Well, guess the thinking comes later, I still had control over the undead, better to get rid of them first,

I did not gain full authority, but now the undead were like puppets with two masters, if the two masters gave two separate commands, then they would be entangled by the strings placed by two different hands, in the end destroying themselves, so the optimal choice was obvious,

The undead soon returned, inside the ground, as they served no purpose anymore, Now, it was 11 against 3,

After taking a sigh, I spoke, “I will take on the general, you two can take on the rest, and for that, let me split them up.”

“Golem Creation”

The walls, the ground, and the entire surrounding, suddenly started to change their shape, their look went from a rigid surface to more like waves in an ocean, suddenly, some parts of the lands began to split and expand, three of us were separated, but so, where the sorcerer’s, suddenly the view of the sky got blocked by surface, one could even say all of us were underground right now,

Golems, they were the creatures I encountered in the fourth floor of the dungeon, they had low intellect, but a wide range of abilities, after killing them, I had gained many of their abilities, and one of them was golem creation. Like the name suggests, it allows me to create golems, and right now I had made a colossal earth golem, and all of the people present were now inside its stomach, as it was an earth golem, the only things present inside were rocks and soil, within the golem, I had created three rooms, each room was nearly 200 yards in length, and its height was around 7 km, meaning the golem itself was colossal, In one of the three rooms, there were 5 sorcerer’s and Lazarus, in another there were 5 sorcerer’s and crimson, and in the final room, the ones present were Marth and me,

The sunlight could not enter the room, so it was completely dark, but I could still see as clear as day using night vision, and in the absence of light my status would be boosted by 15%,

“Humm, I see, so, you had planned to separate us, but how naïve of you to think that you could defeat me alone.”

“Well, you never know until you try.”

The creation of golem required a lot of mana, but once created, I no longer needed any mana to control it,

From, the ground many spikes of rocks started to surface, but Marth dodged it by taking a step back, but suddenly from the sides, many spikes came towards him like bullets,

He took out his sword, and spread his aura around, creating an aura shield around, his aura caused the spikes to break and scatter into pieces,

Judging from his mana pool, if he wanted, he could even maintain that shield for weeks no months, but I still had many tricks up my sleeve, I could not just kill him in a single strike, I had to learn, and adapt during the battle, my plan was to learn about his abilities and weakness while I slowly reveal my tricks one by one,

Now, the first thing I had to test was his recovery speed,

While gazing into his eyes, I said, “Now, then would you like a see a magic trick?”

One of my abilities, Interchange, it was a form of spatial magic that enabled me to switch places of any two things occupying same space, It was the same technique I used to kill the royal paladin, I replaced blood cells inside his heart, with a small dagger that occupied similar space as them, and a human cannot survive having a dagger placed inside his heart, but here my opponent was an undead, he neither had a brain nor a heart or a core, he was just bones, so, I could not use it to kill him, but it did not mean it was utterly useless,

“Now look at…”, He did not let me finish, he suddenly rushed towards me and started swinging his sword, I was rapidly dodging while falling back,

Suddenly I straighten my left hand, my palm facing him, Marth thinking I was going to use some kind of spell retreated few steps back,

“You did not let finish; I was about to show you a magic trick.”

“Now look at my hands, it’s empty right.”

“But now look what’s this is? There is a piece of bone in my hand.”

Marth left hand which was carrying his sword suddenly fell in the ground, one of his bone {humerus} was missing and in the ground, there was a small piece of rock similar in size with his own bone, yet he still had a calm face and looked like he was rationally thinking.

“I see, to be able to replace a bone that was attached with my body, you must have completely mastered spatial magic, and you could even use interchange, a common trick used by weak spatial magic users, now that I know about it, I have many ways to block it.”

The bone on my hand and the fallen arm suddenly turned into dust, and his arm instantly recovered.

Well, now at least I know about his recovery speed, if I had replaced any other part of his body such as his head, right after his head would arrive at my hands, his body would instantly recover, and in such close range, I would have taken a fatal blow, also I could not crush his head with my bare hands, and I could not instantly use any other magic right after using interchange before I could use magic, his body would have already recovered,

Taking his sword also would have been useless as it would just return right to his hands after that,

“Well, then, Blessing of Fire”, My body was now emitting extreme heat, and the fire was surrounding me,

Marth spoke, “I see, you have been blessed by the spirits as well, but so have I.”

“To counter your Fire.”

“Blessing of Water”

“To add more power.”

“Blessing of thunder.”

“And to add more agility.”

“Blessing of Wind”


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