Wasteland. Book 1

Wasteland. Book 1

by Mike Ignatov

A raging fire devoured the world of the Ancients. Where once great cities stood, now there’s nothing but ruins submerged in the sand.
But even in this endless wasteland, there’s place for life and hope. However, those who find new life here value nothing other than strength.
Enjoying his childhood, he looked down on everyone. Little did he know that his ignorance would be his undoing. Now, he’s an outcast and looked down upon everyone. He has to endure humiliation as he stares into the eyes of the one who took everything from him. He’s aware that the strong won't hesitate to stab the weak in the back.

But what if he becomes one of the strong? How much power would it take to avenge his father’s death? How much power would he need to bleed dry the bastard that had taken everything from him? And will others remember their lesson or will they, too, seek to get their revenge?

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Mike Ignatov

Mike Ignatov

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It's very well written. I've enjoyed it - what there is of it - very much. So far there's only 5 chapters. However given the quality of the writing I expect that I'll continue to enjoy it. 

Kirill Klevanski

Great author. Great series

Reviewed at: Chapter 5

The book is rather popular in Russia. A unique cocktail of xuanhuan and gamelit genres. I do hope it'll have success among the American readers.