Chapter 14

The panther pounced at Lwanda, the ground rattling with each step forward.

**Thud* thud*THUD!!**

It swung its right paw towards Lwanda.


The dagger like claws moved with lightning like speed aimed straight for Lwanda's neck. Seeing this Lwanda wasted no time, he took on a defensive stance, braced for the impact and yelled out his best defense move.

“Tetsu no kabe !!”

A massive electric barrier, layers thick formed around Lwanda's arms. A violent buzzing sound was heard from it as numerous electric currents surged.



The panther's claw landed hard. Even with the barrier Lwanda couldn’t help but feel outmatched in this fight. His efforts felt insignificant in the eyes of the predator like a giant squashing a bug.


Lwanda coughed up ounce after ounce of blood as he flew back. His lungs felt heavy, his left arm completely a mess.

“Damn it, I was at least hoping to force this into a battle of attrition but it's not looking so good”

Lwanda stood there pondering his options, he knew taking a direct hit like that again wouldn’t be good for him, he didn’t have the physique to fight toe to toe with the behemoth like creature. He was only human and it was about time he started acting like it.

“Fuck it, this isn't a super hero movie, I'm going to fight you in the most cowardly way possible”

”I’m going to survive, I'M GOING TO SURVIVE GODDAMMIT”

As Lwanda yelled, a chain of lighting beams shot towards the predator, strike after strike landed as the beast stood in place. Taking it all in. Maybe it was shocked at Lwanda's sudden attitude to vigorously continue fighting this losing battle or maybe Lwanda's attacks were so insignificant that it deemed them not worth dodging, either way the attacks landed.

Lwanda not deterred by this, shot out beam after beam, aiming for the exact same spot. He ran around taking cover from any potential counter attacks by the panther and shot out more attacks.

Blood oozed from the wound on the panther's side, the attacks were slowly taking shape.

Lwanda and the panther both stared at the trickling blood. Lwanda let out a savage look as if to say, ''got you now bitch!!''

He felt relieved, although slowly his attacks were working, he felt like he had hope, all he had to do was slowly chip away at it and hope the panther maintained its condescending attitude towards him for a little bit longer.

As Lwanda shot out from the cover of the trunk he was hiding; he aimed his staff towards the panther but...

“What the fuck!!”

“Where did it...”

The panther was missing, all that was left was a gust of wind blowing a ton of dust away.

Lwanda looked around in panic, he didn’t know why but he felt a wave of discomfort suddenly befall him. As if in unison all his senses yelled out the same thing, ''this is dangerous, dodge!!!''

Lwanda didn’t bother thinking about it, he didn’t bother questioning it, he mindlessly listened and dove as far as he could.



As Lwanda flew through the air, seconds later a loud scorching sound boomed, Lwanda saw five streaks of red-light jet past the trunk he was previously standing by.


The mysterious lights crashed against the trunk, perfectly slicing it into bits. The lights continued forwards slicing up all the trees in their wake. Tree after tree fell as the lights kept dicing their way through the forest.

An eternity seemed to have passed as Lwanda stood there dumbfounded, staring at all that carnage, he watched as tree after tree met its gruesome end being diced into pieces by the lights.


A soft growling sound shot from behind Lwanda. He quickly turned to see the panther just standing there.

“It had all this time to attack me and it didn’t?”

Lwanda looked at the panther, he looked at its condescending face, it was though it was looking at a piece of garbage by the road. Lwanda finally realized that in its eyes he was nothing, no worth even the tiniest bit of its effort.

“You can kill me anytime you wanted is that it?”

The message was clear, Lwanda the bug was an insignificant creature in the panther's eyes, one it was capable of killing anytime it wanted, so then why … why was it taking so long, why was it biding its time like this? What was making it to hesitate?

“Why aren't you ripping this negligible creature before you to bits then?”

Lwanda stood still lost in thought, it wasn’t reckless, he simply understood that even if he hid himself the panther had shown more than enough capability to tear him to bits. He didn’t need to bother with that. Lwanda thought hard, he had a feeling the answer to this might very well be the spark that turns the tide of this battle.

He was in no way an extraordinary man, so then what about him stood out? He quickly looked at the crystals, his beloved arsenal, that was the only thing different, that was the only thing unique.

“Could it be?”

Lwanda lifted his staff towards the panther. He thought back to the first time he met the eagle and rats, he thought about the feeling he got, he thought about their imposing physique, he thought about the pressure he felt around them. The sense of annihilation, hopelessness he felt around the eagle. He thought about it all.

He channeled all his imagination into it, into recreating that felling. He looked at the crystals desperately, his heart yearning for it, yearning for his epiphany to work out.




A dense pressure originated from the crystals. Wave after wave of thunderbolts shot out of the golden crystal. A heavy pressure, a lingering doom like feeling covered the whole area. Lwanda recognized it the second it hit him, the feeling was so vivid, a feeling he knew for a fact he wouldn’t forget even in a million years. The feeling that made his skin crawl.

Lwanda looked at the panther, it flinched at the sight of the pressure.

“So, this is it huh? this is why you were hesitant to attack before?”

It finally made sense to Lwanda, the hesitation behind the panther's attacks, that was the reason, it could clearly sense the eagle and rats on Lwanda but it couldn’t see them. In its eyes the situation was mysterious, a gamble whether to charge forward or not. A tiger’s cub was still a tiger after all.




Lwanda laughed wildly, he couldn’t help it. Who knew the creatures that once caused him so much dread would actually turn out to be his biggest assets?

“Seems this eagle terrorized more than just me, hahaha

“Well if you're that scared...”

Lwanda channeled all his intent into the crystal. Loud buzzing sounds rang through the air as the electricity merged together, slowly taking shape.

The panther flinched and stepped back. It took on an attack stance, a vicious pressure shot from it, its face changed from the uncertain look it had before to a more murderous one, it was finally taking this seriously. How couldn’t it? When right before it was a massive figure 30 ft large emitting an immense pressure.

Lwanda had succeeded, he had recreated the eagle’s shape with the electricity, he had it down to the T, mimicking even its aura.


The panther growled frantically at the eagle figure before it. Its red claws flashed, drool dripping from its mouth as it glared at Lwanda. Lwanda smirked, he knew the battle was about to be intense, he wasn’t sure how it would end or if he would still be the same person after it but in that moment he really didn’t care. Something else was going through his mind.

With a pleased look on his face Lwanda finally open his mouth to speak what he had been thinking about all that time.


Have a taste...

of my.... Lightning Armageddon.!!!!”



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