, it was thanks to the amount of mana he had, he would be instantly regenerate as long as he had some mana left, the only choice left was to slowly deplete his mana, but he was trying to instantly end the fight without wasting any time

“Web of Thunder”

Many lighting volts were thrown towards me, even a slight hit would have been fatal,

I had to start using high tier spells, but a kind of spell that could be maintained for long, the golem I created, was made using a high tier spell, if the golem was used to attack against a empire then the golem would be unstoppable, with just its sheer size it could easily destroy walls and buildings, even it was damaged it would repair itself by absorbing soil from the ground, but against an opponent like Marth, the golem would not have been to effective, main reason being its speed, it moved very slow, the reason I created a golem in the first place was to block the rays of the sun, and gain 15% stats boost, also I had to separate the others,

In this new replica, I had enough mana to use high tier spells but I could only use them nearly 3 to 4 times, so each spell had to count,

Carnivore Forest Creation”

In the giant room from above and below, plants began to grow, but they were not normal plants, the 6th floor of the dungeon was made up of simply forest, but that was just in the surface, it was filled with dryads, and ferocious plants, the flowers could move, they had vicious teeth, poison was everywhere, the stems and branches could grow and trap its prey, the roots could also spread in a rapid rate, the plants could absorb all of the mana possessed by the prey once the prey was trapped, various fruits with various abilities were also found there

Marth kept on dodging the roots that were trying to trap him, the water around him was absorbed by the plants, the lighting was transmitted through the branches to the roots and then dispersed in the soil making it ineffective, now he was using wind to improve his agility and speed

While dodging, he charged towards me, behind me, a giant sunflower like plant appeared, opening its giant mouth, various of its layers of teeth could be seen, after swallowing me, it went underground,

Math stopped and tried to detect my presence, but he could only detect plants around him, and he was constantly being attacked by plants, that were trying to devour him,

From above two branches came towards him, he used his sword to cut them, but they regrew instantly grabbing two of his arms, then he looked above a saw a face, “I see”

He spread fire around his hand burning the branches, from above I went in front of him, the distance between us was around 5 meters,

My hair was now green, body merged with the plants, but still retaining human shape,

“I see, creating a forest and merging yourself with the plants, you tried well, but against me its ineffective, now see as I turn your forest into nothing but ashes, Dark Flame Incineration”

He undid his blessing and surrounded himself with dark fire aura, creating a burning dark flame spherical shield around him, and the fire started to spread, it had already burnt around half of the forest, then he saw my body petrifying into stone,

Suddenly the ground below him cracked, a hand came from below,

I knew, the forest I created, he could just destroy it by using a high tier spell and considering the amount of mana he has, it would not have much effect on him, but he would have noticed that the forest was created using the abilities of dryads, dryads were blessed beings, so, the plants created would possess some divinity, the most effective counter against plants and trees would be fire, and the most effective thing against divinity would be dark aura, so naturally he would use dark flames to destroy the forest,

Iron cuts Iron, but auras were different if the giant shield he created using his darkness could be considered a pool of water, then I who also surrounded myself with darkness aura could be considered as a drop of water, when a drop of water falls in a pool of water, it mixes with the water, similarly, I could pass through his shield unnoticed, but if I came, from in front or back there was a chance he could have noticed, but while he was distracted, seeing a fake body in front of him, I could get closer towards him from below gently passing through his shield unnoticed.


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